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Easter Long Weekend: Top Indian Holiday Destinations to Pick

Though Christmas is more popular worldwide because of its glitz and lively vibe, the true essence of Christianity lies in Easter. Marking the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Easter is seen as the harbinger of new life, hope and joy. In 2023, Easter Sunday falls on April 9. 

Lavish celebrations are held in places like Goa, Maharashtra and the North Eastern States of India. Therefore, many people travel to enjoy the Easter celebrations. 

Explore India’s Most Popular Destinations This Easter Long Weekend 

Since the Easter Long Weekend puts everyone in a holiday mood, many people plan weekend getaways. To celebrate Easter, you can travel to these top five destinations in India.

  1. Kashmir

You can see what Emperor Jehangir meant when he said that Kashmir is “Paradise on Earth” when you visit the place. People from far-off lands travel here for top sightseeing in Srinagar or Gulmarg. The place’s splendid beauty, lush greenery in the valleys, stunning lakes, and beautiful weather can leave you speechless. For a beautiful Easter, you can visit famous churches such as All Saints Church and Holy Family Catholic Church. You can also take a ride on a Shikara, try a gondola ride, or a boathouse ride on Dal lake while sipping on some Kashmiri kahwa

Where to Stay?

There are many family hotels in Srinagar. You can choose OYO Rooms to get all essential amenities. The hotels also have CCTV coverage to ensure the security of the guests. You can book your room online hassle-free, and enjoy great deals and offers.  

  1. Goa

The nightlife of Goa begins when the Sun goes down. Partying in Goa is quite an enthralling experience. You can explore the stunning beaches, soak in the Sun, or try adventure sports such as scuba diving, snorkelling, and parasailing there. 

You can also enjoy drool-worthy Goan cuisine at beachside restaurants and cafes. Furthermore, you can part-take in the Easter enthusiasm in Goa by attending the Vigil and Easter masses at Se Cathedral or Basilica of Bom Jesus Church.

Where to Stay?

Family hotels in Goa are plenty. You can choose a beachside hotel, one with a swimming pool, or a hotel at a prime location for easy accessibility to all major attractions. Most people prefer OYO hotels over five-star ones due to their affordability and excellent facilities. 

  1. Karnataka

If you want to visit somewhere in the centre of the country, there are several popular destinations in Karnataka. You can visit Mysore and witness royalty, or go to the “Scotland of India”, i.e., Coorg. You can taste the different blends of tea and coffee from the plantations in Coorg or explore the hills, streams and cuisines the place offers. Not only this, but you can also visit St. Philomena’s Church in Mysore to experience the true beauty, joy and meaning of Easter. 

Where to Stay

There are many family hotels in Coorg and Mysore, and other cities if you choose to visit Karnataka. If you choose OYO hotels, they provide amenities such as free Wifi, hot water, room service, and much more at an affordable price.

  1. Kerala

While there are several beautiful places in Kerala, Munnar can refresh your mind, body, and soul. The lush green terraces and the soft sunshine at this place can uplift your mood instantly. You can go hiking and camping, taste different types of tea at tea farms, stay in a tree house or revel in nature. Furthermore, you can enjoy your Easter Day by attending the services held in The Christ Church, Marthoma Church, or St. Sebastian Church. 

Where to Stay?

OYO family hotels in Munnar provide safety and comfort with essential amenities and more for tourists. You can book Premium hotels close to prime destinations or Collection O hotels that offer space and luxury at affordable rates.  

  1. Sikkim

Care to find yourself in the lap of the Himalayas? Sikkim is the place to be! A fantastic holiday destination that offers you natural beauty and biodiversity. The place also gives you a great view of the mighty Kangchenjunga. You can visit several monasteries and during Easter, join the locals who sing gospels and part-take in rallies to spread the message of peace. Additionally, you can also go on a Yak safari, trek, or rafting, or ride the Gangtok Ropeway for some adventure. 

Where to Stay?

OYO has many family hotels in Gangtok, and you can choose among the five categories it offers per your budget and preferences. You can get 5% off at member hotels with an OYO Wizard Membership. Not only this, but you can also use online booking and the Pay At Hotel feature for your convenience. 


Whether you travel to celebrate Easter or to make full use of your long weekend, choose one of the above places to explore the beauty of India. You can have a fantastic vacation and a staycation by staying at OYO hotels!

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