Shopping Places In Jodhpur You Must Cover For A Vibrant And Fun Experience

Clock Tower Market

If you are planning a trip to the Blue City of Rajasthan, then welcome aboard! If you thought you know it all about the heritage city experience that awaits you during your trip here, then you must read on to know about an array of shopping experiences that can be experienced as well. Inside the medieval streets, there are several shops and bazaars that sell special goods from Jodhpur, which you can go to and explore. From different kinds of scents to saris, small decorations for the home to temple decorations, there is just so much that you can shop in Jodhpur.

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There is a modern side of Jodhpur as well; however, the old blue city has a buzz that is typical of this side of the city. It can amaze you in ways that you would not have imagined. The larger than life Mehrangarh Fort never fails to capture the imagination of any traveller. This part of the city is crowded as it is the main tourist area. Moreover, it is this part of the city, which has a truly unique experience to offer. So, despite the crowd, meandering in the narrow alleys will help you discover the essence of Jodhpur and you can shop for gems beyond your imagination.

The shopping experience in this blue city is colourful and worth every traveller’s efforts. So, include the below shopping places in Jodhpur in your itinerary and take back some souvenirs, some trinkets that you will cherish forever.

8 Best Markets To Visit In Jodhpur

  1. Clock Tower Market
  2. Nai Sarak
  3. Sojati Gate Market
  4. Mochi Bazaar
  5. Umaid Bhawan Palace Market
  6. Kapraa Bazaar
  7. Sarafa Bazaar
  8. Tripolia Bazaar

1. Clock Tower or Ghanta Ghar Market

Well, in most places you start shopping for clothes, jewellery or decorations? Isn’t it? But when in Jodhpur you should start with some spice shopping. Yes, the red chillies found here are world renowned and you will end up buying them after you indulge in the mouth-watering Jodhpuri cuisine. The food you get in Jodhpur, the colour you see in it is much due to the red chillies found here. So, you must take back home some of it to enjoy similar preparations.

There is no better place to shop for these chilies but at the Clock Tower Market. This market is also known as the Ghanta Ghar Market and you can get a variety of spices here. One of the most popular variants available here is the Mathaniya’s red chili. But remember to bargain. The welcoming shopkeepers will know that you are a tourist and will try selling the famous spices of their region at an inflated price. So, bargain as much as you can and try to get the best spices at the best price.

Besides, as soon as you get tired of shopping in this spice bazaar, go and re-energize yourself by having some Makhania lassi. One of the best lassis, you can enjoy it with a shahi samosa.

Along with spices, the other things to buy in Jodhpur from this market include flavoured teas, antiques, handicrafts, and hand-embroidered fabrics.

2. Nai Sarak

When in Rajasthan, you cannot return home without some vibrant bandhej. Some people know it as bandhej and others call it bandhani. This is a form of traditional tie and dye, which is typical of Rajasthan. If you want to buy some bandhej stuff, then look no further than Nai Sarak in Jodhpur.

There are a variety of tie and dye fabrics, sarees, suits, dupattas, and turbans that you can get from this market. So, you must make it to this market during your Jodhpur visit and shop for an array of bandhej clothing. These can also be the perfect gifts that you can give to your near and dear ones.

Along with this traditional tie and dye fabric, you can also buy some leather stuff from this market. There are some lovely leather items, which are available in this market and can be the perfect gifts and souvenirs. So, come to this market to shop for some amazing traditional stuff.

3. Sojati Gate Market

This Jodhpur market is a paradise for shoppers. You name it and you will get it and this is the USP of this market. It has handicrafts, clothes, jewellery, and much more which you can explore and shop for.

There are several stalls and shops in this market. This makes it the perfect place for a street shopping experience too. You can shop for an array of traditional items from Rajasthan and have a memorable shopping experience in this significant market.

Moreover, once you are done shopping, you can stop at one of the stalls for some henna application. You will find plenty of such options around the market. The henna colour and designs of Rajasthan are truly popular and getting something nicely done on your hand will be Insta-worthy.

4. Mochi Bazaar

Have you heard of “Mojaris”? Well, that is what the locals call the famous Jodhpuri Juttis. So, if you want to shop for some of these, then head straight to the Mochi Bazaar or Cobblers Market. You will find plenty of colourful and unique juttis and it will be hard for you to settle on just one.

The juttis here come in various prints, patterns, and colours and you will be spoiled with the choices that are on offer here. These leather beauties will not only go well with Indian attires but can accentuate your western dresses too. Longing for that vibrant and chic Indo-western look? Then, shop for these colourful juttis and team them with an array of dresses.

Besides, to complete the look, there are also amazing jewellery options in this market. Along with jutties, things to buy in Jodhpur from this market include junk jewellery and lac bangles. These bangles are typical of Rajasthan and you will get the most beautiful variety in this mochi bazaar.

5. UmaidBhawan Palace Market

UmaidBhawan Palace Market

Let your shopping experience in Jodhpur be an amazing one. For this, you must visit the Umaid Bhawan Palace Market, which is home to some exquisite antiques. You can shop for metal work, classy furniture, pottery, and textiles from this market.

You can spot this market while strolling between the Umaid Bhawan and Ajit Bhawan. The list of things that you can buy from this market includes brass and copperware, silver jewellery, handicrafts with sequins and mirror, pottery, paintings, and more.

If you like a piece, then buy it as it will be worth it. It is advisable not to get into much bargaining as it will not work well in this market. The prices of the products are more or less fixed and not pricey. So, go ahead and buy some real gems from this market when shopping in Jodhpur.

6. Kapraa Bazaar

The famous Kapraa Bazaar of Jodhpur should definitely be on your list of shopping places in Jodhpur. The popular leheriya clothing can be found and bought from this market. In fact, leheriya originated in Jodhpur and should be in your list of what to buy in Jodhpur. It is a traditional and unique print and you can get suit, saree, and dupatta with this distinct kind of print.

Along with leheriya, you can get a variety of bandhej cloth material in this market too. In fact, if we say that the Kapraa Bazaar can be your one-stop shop for every Rajasthani apparel, then it will not be an exaggeration. You can easily find the most popular and the finest Rajasthani apparels from this bazaar.

Moreover, you can also get leheriya and bandhej variety in premium make. These prints are also done on silk and chiffon, which one can easily wear on formal occasions. Besides, there is a cotton variant that can be perfect for casual wear.

7. Sarafa Bazaar

If you love silver jewellery and want to buy some classy designs, then come to Sarafa Bazaar. The silver in this market is sure to charm you. You will get an amazing variety of traditional silver jewellery from this market.

There is also an array of accessories that are easily available. You can buy different trinkets, artefacts and even home décor items from this market. Even leheriya and bandhej are available in many shops in Sarafa Bazaar. So, you can add all of these in your what to buy in Jodhpur list. This way you will not miss buying any of the popular stuff from this famous market.

Moreover, don’t hesitate to try your bargaining skills in this bazaar. The price that is told to you and the price at which you can buy the stuff will be completely different. So, try your bargaining skills and strike for steal deals.

8. Tripolia Bazaar

Tripolia Bazaar

Round-up your shopping in Jodhpur trip by planning a trip to the Tripolia Bazaar. This is the bazaar that is famous for Rajasthani handicrafts and textiles. You will get plenty of options in this bazaar to not only buy clothes but also buy curios for your home too. Shop for wooden handicrafts, colourful clothes, silver jewellery, metal furniture, marble statues, and more from this market.

The best part about this market is that there is almost everything and anything Rajasthani that you can buy and that too at an amazing price. There are quality products in this market and that too at a reasonable price. So, try to visit here not only to buy the stuff yourself but for gifting purpose too.

With so many shopping places in Jodhpur and so much to shop, you should easily spare a day or two for this purpose. Jodhpur is truly a paradise for shopaholics and for those who pose a nose for traditional stuff. You can buy such colourful and amazing stuff and almost give a mini-makeover to your home. The unique handicrafts, the striking antiques, and impressive wall arts can easily hone your home. Even checkout the Rajasthani apparels, which can make for a great comfy and casual wear. You can shop for different looks and add an amazing collection to your wardrobe. Moreover, who wants to miss the fantabulous silverware of Rajasthan? Markets in Jodhpur will all have jewellers selling precious and semi-precious stonework on silver. So, you must try it out too. And last but not least, the aromatic spices. You just can’t miss it. Buy the best red chillies and make yummy preparations even long after your Jodhpur visit.

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