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Discovering The Serenity Of Shimla

The capital of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla, is also termed the land of serenity. Since colonial times, this place has continued to be the favourite destination for the people living in the plains. Especially during the summer as a winter getaway to the land of picturesque snow-capped mountains. The places making it to the top sightseeing in Shimla are all well connected over various transport mediums. And these will also help you spend quality time on nature’s lap in peace.

But make sure you have booked the right hotels for your Shimla trip. Booking at the right place offers adequate safety besides helping you get a good night’s sleep after the entire day’s adventure. In this case, you can always choose OYO family hotels in Shimla at eminent spots well connected to the rest of the place.

Serenity At Its Best: Places You Must Visit In Shimla

If you have gone through Ruskin Bond’s tales, the author there has elaborated on the serene charm of Shimla. Today regarded as the top sightseeing in Shimla. These places will help you get close to mother nature.


The Ridge

Do you like those Christmas tales, with people moving around in the snow, busy completing their last-minute shopping? The Ridge is that Indian version of your favourite American web series. Here you have the snow-covered roads, shops selling souvenirs, artefacts and other hangable, and at a distance, snow-capped mountains add to the serenity of the place. If you are interested in the past of Shimla, then the Gothic buildings here have your curiosity rightfully served.    

Green Valley

A beautiful mountain range that you will get to see on your way from Kurfi to Shimla. If you were fond of Christmas trees as a child, this place will let you get a glimpse of those. The verdant hills of Green Valley are surrounded by deodar and pine forests from all sides. Also, here, you will get yaks wandering and grazing naturally.

Chadwick Falls

Located in the Glen forest at Shimla, you will see a stream of water trickling down from 100 metres. The name is derived from the local language, ‘Chidku Jhaar.’ Where ‘Chidku’ stands for ‘sparrow’ and ‘Jhaar’ is ‘waterfall.’ Asper local belief, only sparrows could reach the top of the fall. Besides the name, this beautiful location has serene scenery waiting for your visit, at a stone’s throw distance from Shimla.

Kiala Forest

Known for its wide variety of flora and fauna, Kiala forest has a peaceful environment for you to experience. As the home to indigenous animals and especially the leopard, this place will help you relax as you want. Also, if you are a nature photography enthusiast, the place has ample facilities available for that as well.

Jakhoo Hill

Jakhoo Hills is a must-visit spot on your trip to Shimla when you only want to witness the panoramic brilliance of nature. Besides being an abode to a Hindu temple with 108 feet high idol of lord Hanuman, this place is also known to expose explorers to the beautiful panoramas of Mother Earth. You can opt for the Jakhoo Hill trek and stop by certain viewpoints to click some pictures surrounded by serenity.

Why Choose OYO Family Hotels In Shimla?  

OYO has a variety of family hotels in Shimla for you to choose from. Among all the properties available, you can go with the flagship, OYO home, capital O and collection O. Each OYO family hotel in Shimla is rightfully furnished and covered under CCTV surveillance, providing safety to your stay.  

Also, OYO has your stay insured under Acko. Regarding the prices, attractive discounts are available across all OYO family hotels. On making a booking with Wizard member OYOs, you get to avail a steady 5% discount.

All the OYO patrons are thoroughly trained about the different ways they shall be treating their guests. Also, OYO prioritises safety over everything else, and you have a dedicated SOS button on the OYO App. Be it any time of the day, you can press this button, and a team on standby will reach out to you, offering the required help.


That is all, your serene overview of Shimla at its best. Amid nature, do not forget to taste some authentic cuisines of the place for a fulfilling experience. Order a plate of Madra, Tudkiya Bath, Dhaam, Sidu, Bhey and Chaa Gosht. Before the journey starts, get all the bookings done with OYO family hotels, and you are sorted for the tour. Now, all you have to focus on is curating different looks and spotting the best locations around Shimla mall road, where you can buy the best clothes and souvenirs.

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