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Coffee Lover’s Paradise: Coorg

The arrival of the first coffee seeds in Baba Budan’s beard from Yemen centuries ago established Karnataka’s booming coffee trade in India. In the present day, if you happen to make a trip down to Coorg, you cannot forget to visit the numerous coffee plantations in and around the district. Family hotels in Coorg allow you to live a stone’s throw away from lush green coffee plantations, where you can take a stroll and learn everything about the coffee history of South India!

The Coffee Cup of India

Even though coffee had arrived in India centuries before, Coorg saw its first coffee estate being established in 1854 by John Fowler, an Englishman. Britishers soon realised the tremendous potential coffee held in these south Indian states and thus began the cultivation of coffee on a mass scale. Most families in Coorg started growing it, and the tradition has been carried down from generation to generation. Karnataka now leads India’s total coffee production with 70%, of which 32% of coffee is produced solely in Coorg, making it the largest contributor to Coorg’s economy.

Arabica and Robusta

Since coffee in India is grown entirely in the shade, it is known for its lack of acidity, intense aroma and full-bodied taste. Two types of coffee varieties are grown in Coorg – Arabica and Robusta. Indian monsoon-fed coffee is cultivated under the shade of enormous Jackfruit, Rosewood and Wild Fig trees. The aroma of snow-white coffee blossoms marks the beginning of the coffee season during February, and by the end of November, ripe red coffee cherries are ready for harvest.

Coorg’s misty atmosphere, accompanied by artisan coffee, is a match made in heaven. Like roadside chai stalls in northern India, you will find coffee stalls peppering the road with the rich aroma of coffee following your leisurely walk around Coorg. Top sightseeing in Coorg is dominated by coffee plantations that are ready to welcome you into the green bean world of coffee.


OYO Home 79895 Mountain Mist is a family hotel in Madikeri that is near some famous coffee plantations. One such coffee estate is the 20-year-old Mercara Gold Estate, which invites visitors to a Coorg coffee and spice estate tour. Experts take you through a walking tour of the estate, educating you on coffee growing and giving a tour of the coffee roasting facility. The tour ends with a freshly brewed coffee-tasting experience.

Tata Coffee Plantation Trails

Ama Plantation Trails, formerly known as Tata Coffee Plantation Trails, transports you back to the 19th century with its luxurious bungalow perching atop a hill surrounded by coffee plantations. Supporting the local community, Ama Plantation Trails are handled entirely by local talent. The ‘Bean-To-Cup’ safari takes you through the plantation and gives a tour of the coffee plants and flowers accompanied by cherry plucking, which takes place from November to March. The plantation also houses a tea estate for all coffee lovers.

Spice Farms

Aside from coffee, Coorg is also renowned for its spices. The arrival of traders during ancient times on the Malabar Coast led to the purchase of pepper which is now famous as the Coorg pepper. While on the tour of coffee estates, you will also come across spices that accompany the coffee plants. Cloves, cardamom, vanilla, orange and banana are among the spices grown abundantly in Coorg. Remember to take packets of these organically grown spices back home because you can be assured of the quality when you have personally seen their harvest and growth.

Coffee Estate Resorts

If you truly want to immerse yourself in the coffee culture of Coorg, then you can opt for staying at OYO hotels and resorts located close to coffee plantations. Waking up and going for an early morning walk on the plantation trails, listening to exotic bird songs, witnessing the abundant flora and fauna and starting your day with a cup of coffee roasted and brewed freshly on the plantation is a treatment needed for the tired city dweller. You can also learn to identify and hand-pick coffee cherries and turn them into roasted aromatic coffee powder. Mingling with coffee pickers and learning the A-Zs of coffee planting should be on the bucket list of every coffee connoisseur. Located in the coffee region of Coorg, Capital O 73880, Ragsys Hotels provides a lovely view of the district.


Coming to the end of this coffee tour of Coorg might be a disappointing thought for some. But, to make your experience even more memorable, you can use all that you learned about coffee on this trip and ensure you take home bags full of your favourite coffee. OYO Rooms will ensure you return home with a heart full of pleasant memories. We guarantee you will miss the aroma of coffee wafting from the streets of Coorg and the misty Monday mornings that soothe the soul.

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