A Traveler’s Guide To Deoghar

Located in the beautiful state of Jharkhand, the town of Deoghar provides a spiritual experience like no other. India is known all over the world for its mysticism and spirituality, and Deoghar symbolizes both of these. The word “Deoghar” is a Hindi word that translates to the Home of Gods and Goddesses. This beautiful city is also popular for its various magnificent Deoghar Temples.

Attributing its name to the Baidyanath temple, this city is also called the Baidyanath Dham, the Baba Dham or B. Deoghar. There is no evidence of the origin of this city, but it is mentioned in ancient Hindu texts called Haritaki Van or Ketakivan. Deoghar is an important pilgrimage site for Hindus. Tourists from across the world flock this city in the Hindu month of Shrawan.

The city is located in the Santhal Parganas division of Jharkhand, right next to the Mayurkashi river and is a peaceful retreat for all travelers. Even if you are looking to explore beyond spirituality, Deoghar will offer you an exciting vacation.

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Baidyanath Temple – A Soulful Experience

Perhaps the most famous of the Deoghar temples, the Baidyanath temple dates its existence back to 1596.

Its creation has been described in the ancient Hindu epic Ramayana. According to the mythological stories of the text, Ravana prayed to Lord Shiva and offered him all of his ten heads as a symbol of devotion. After he did so, the Lord himself cured Ravana. Since “Vaidya” is the Hindi word for doctor, this act named Shiva as “Vaidyanath” and the site as Baidyanath Dham. Other versions of the story exist in the Bhagavad and the Shiva Purana that explain the formation of the Baidyanath Dham Jyotirlinga.

The entire temple is built out of one rock and hosts the idols of many gods and goddesses. The temple premises hold an annual fair in the Hindu month of Shrawan. This fare attracts tourists and devotees from across the world. During this month, the temple is very crowded. It is an architectural and spiritual marvel that will leave you both sated and intrigued.

The opening hours of the temple are 4:00 AM to 3:30 PM and 6 PM to 9 PM. During Shrawan, these hours are extended to accommodate more people. Entry inside the temple warrants no fee. It can be reached using local modes of transport.

Other Top Attractions in Deoghar

Although Deoghar’s temples are the primary attractions for all tourists, this city does not lack in other fun activities. It is the perfect place to visit with family or friends, especially for an educational retreat.

Places to Visit with Kids

  1. Nandan Pahar
  2. Satsang Ashram
  3. The Naulakha Temple
  4. The Basukinath Temple
  5. Tapovan Temples and Caves
  6. Trikut Parvat
  7. Mayurakshi River

1. Nandan Pahar

Nandan Pahar is a small hill located on the outskirts of Deoghar and is famous for another Deoghar temple called the Nandi Temple. Nandi is the vehicle of Lord Shiva. This place also hosts an amusement park where you can enjoy the exciting rides and a boating trip. There are also various fantasy houses like a mirror house and ghost house that will leave you reeling in amazement. It is one of the best spots in Deoghar to witness sunrises and sunsets that color the hill in a reddish hue. If you are too tired to walk around the hill, try the toy train rides. The hill is open every day from 9 AM to 7 PM. The entry fee per person is Rs. 5. To reach this place, you can take a cab or a rickshaw from the railway station or Tower Chowk.

2. Satsang Ashram

The Satsang Ashram is a place of worship for the followers of an Indian saint. Kids can enjoy the museum and zoo contained in this ashram’s premises. It also makes a stunning photography location with its artificial canopies.

3. The Naulakha Temple

This temple was constructed using Rs. 9 lakhs and was hence named “Naulakha”. Its design is a visual treat for architecture enthusiasts. Supported on pillars and marked with distinct shikharas (peaks), this temple has a Radhe-Krishna idol for visitors to worship.

4. The Basukinath Temple

The Basukinath Temple is one of the finest temples in India. It is located on the Deoghar-Dumka highway and is a stunning piece of architectural artwork. This temple attracts thousands of devotees throughout the year. In the evenings, the lit-up corridors add the beauty of this place.

The temple is located 50 km from Deoghar. You can avail a cab to reach the place. Typical fares range from Rs. 800 to Rs. 1000.

5. Tapovan Temples and Caves

This place is located 10 km away from Deoghar and houses a Taponath Mahadeva temple. It also has several natural caves and rocks. The caves are said to have historical and divine importance.

For Adventure Seekers and nature lover

6. Trikut Parvat

The Trikut hill is of divine significance to Hindus. The three connected peaks of this hill are a spectacular sight for tourists. A cable car has been installed here to take tourists to the top of the hill. The car offers picturesque views of Deoghar and enthralls tourists with a ride amid the rocky terrain.

If you are an adventure lover, trekking at the Trikut Parvat will be a fulfilling experience for you. Trekking normally takes 2 hours, while cable car rides cost around Rs. 150.

7. Mayurakshi River

Located close to the Trikut Hill, the Mayurkashi river is an incredible natural retreat for tourists. You can visit the place to enjoy serene views of the river’s banks and witness the red sand deposited in mounds.

A Guide to Staying in Deoghar?

In recent years, Deoghar has become a popular tourist destination. The tourist population is especially high in the month of Shrawan. Due to this, several hotels and lodges are available for tourists to stay in. High-end options are limited but cheap, and budget hotels offer all the amenities for a pleasant stay. Most expensive hotels are located near the city center or near popular tourist spots.

Eating Out in Deoghar

Jharkhand was once a part of Bihar. For this reason, Bihari food dominates the cuisine of Deoghar. The city is famous for Indian vegetarian dishes like Litti-Chokha, Bamboo shoots, Rugra, Kanda, Mahua, Arsa Roti, and Dubhni Roti. Light snacks made of rice flakes and corn are also sold by a lot of street food vendors. Food of nearby regions such as Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Assam can also be enjoyed by tourists at select restaurants. High-end dining options featuring seafood or meat are minimal. 

Shopping in Deoghar

Jharkhand is famous for its brass handicrafts and Tasar Silk fabric. Temple lanes in Deoghar also sell colorful bangles made of lakh. As a tourist, you can shop at the local markets to get a true idea of Jharkhand’s rich tradition. These markets feature local vendors selling various types of decorative and religious sculptures and fabrics. Deoghar’s unique handicraft reflects simplicity and instinct. 

There are little to no high-end shopping options available, but the local markets will quench all your shopping thirst. You may also find some local shops selling Madhubani artwork of Bihar.

Festivals of Deoghar

The Baidyanath temple’s annual Shrawan Mela becomes home to millions of tourists and devotees seeking a flair of local festivals. This fete is an important religious and social event that features local handicrafts, clothing, and decorative shops. On Vivah Panchami, a date that typically falls in November or December, the Ram Janaki Vivah Utsav is organized at the Basukinath temple. A divine wedding procession containing horses and elephants is observed during this festival.

Ways to Get to Deoghar?

  • By Train: Boarding a train is the most adequate way to reach Deoghar. The Baidyanath Dham Railway Station is located 7km from the city. Once there, you can hail a cab or a rickshaw to reach the city center.
  • By Flight: Deoghar does not have an airport of its own. You can take a flight to Loknayak Jayaprakash Narayan International Airport (Patna Airport) and then avail of a cab or a bus to reach Deoghar. It is located 230 km away from Deoghar.
  • By Road: Major cities of Bihar and Jharkhand are connected to Deoghar by bus routes. Daily buses can be boarded from Patna and Ranchi to reach the city.

Best Time to Visit Deoghar

The cold climatic conditions that prevail over the Indian subcontinent during October to March are suitable for visiting Deoghar. These months offer convenient sightseeing opportunities also because the city is not very crowded. If you want to explore Deoghar’s temples, June to August is the best time as you can soak in the annual Shrawan Mela.

Light, cotton clothes are appropriate for summer, monsoon, and autumn. In winter, you can wear sweaters and jackets.

Cameras/Mobile Phones

Most Deoghar temples restrict the use of cameras and mobile phones within the premises. The Baidyanath temple strictly forbids photography. Other tourist spots such as the Nandan Pahar and the Tapovan Caves have no restrictions on their usage.

With its marvelous temples, fun parks, and a beautiful landscape, Deoghar is a tourist’s paradise that will leave you wanting more. If you wish to explore the diversity that calls India home, plan your vacation to Deogarh and be assured of a heavenly experience.

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