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Plan an amazing trip by finding out what is the best time to visit Udaipur

Considered as the Venice of East, Udaipur has never failed to cast its magic spell and embrace its visitors with open hands round the year. The beautiful hill station nestled in a valley in the laps of four lakes and surrounded by the majestic Aravalli hills, Udaipur boasts of a wonderful weather and has a lot to offer, making it a memorable experience in all seasons. Every nook and corner of the city resonates with the ascetic and ethnic values. This crown jewel of the state of Rajasthan has always given a momentum of pride and glory to Udaipur tourism. The land of Maharajas, palaces, lakes, courtyards and gardens, Udaipur boasts of a profusion of natural beauty, charming temples, bustling bazaars and breathtaking architecture which makes it one of the most enchanting tourist destinations in the country for both local and foreign travellers.

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How to Plan a Trip?

The city is evergreen and the perfect place to unwind and celebrate your vacation amidst the beauty of nature and several attractions like ancient forts, magnificent palaces, museums, art galleries and serene lakes, all vying for your attention. Udaipur has seen a growing population as well as development leading to an increase in Udaipur tourism. With so much to offer, it doesn’t really call for much, but a little planning and cautiousness in charting a trip during the best season, so that you can experience the most of this stunning destination. Read on to discover the opportune time to travel to Udaipur and explore the famous celebrations and events around the corner in the city. So here you go!

Udaipur summers (March to June)

  • Udaipur witnesses long summers and the temperature ranges between 28.3 and 45.0 degree Celsius or sometimes even beyond that. Summer in Udaipur begins by mid of March and continues till the end of June and remains extremely hot and dry. In the bright heat of summers, the scorching hotness may not be a favourable time to enjoy the beauty of the historical and spectacularly built monuments of Udaipur, as the sweltering heat will most likely leave you dehydrated and exhausted.
  • Being close to the desert landscape, the daytime is usually marked by scorching heat and heat waves, which may deter you from exploring the city’s famed structures, while in the nights, the temperature is comparatively cooler. You might prefer to be confined inside during most of the day. You can use this opportunity to spend some quiet quality time in one of the many well set up affordable or luxury hotels and resorts, which cater to all types of tourists. Try exploring spas and elegant restaurants during the day.
  • May is usually the hottest month and is certainly not the best month to visit Udaipur. Evenings are comparatively pleasing. It is better to avoid travelling to Udaipur during summer season. However, this is the best time to enjoy some great deals for tourists at one of the innumerable deluxe hotels and on tickets. You can book customized packages to suit your convenience.
  • The colourful festival of Holi is celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm by the local population of Udaipur and the atmosphere is pepped up during the celebrations. Also, if you happen to visit in summers, make sure you plan a trip close to the colourful Mewar festival which is celebrated with huge pomp and show in the month of March and April in Udaipur.

Udaipur Monsoon (July to September)

Udaipur Monsoon (July to September)
  • Udaipur is known as the city of lakes and therefore the best season to visit Udaipur is none other than monsoons. It has to be the monsoons when the beauty of the city is at its pinnacle. In monsoons, all the lakes are replete with water and with all the greenery around, this can be a peaceful time.
  • Udaipur receives meagre rainfall during the monsoons and the average high and low temperatures usually range from 25 degree Celcius to 35 degree Celcius during this period. While on the downside, the scary rainfall results in excessive humidity, it also lends a special charm to this spectacular city, and makes it one of the most sought after domestic destinations for monsoon holiday. The lakes and other water sources are replenished with rainwater and the surrounding mountain ranges spring back to life in lush greenery after the scorching summer.
  • Monsoon in Udaipur sets in by July and continues till mid-September. The popularity of Udaipur during monsoon also makes it the peak season which brings with it a huge influx of tourists and fewer tranquil places to enjoy. Monsoons are the time the city of lakes receives huge rush and is overcrowded with tourists who come from across the country to admire its beauty. This can likely result in loads of traffic jam and make the road route to Udaipur a bit tedious. The hotel room fares also go up and most of the prominent resorts and heritage properties might already be booked and not be available on weekends.
  • Following the rains, the place becomes quite beautiful. Boat rides and rooftop dinners with spectacular views of the clear sky become high in demand offer the travellers with enjoyable experiences. You can even try your hands at a photography walk and capture the picture-perfect views that this place has to offer. The monsoon season is therefore the next best after the winter season to plan a trip to Udaipur.
  • Don’t forget to visit the City Palace, which is an epitome of magnificent architecture, glorious history and regal aura. The place is a popular tourist hub, always thronged by travellers. Standing gloriously on the banks of Lake Pichola, it comprises several gardens, corridors, courtyards, terraces, and pavilions and also houses a museum exhibiting the Maharana Rajput heritage. This artificial lake is a signature of Udaipur and defines the very essence of the place. It is always crowded with boats packed with travellers capturing the lake in their cameras.
  • Another popular tourist attraction not to be missed in Udaipur is the Fatehsagar Lake, which is the second largest lake in the city. Once there, you can enjoy an afternoon of leisure boating amidst the mesmeric views the lake provides.
  • Also try visiting Jag Mandir Palace which is a unique palace situated on an estuary island in Pichola Lake, known for providing stunning views of the sunset. Relax and be mindful of its beautiful courtyard while you spend an evening of leisure here.
  • You can also be a participant in the popular and vibrant Gangaur festival, which is held in the months of July and August, and is celebrated all over the state of Rajasthan with great zeal. The festival is dedicated to Goddess Gauri (Parvati), the companion of Lord Shiva and one can see the womenfolk of the city celebrating and enjoying this festival with great interest and gusto.
  • The onset of Monsoon brings a sense of relief from the scorching summers. This is also the time of the year where you can take lazy strolls around the vibrant and lively streets of Udaipur. You can also hit shopping at Udaipur at the many local shops selling a plethora of items ranging from precious stone jewellery, bright colourful textiles, footwear, meenakari items, and gemstone paintings to artefacts, oxidized silver and copper items, miniature paintings, sculptures and other items in marble stone.

Udaipur winters (October to March)

Udaipur winters (October to March)
  • October sees the gradual transition to winter which extends till early March. During this season the days are bright and sunny, the weather is mild and extremely pleasant, while evenings and nights can be quite chilly, making it the best season to visit Udaipur. Winters in Udaipur is characterized by chilly weather conditions and the beauty of the place increases manifold. It is highly recommended to carry super warm woollens as the temperature at night can stoop down to very low levels.
  • Udaipur is a land of architectural marvels built with perfectness and impeccable detailing and showcases exemplary skills of the artisans of the yester years. This can be observed from the multitude of historic remnants, including the intricate house carvings and architecture of the forts, palaces and temples dotting the city. Winters are pleasantly comfortable and perfect for visiting the unique attractions and places of interest of this beautiful city. The average temperature during winters hovers around 30 degree Celsius.
  • Winter is also an ideal time for all those seeking respite from the torrid climate and overcrowded city life in the pleasant and breezy landscapes of Udaipur. With mesmerizing forts and grand palaces, Udaipur’s enchanting beauty is a treat for your eyes in winter. The fresh windy weather is also perfect to enjoy activities such as camel ride, trekking, bird watching and boating to make your trip even more fun. It is also a great time to enjoy various thrilling activities to satiate your adventurous soul. During this time you can also spot a lot of beautiful migratory birds that fly to Udaipur.
  • In the winters, the weather stays delightful and enjoyable and this is when you can get the best out of your vacation and visit famous attractions like City Palace, Shiv Niwas Palace, Fateh Sagar Lake, Jag Mandir, Shiv Niwas Palace, Saheliyon-ki-bari, Gulabh Bagh and a lot others. The climatic conditions are conducive for sightseeing and you can also partake in the grand festivities during this season like the splendid Shilpgram Crafts Fair that is held annually in November-December or the spectacular Mewar Festival, which celebrates the arrival of spring and is held in March every year. Some of the other festivals like Udaipur World Music Festival, Kumbhalgarh Festival and World Living Heritage Festival, also make the whole city lively and chirpy.
  • The winter months are also the time when Dussehra and Diwali are celebrated with great pomp and show, which attracts scores of tourists from all over India and abroad. It is a wonderful experience to be a part of these big festivities in Udaipur. If you want to enjoy Udaipur in its full splendour, it would be better to plan your trip during the winters.

Nearby Places to Visit in Udaipur

Udaipur is scenic and historical in itself but there are quite a few places around it which are worth a visit. These out of the way places can be easily reached from Udaipur and are great options for a daytrip or for a weekend away. They are less frequented by tourists, which means you can enjoy the pulse of the region without unnecessary congestions.

Kumbhalgarh Fort

 A 15th-century fort built by Rana Kumbha, the fort is a silent sentinel that still speaks of the bravery of the region of Mewar. It is perched quite high in the Aravalli Range, which made it quite difficult for the enemies to capture the fort and had always provided refuge to the rulers and the subjects in times of battle. The biggest attraction of the fort is the wall that goes around it, known as the Great Wall of India and is considered the second longest wall in the world. In places, it is wide enough to let five horses walk side by side together! Today, parts of the wall are open for hiking and you can walk along it and catch glimpses of the cities and town below. It is about 2 hours north of Udaipur and vehicles have to be left outside the fort and walked into.

Location: 2 hours north of Udaipur

Timings: 7 am to 7 pm

Entry: INR 25 for Indians, INR 300 for foreigners

Attractions: Haldi Ghati along the way, Kumbhalgarh Festival, Hiking along the Great Wall


 Although situated in Rajasthan, Ranakpur has been more of a Jain city and the temples here are astonishing. The temple at Ranakpur is dedicated to the first Tirthankara of the Jains and is largest and most elaborate Jain temple complex in the country. The Chaumukha Temple draws many tourists who only look in wonder at the temples 29 halls, 80 domes and 1444 engraved pillars and it takes well over an hour to go through the temple. It is important to dress conservatively to enter the temple premises, for both men and women, with legs and shoulders covered. One can also get a permit to hike the four hours distance from Ranakpur to Kumbhalgarh, although a guide is required to accompany you.

Location: Two hours north of Udaipur

Timings: Non- Jains may enter only from noon to 5 pm

Entry: Free for Indians, INR 200 for foreigners

Attractions: Jain Temples, Hike to Kumbhalgarh


 Delwara is an out of the way town and is filled with hundreds of ancient temples and mansions. The luxury Raas Devigarh Hotel in situated here, which is an 18th century palace. The region has a number of step wells which are a joy to explore. The crafts tradition here is noteworthy and many domestic and foreign tourists visit the place just so they can acquire some of the handiworks from here. Although it was a small rural village, the people here are self sufficient today and are setting an example for the other villages in the vicinity. Be sure to participate in the Delwara Heritage Walk, which are conducted by the adults of the town itself.

Location: On National Highway 8

Timings: Any time

Entry: Free

Attractions: Jain Temples, Raas Devigarh Hotel, Delwara Heritage Walk


  Another small town, Nathdwara is a temple town but is considered very holy. It houses a 17th century temple dedicated to Lord Krishna, known as Sreenathji. It a holy site of pilgrimage for the locals and it is a pleasure to take in the traditional Pichwai paintings which depict the various adventures of a young Krishna and other events from his life. The town attains special significance during Diwali as the walls of the buildings are painted every year around this time and once the lamps are lit, a truly unique festive fervor is created. The night market close to the Sreenathji’s Temple is an added bonus.

Location: Along National Highway 8

Timings: Anytime, but especially during Diwali

Entry: Free

Attractions: Sreenathji’s Temple, Night market, Diwali celebrations 

Where to Stay

Udaipur will leave you spoilt for choice when it comes to options for accommodation. Apart from the luxury stays here, there are many mansions and villas that have been converted into hotels which will give you a feel of traditional Rajputana hospitality. There are budget hotels to choose from as well. You can also choose hotels depending on the preference of location, food and other amenities available. While Rajasthan is always a good time to visit, if you are visiting around Dussehra or Diwali, be sure to book your rooms well in advance to avoid last minute rush. You can book rooms through OYO app according to your liking.

What to Eat

Trying out authentic Rajasthani cuisine in Udaipur is a delight. A Rajasthani thali, which is available in mostly all major restaurants in a must try. As far as roadside food is concerned, do not forget to try out the paani puris, and the various types of kachoris on offer. They come with a variety of fillings and are often served with a side of spicy potatoes or chutneys. Jalebis are sure to be another favorite. Many stalls also sell Dal- Baati- Choorma, another authentic dish of this region. There a number of delicacies which are served with succulent and dry dates, depending on their availability. The food is somewhat spicy but extremely delicious. Do not forget to try out the Kesar kulfi as the perfect dessert to your meal.

Where to Shop

Shopping in Udaipur is a real treat because you are sure to come across items which you will not find anywhere else.

Head to Hathi Pol, if you love paintings. The Pichwai paintings and the Phad paintings here are very popular, as well as miniature handmade paintings. Nagra slippers, the traditional footwear of the Rajasthanis, made from camel skin and with beautiful embroidery, are real collector’s items. Be sure to put your bargaining skills to good use as prices are heavily increased here for tourists.

Bara Bazaar is the place to go to if you are looking for bandhni and batik print clothes and dress materials. The market itself is a riot of colors is a great place to shop for souvenirs. Pick up handmade Jootis here which are sure to increase your style quotient. It is also a great place to buy local handmade jewelry.

If you want to pick up local crafts good, then head to Chetak Circle. The market here is always abuzz with local artisans and you can get wide variety of wooden craft items like jewelry boxes and lamp stands. Pottery here is most revered, especially the hand painted ones. Mandi Bazaar, which is situated within Chetak Circle, is famous for its spice market and vendors come from far and wide to replenish their stocks from here.

How to Reach

Since Udaipur is a major city, one can get direct domestic flights to the city’s own domestic airport. It is situated 22 km from the main city but one can either get a cab, a bus or even arrange for transportation from one’s own hotel to reach here.

The city has a number of bus stands and direct buses are available from other major cities of Rajasthan as well as from Delhi and Agra. Both private and luxury bus options are present.

The Udaipur railway station is situated within the city limits and one can easily visit the other parts of the city through cabs and buses from the station itself.

The picturesque city of Udaipur is a haven for you to marvel at the untouched natural beauty and interesting history of the place. In totality, the time of September and March are the best month to explore Udaipur. Take a leisurely stroll through the meandering roads of the city or go boating with your loved one and make some amazing memories to treasure forever while in Udaipur! Without further ado, start planning your next vacation; your wonderland is waiting for you!

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