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Experience the Best Dahi Handi Celebration with Family in Gujarat

Dahi Hand is a ritual held on the occasion of the birth of Lord Krishna (Janmashtami). It is one of the most joyful festivals in India, where a large crowd gathers together and celebrates Janmashtami. 

Krishna is the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Janmashtami is celebrated in creative and entertaining ways. While performing the Dahi Handi practice, participants make a human pyramid and aim to break the pot with bare hands tied at 20 feet above the ground.

So imagine how memorable it would be to be a part of this cheerful festival. Therefore, if anyone plans to witness Dahi Handi this monsoon, Gujarat is currently the best place to visit. 

Importance of Dahi Handi in Janmashtami

Janmashtami is a festival, and Dahi Handi is the most prominent ritual that Indians perform. For a better explanation, Dahi is called curd, and Handi is a pot made of soil. Participants have to make a massive human pyramid and make their way up the Handi by climbing their fellow participants. 

During the practice of Dahi Handi, the crowd cheers for the participants. This festival has a long history of being recognized as India’s most entertaining and popular festival, but it is also very closed to Krishna.

In the Dahi Handi ritual, the Handi is tied at the very height where climbing is complex, and participants have to make their way to reach it. Handis are filled with Dahi (curd), Makkhan (butter), Dudh (milk) and sweet recipes since Krishna loved these dishes from birth. So by performing the Dahi Handi ritual, they offer these things to Krishna.

Things Not to Miss In Gujarat During Janmashtami

Apart from the Dahi Handi ritual, people participate in many more traditional activities, such as traditional dance, bhajan, Raas Leela, aarti, and much more. The devotees of Shree Krishna attend Janmashtami from everywhere in the world. If you are bringing friends and family together on this occasion, visit the scenic beaches at night. 

Gujarat is so creative in making festivals memorable. They invite traditional dancers and singers to perform to make festivals incredible for devotees and tourists. To see the incredible beauty of Janmashtami, visit the oldest home of Shree Krishna. 

Since Gujarat has a long history with Shree Krishna, people visit their temples and enjoy the cheerful environment and visit their temples. Janmashtami comes in the monsoon season, so don’t forget to bring extra clothes. Plus, it’s recommended to pre-book the best family hotels in Gujarat as it is peak time for devotees. We recommend OYO Flagship 36956 Aagam Square and OYO 75323 Hotel Signature for hassle-free, comfortable lodging.


Due to the pandemic, Janmashtami and many festivals in India were restricted for almost the previous two years. However, the excitement and love of devotees have not faded even an inch. 

Celebrations of these festivals could be even bigger than people imagined because devotees and tourists worldwide are too excited to join. Plus, the Monsoon season in India is a month of festivals and an offering to nature, so make sure to enjoy every minute and return the pleasant memories.


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