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Best time to visit Manali if you are a nature lover

Manali is a place that has so much to offer in terms of its location, food, gorgeous sightseeing, and incredible activities. Of course, Manali is a place that goes through a complete four-season change all year round. All the dominant seasons of Manali have their charm each year but summer is probably the best time to visit Manali. Due to the high elevation in this destination, you are exposed to cool and relaxing weather, even during a hot summer afternoon, while also not missing out on what the subtle chill has to offer.

Manali, during winter, is covered in thick rows of ice which is probably a beautiful sight to behold in itself. One might say, visiting Manali without experiencing the ice, is missing out on its full glory. Temperatures during this time can fall as low as sub-zero. On the other hand, visiting a hill station during the monsoon might not be completely a good idea, although the smell of rain on the soil is quite amazing in this hill station. During monsoon, hilly areas are more prone to landslides, therefore imposing restrictions on the local means of transportation, i.e. bus services are halted or temporarily shut down during monsoons. Book hotels in Manali all Road right away to enjoy a great experience.

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Seasonal Timing in Manali

Manali is surely one of the prettiest locations you can look forward to visiting to get closer to the natural aspects of a hill station. Each season in Manali has its charms alongside a few expected setbacks, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a way to get around the same. Here is a clear overview of the weather pattern in Manali so that you can plan your journey accordingly.

Manali summers (March to June)


March to June- Summer has arrived and it’s knocking on the door! While the temperature reaches a moderate scale between 10 degrees C and 25 degrees C, the nights can still feel a bit chilly, so be sure to pack your favourite woolens and a blanket to enjoy a campfire in. Summer brings its own set of enthralling and exciting activities like rafting on the stream, paragliding in the stern wind, and trekking over the vast peaks along with other mountaineering adventures in the Solang Valley. All in all, you have the region’s gorgeous flora to keep you company during this time. Also, book hotels in Manali all Road right away to enjoy a memorable shopping experience.



There are several things to look forward to when exploring summer in Manali. The bright colors of the vast slopes are as refreshing to the eyes then as it is to the skin. These activities include:

  • Explore the natural beauty of Jogini Falls
  • Enjoy a pic nick at Rahala Falls.
  • Pay a visit to the mystic Hadimba Temple
  • Explore the enchanting Museum of Himachal Culture and Folklore
  • Take on some Yoga under the warm summer weather

Manali during the summer is probably the busiest time of the year. Tourists, travellers, and honeymooners from all across India and abroad drop by at Manali during this season. This is the time when the weather is at its best and the comfort level is abundant. Your average high temperatures vary between 25-28 degrees C while low temperatures are restricted between 8-13 degrees C. Also, book hotels in Manali all Road right away to enjoy a lavish meal as well.

Sporty activities like paragliding, river rafting, rock climbing, trekking and so much more can be indulged in during this season. One of the major summer attractions for the visitors of Manali is the Rohtang Pass. You can also look forward to the renowned Hadimba temple festival while also being surrounded by the gorgeous flora and fauna of the region in its full glory. The lush greenery and the fresh atmosphere allows for this destination to be a relaxing and enchanting experience for travelers. During your visit, you should also make your way to the Beas Kund Trek, Vashishta Baths, Hampta Pass Trek, and Van Vihar, with your adventure shoes on.

Manali Monsoon (July to mid-September)

Manali Monsoon (July to mid-September)

July to August- Up for a challenge in your years of traveling? Visit Manali during the monsoons. Although the slopes are prone to landslides during this time, the price range of the hotels tends to drop 2 times below the usual! Of course, the entire region comes alive in this period as well.


The hills are only ever beautiful as much as the rain allows them to be. The Manali rain can be beautiful to behold but dangerous to experience, so always keep in mind the proper precautions.

  • Pay a visit to Jogini Falls.
  • Visit Manu Temples and other enchanting monasteries
  • Trekking can be too endangering during this time

The time between July and August is when the monsoon clouds start calling. The region is exposed to extreme levels of torrential rainfall. The temperature of this region remains about 25 degrees C during this time. The heavy amount of rain can reach levels of around 200 mm which is why you would notice a decrease in tourist activity due to the high possibility of landslides. It is best to avoid visiting during this time of the year. The rain begins to gradually subside after September when the tourist population once again starts increasing. This would be the best time to enjoy those alluring hotel discounts. Manali hotel bookings can be carried out with ease by going online.

Manali winters (October to February)

Manali winters (October to February)

September to February- As the monsoon come to a halt, the chill starts sweeping in from around the beginning of October. During this time, the temperature begins to hover rapidly around -1 degrees C. To enjoy this time without hassles, make sure you pack plenty of warm clothing, especially for the chilly nights ahead.

December to January-  The slopes are now buried in thick ice blankets and the snow is as powdery as it is in Scotland. The vast stretch of the pure white snow is what makes Manali in winter a favourite among honeymooners. If you are an ice sports enthusiast or are simply up for an adventure, then why not try out skiing? There are special institutions that provide training to adventure junkies and tourists visiting Manali during this time. Also, book hotels in Manali all Road right away to enjoy a memorable shopping experience.


The intensity of the sporting activity can sometimes depend on the thickness of the ice or some other factors like the prevalence of an oncoming storm.

  • Take a stroll through the Rohtang Pass
  • If the weather is kind you can go on a trek to Beas Kund
  • Indulge in the hot water spring near Beas River.

September knocks but winter are already on the couch! The vast slopes of Manali will now begin to hide under immense sheets of ice till the end of January. This the time to jump into the snow and start chilling, quite literally! The temperature is now open to falling below sub-zero, so be sure to pack all the good stuff from your collection of warm winter clothing. Experience the white paradise on earth with thick blankets of snow and a romantic icy background for honeymooners.

Adventure enthusiasts begin to flock to this location during this time. You can enjoy incredible sights like the Chandratal Baralacha Lake, Kullu, Manali Sanctuary, Great Himalayan National Park, Nehru Kund, and Jogini Waterfall. Also, Arjun Gufa and Rahala Falls are superior attractions to visit as well. For honeymooners to enjoy the cool ambiance and the romantic aura, the period between November and February would be the ideal time. Go for Manali hotel bookings right away.

When you are visiting Manali, almost nothing can go wrong. This is where the summer and the winter shake hands in unison and nature is in its full glory. If you are planning a trip to Manali, be it a solo trip, your honeymoon, or just an adventure with friends, this destination will not disappoint you!

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