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Experience Peace and Serenity in Pushkar & Ajmer

If you want to experience serenity through the untouched ancient architecture, plan a visit to Pushkar and Ajmer. These two places are famous for their spiritual values and historical heritage. Moreover, they house some of the best family resorts for a relaxing stay.
Here are the places you must visit to experience the top sightseeing places in Pushkar and Ajmer.


Pushkar is one of the oldest Indian towns. It is surrounded by the Aravallis range from three sides, which makes the journey scenic. Moreover, you will find multiple hotels in Pushkar for families, such as:

  • OYO 82753 Kavyainn
  • OYO 86390 Hotel Haveli Palace

Most family resorts in Pushkar are located in areas that offer a convenient commute. These hotels are also close to the famous ‘cattle fair’ that is held during October and November. Other places you can visit here are:

  • Brahma Temple

This is the sole temple dedicated to Lord Brahma throughout the world. It is located in the scenic valley near Anasagar Lake. It has a marble structure with silver coin decorations. The temple has a red spire and the structure of a swan. The temple houses idols of all the Hindu gods barefooted. You can see the god Surya wearing warrior boots.

  • Savitri Temple

Behind the Brahma Temple, you can find the Savitri Temple, which is dedicated to the first wife of Lord Brahma. This temple is located atop the ridge and gives a panoramic view of Anasagar lake.

  • Man Mahal

This palace was constructed by Raja Man Singh I. Today it has been converted into a RTDC Hotel Sarovar. It is a must-visit place in Pushkar to witness the Hemadpanti architecture intricacy. The palace is also a famous spot that provides top sightseeing in Pushkar.

  • Atmeshwar Temple

This temple depicts the architectural advancements of the 12th century. It is dedicated to Shiva and is regarded as one of the most peaceful and sacred places in Pushkar. The temple has a long hallway leading to the shrine. Here you will find the establishment of Shiv Linga a few feet below the ground, encircled by a copper serpent.


Ajmer is a prominent heritage city in India, located at a distance of 15 km from Pushkar. So you can conveniently visit this place by taking a road trip from Pushkar. However, if you plan to spend a few days here to visit the most famous tourist spots, consider doing an online search for the best resorts near me and selecting from the hotels in Ajmer for families like OYO 4816 Hotel Ganpati Plaza or OYO 71058 Ganga.

Here are the most visited places in Ajmer:

1. Ajmer Sharif Dargah

It is the holiest place for Muslims in India. It is the sacred shrine of Sufi Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, and people from all faiths are welcomed here. A marble structure, silver doors, and other architectural features of the Mughal era can be found in this shrine, which was built by Emperor Humayun. The combined effects of incense sticks, flowers, and sweets create a serene and peaceful atmosphere for visitors.

2. Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra

This place is believed to be an educational institution that was converted into a mosque in 1198 by Sultan Ghori. Further, Sultan Iltutmish beautified its architecture in 1213. By visiting this place, you will experience a unique amalgamation of Indo-Islamic architecture that looks stunning.


If you want to visit a place that offers a soothing view of nature with architectural techniques of ancient India, Pushkar and Ajmer is the best destination for you. The availability of top-rated family resorts with excellent facilities enhances your experience.

Since Diwali is around the corner, Pushkar and Ajmer are all set to welcome their visitors. Plan your trip, book a comfortable OYO stay and get ready to witness all the fun and beauty that awaits your arrival.

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