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Couple friendly hotels in Chennai

Are you looking for quality places to visit in Chennai with your special someone on Valentine’s Day? If you are answering in the affirmative, then you can also pair up some memorable experiences at romantic places to visit in Chennai with comfortable and private stays at top couple friendly hotels in Chennai that are located nearby.

OYO Rooms is the best place to find secure, safe and private couples getaways in Chennai which come well-equipped with staff members who are trained to cater to all your requirements with aplomb. There is no dearth of special romantic destinations in Chennai although you will have to choose from innumerable options without a shred of doubt.

Best places to visit in Chennai for V-Day

There are several romantic places to visit in Chennai that you can consider for an amazing Valentine’s Day experience. Here’s taking a look at some of the best ones.

  • Theosophical Society- One of the top places to visit in Chennai for couples on V-Day, Theosophical Society holds a special charm of its own. This tranquil destination suits couples who are fond of natural splendor while being away from bustling crowds on the occasion. The park remains open for limited hours during the day so you will have to do your homework in advance. 10 AM-3 PM is the usual time threshold while entry is free. Vehicles are not allowed inside and you will have to find a parking space outside. However, once you arrive, you will fall in love with the serenity of the place by all means. Nearby hotels include OYO 7697 India Gate Par View and OYO 16596 Mizpah Inn among numerous others.
  • Beaches in Chennai- There are gorgeous beaches in Chennai which are packed with couples and those who love the splendor of nature. Have a swell time on V-Day, holding hands together while you are both gently peppered by the surf and gaze at the limitless blue ocean. The Marina Beach and Eliot Beach are both popular choices for the day although the latter is slightly less crowded as per estimates.
  • Besant Nagar- Besant Nagar is the best place to visit if you are in the mood for a romantic date and taste some delicious food items at the same time. This is the best place for memorable dates with your special someone while checking out top restaurants with something from everyone, right from coffee to ice cream and a lot more! Your dinner date aside, you can also take a long walk here, hand in hand while checking out this posh locality which is known for its tree-lined avenues and palatial buildings alike. Nearby hotels include OYO 7697 India Gate Par View and OYO 78484 Collection of O Palm Tree among numerous others.
  • Dakshin Chitra- Dakshin Chitra is one of the best places to visit with your partner on Valentine’s Day. Open between 10 AM and 7 PM, Dakshin Chitra is all about experiencing a Disneyland meets cultural vibe in the city. Dakshin Chitra will have you both exploring various cultural and artistic attractions while taking in some much-needed entertainment at the same time. You will enjoy the soothing ambience while bonding together over similar interests and passions.
  • Amethyst Café- Amethyst Café is one of the most romantic destinations in Chennai for sure. The Amethyst Café is a splendid place for a lovely V-Day date with your beloved. The food here is absolutely lip-smacking while you will find the décor theme quite interesting and eye-catching too. The café offers several items and interesting artifacts from top fashion designers while the ambience is wonderful to say the least.
  • Cholamandal Artists Village- The Cholamandal Artists Village is fascinating for couples on Valentine’s Day without a doubt. It is a charming artist’s village with proximity to the Dakshin Chitra as well. You will love the tranquility of the place along with the mind-boggling creations at hand for you both to peruse at your own leisure. There is ample parking space here for visitors too.
  • Muttukadu- Muttukadu is known for its plethora of fun attractions including boating together and you will spend some solitary time on V-Day without any distractions. If you love adventure, then you can opt for a ski boat which will dart across the pristine lake that is also linked to the Bay of Bengal. You can also venture for dinner or lunch at some of the gorgeous restaurants near this lake. This is a lovely one-day adventure in Chennai for couples on V-Day.
  • Pulicat Lake- Pulicat Lake is the country’s second-biggest brackish water lake and it also has an accompanying bird sanctuary that is a treat to explore. Couples will have a great time on V-Day, exploring the wonderful destination with binoculars for watching the lovely birds all around while also settling down for a picnic at a tranquil spot within the premises. You can also have a good time watching the fishermen returning after a hard day’s work and the whole sight is rustic, charming and picturesque to say the least. The timings usually range between 8 AM and 5 PM on average.
  • Surfing Lessons- Couples may find ample opportunities to have an adventurous time on V-Day by opting for surfing lessons. You can together venture to Covelong where there are a variety of surfing lessons on offer for couples. This will not only help you bond but also spend some quality time together in the bargain. There are numerous surfing schools present in Covelong which is a short distance away from the main city while there are advanced and beginner’s courses alike. Prices are quite competitive by all means.
  • Visiting Mahabalipuram- Couples willing to get away from the buzz of the city may find Mahabalipuram quite interesting. Mahabalipuram is a historical destination which is known for its lovely sanctuaries, carved impeccably from rocks and several shaped like Mandapas, Rathas and also the open air rock relief. It is also famous for the Descent of the Ganges along with the iconic Shore Temple. There are several shrines dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva in Mahabalipuram while the monuments have been collectively listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Now that you have a list of places to visit in Chennai and surrounding areas, make your plans, book your hotel for a romantic night ahead and treat your significant other to a fabulous Valentine’s Day this year.

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