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Eco-Friendly Practices For Responsible Explorers

Considering the adverse environmental factors, indulging in eco-friendly practices as a responsible explorer is important. As a tourist, you cannot turn your face towards the individual’s responsibility to protect the environment, local communities and the wildlife of a place. So, it is important to continue with informed decisions, make wise choices, and be part of a fulfilling yet sustainable travelling experience. 

Also, make sure to book accommodations that abide by similar values. You can consider booking through OYO family hotels in any place you are visiting. All the OYO patrons always indulge in the right practises and contribute towards a seamless experience without harming the environment. Further, OYO is also working towards introducing a ‘green tag’ for sustainable hotels on its platform. 

Eco-Friendly Practices For Responsible Explorers

Here is a list of eco-friendly practices that you can take part in as a responsible explorer:

Pack Lite And Smart

When you are travelling lite, it will not only save you from carrying unnecessary weight but also help you control fuel consumption and carbon emission from the transports. Pack essentials that are reusable and sustainable. Also, say no to unnecessary plastic cases and show covers that you do not intend to bring back from your trip. 

Respect Wildlife And Nature

Have you heard of nature tourism? It is a part of sustainable tourism that teaches you to be more respectful towards wildlife and the natural flora of a place. As a responsible tourist, you can follow designated trails and restrain from force-feeding or touching the wildlife you are introduced to. You must let the animals enjoy their privacy and teach your children to do so. Ethical wildlife experiences will always help with balanced coexistence between humans and nature.  

Work Towards Energy Conservation

Turn off your hotel room’s lights, fan, TV and AC when going to top sightseeing in any place. Reuse the towels and linens and take shorter showers to work towards water conservation anywhere. When you are on a camping or hiking trek, use bio-disposable soap to minimise the generation of harmful waste.  

Minimise Carbon Footprint

When you have planned a sustainable travelling experience, it is important to concentrate towards low emission of carbon footprints. Be it any place, opt for public transport, walking, and cycling as much as possible. Also, other than emergency situations or international travel, try to fly less. Instead, you can opt for a journey by train. Looking at the greater picture, it will also add to your travel experiences. Also, when packing with OYO, most of the city locations are covered. Even if someone travels to Delhi or another place, they can book into a family hotel near New Delhi railway station. 

Use Less Of Plastics

Plastic pollution is a major environmental threat faced by most tourist spots. In that case, you can start preaching a difference. Carry your own cloth-made shopping bag, water bottle and reusable utensils to avoid using too much plastic. Dispose of your waste responsibly and teach your other travel partners to do so. 

Take Part In Conservation Projects As A Volunteer In Your Trips

Some destinations offer multiple opportunities to participate in voluntary activities, like beach clean-up, habitat restoration and wildlife monitoring. This hands-on approach will help you be a direct part of conservation projects and contribute towards protecting fragile ecosystems, creating a more sustainable future for the planet.   

Spread Awareness

Share your experiences of sustainable travel over social media and inspire other tourists. After your trip, do leave positive reviews for the service providers who share a similar mindset and help them get discovered by others.     

Choose OYO In Your Sustainable Journey

OYO has an amazing range of family hotels in multiple locations across India. Each property aims to serve the best purposes of its visiting guests by offering access to the best amenities and a friendly atmosphere. Above everything, the proximity of the OYO family hotels to the top sightseeing spots in any place helps one with eco-friendly practices. You no longer need to book cars or buses and can cover the walking distances or use local transport – rickshaws and cycles. Thus reducing carbon footprints and contributing to conservation projects.

Moreover, your stay at all OYO family hotels is insured under ACKO as a complimentary benefit. Whether you have booked a room across hotels in Mathura or any other place the criteria remains the same. Regarding the budget, these properties are always subjected to attractive discounts. If you are booking an OYO family room hotel for the first time through the OYO app, you have the opportunity to win 100% OYO Money as cashback, starting from Rs.399/-     


As a responsible explorer, you must contribute towards a sustainable travel experience and indulge in eco-friendly practices. Always aim to contribute towards the well-being of the natural habitat of a place and support the locals. Say no to unnecessary plastic usage and opt for conservation efforts always. 

Also, pass down similar knowledge to your travel partners and kids. Everyone together will surely make up for a bright future ahead. Moreover, make your bookings with OYO family resorts and hotels to ensure safety and sustainability simultaneously.   

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