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Dapoli – A Place to Explore Some of the Best Beaches Ever

When it comes to doing something fun, I am one of those people who always choose to spend time in solitude. I love reading and writing, and I am one of the best bathroom singers you will ever find. However, on weekdays, I am usually slammed with work. I seldom get time for things that I find peaceful. To break this hectic routine, I like visiting places that make me feel closer to nature and Dapoli Beaches is one of my all time favourites.

I was talking to my colleague about how much I was craving for a break from all the work. She suggested that I visit Dapoli and spend some time at all the beaches it has to offer. She was so excited while describing this adventurous yet relaxing place that I had to try it out. I came home and researched everything I could about this place. It was the second Wednesday of May and I decided to visit Dapoli Beaches on the coming weekend.

Find Best Hotels In Dapoli

So, I had two days to pack my bags and book my tickets. I like train journeys a lot as they always fill me with nostalgia. As soon as I step into a train, flashbacks of all the wonderful times I have enjoyed with my family as a kid start popping into my head. Therefore, I booked my ticket for Saturday morning. It was a four-hour train journey from Mumbai to Dapoli. I filled a backpack with simple yet beautiful dresses. I also prepared a handbag to take with me.

It felt like time was standing still on Friday. When I went to sleep that night, all I could think of was having fun at the beaches and enjoying the awesome, windy weather there. I could not help but wonder about the things I was going to experience in the coming days. I know it sounds weird, but I already felt bad about having to leave Dapoli and come back. I have to say, this journey did not disappoint at all.

On Saturday, I woke up all happy and excited. I went to the train station, and thank God, my train was on time. The train journey started and I immersed myself in a book I’d bought with myself. But once I looked out of the window, I could not concentrate anymore. Even though it was summer, the sun was not at its peak yet.

The train eventually reached my destination and I got out admiring the beauty around me. I got to the hotel I had booked while preparing for the vacation. I had lunch at the hotel; it was finger-licking delicious. As it was summer, I had ice-cream and relaxed in bed for a while. After a while, it was time to hit the beach – actually beaches! There are so many of them in Dapoli. I explored all the most famous ones.

I had read appreciative reviews of the watersports and parasailing at Dapoli beaches. But the thing that caught my attention the most was dolphin sighting boat rides. When I went back to work after this vacation, I thanked my colleague for suggesting Dapoli Beaches with an ear-to-ear smile on my face. In this article, I am going to share my fantastic experience of having fun at Dapoli. I am also going to tell you all the cool things you can do there.

Best Beaches in Dapoli:

  1. KardeBeach
  2. Murud Beach
  3. Ladghar Beach
  4. Anjarle Beach
  5. Durga Devi temple
  6. Chandika Devi temple

1. Karde Beach

Karde Beach

Karde beach is so peaceful, it felt like I was in heaven during my time there. If you search for calm places to visit during holidays like me, I would recommend this place to you. The flat surface of soft sand at the beach was so calming that I walked on it for a long time. This beach features a layer of white sand and underneath lays the black sand.

If you like to go on long walks to clear your mind, you will love this place. I walked for over an hour on the beach while having a local fresh drink. This place is so beautiful yet secluded. However, the restaurants near Karde beach are very cheerful. I only had a yummy smoothie from one of them, but I can tell you that food must be great there.

2. Murud Beach

Murud Beach

After Karde, it was time to visit Murud beach. It is located near the headquarters of Raigad district, Alibaug. The green palm trees present on this beach everywhere were one of my favourite things there. I could see why this beach is one of the most popular beaches in India. I felt a lot more fresh and energetic after reaching Murud beach.

If you are a water enthusiast like me, you should visit Murud beach. I am planning to have a camping holiday here with my family soon. If we talk about the weather, it is warm and the humidity is above average. However, the cool sea breeze cools down the temperature. If you are craving a tranquil holiday, I would suggest this place.

There were two more beaches near Murud beach named ‘Kashid’ and ‘Nandgaon’ but I put them on my bucket list for the future. I had my dinner at a restaurant near the water here. Just thinking about it makes me want to go back to that incredible moment. The food was delicious!

3. Ladghar Beach

Ladghar Beach

The next day, I visited Ladghar beach. God, I loved it there. The place was majestic during the evening. I was lucky enough to see the beautiful view of the sunset from here. It was so gorgeous that I am short of words to describe it. I watched the dolphins having fun in the water. They seemed playful and calm as if they were on vacation too and did not desire to be disturbed. It was worth coming to Dapoli just to enjoy watching this view.

I saw some visitors having fun on the water scooters. You can get them on rent here and I asked about the price. It seemed pretty affordable! Ladghar beach is also famous for Parasailing. There are a lot of water sports and adventure rides to enjoy here. I rode a boat to sight dolphins, and it was pretty great.

If I get a chance to visit this place again, I will not miss it. I also visited a famous temple near the beach. The Datta temple is situated near the sea and almost feels like your own private temple. It added a touch of divinity to my holiday. 

4. Anjarle Beach

Anjarle Beach

Anjarle Beach is another secluded place but it is very famous for its Ganesha temple, ‘Kadyavarcha Ganpati’. Visiting Kadyavarcha Ganpati temple was magnificent. It is best to get the blessings of the head of demigods for a successful vacation and life, right? I thought so too! If you are a Ganesha devotee, you should visit this temple near Anjarle beach for sure. Besides, this beach seemed like one of the cleanest beaches of India.

It is covered with beautiful white sand. The surroundings of this beach are covered with palm trees and greenery all around. Once you reach Dapoli, it is pretty convenient to go to the Anjarle beach. First, I was thinking of starting my Dapoli travel adventure with this beach, but then I visited Karne beach first. However, both these beaches are lovely. Anjarle beach is 25 kilometers away from Dapoli, but the route is straightforward. So, it would not be much of a hassle for tourists to visit this beach. 

Apart from the famous Kadyavarcha Ganpati temple, I also visited some other temples at Dapoli.

5. Durga Devi temple

This temple of Durga Ji is located on the way to the Harnai beach. It is five minutes away from the beach. I read that this temple was built in the 18th century. When I went in after ringing the bell at the entrance, I was mesmerised by the beauty of the idol of Durga Ji.

You will get to see beautiful terracotta tiles at this temple. There is a pond nearby the temple as well. This temple is a spiritual asset of Dapoli according to me. If you are a devotee of Durga Devi, you will love this place.

6. Chandika Devi Temple

Chandika Devi Temple

This temple of Chandika Devi is situated in an underground cave which is located 27 KM away from Dapoli. It is believed that this temple dates back to the time of Pandavas. When I visited this Chandika Devi temple, I felt as if time has stopped. I had heard about the extraordinary nature of this temple from my friend.

She visited it during the Navratri festival and she told me that there were thousands of visitors there at that time. However, I got the chance to visit this temple when there were not too many visitors. But if you are someone who loves festive vibes, you should visit Chandika Devi temple at the time of Navratri.

Alphonso mangoes are the special variety of mangoes in India and they are sold in Dapoli around the summer season. I bought a lot of them and took them home with me. I cherished my favourite fruit for days after my trip to the Dapoli Beaches. It was all so worth it!

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