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Breathtaking Places to Visit in Kufri for a Fun Holiday

A little ahead of Shimla, in the lap of the great Himalayan ranges is the hill town of Kufri. To reach Kufri, there is an excursion from Shimla to drive another 18 kilometers. However, the drive will be worth it as this neighbouring town of Shimla is still a little less visited than the Queen of the Hills– Shimla. So, for that feel of an untouched hill station, a visit to Kufri should be planned. Moreover, whether it snows in Shimla or not, every year, Kufri receives snowfall right from the month of December.

Find Best Hotels in Kufri

While driving to Kufri, the moment you spot something white on those rocky terrains, definitely stop and get the first feel of snow. The winter months of December and January usually witness heavy spells of snow and the mountains are snow-laden right until March. If there is frequent and heavy snowfall, then you can get to see some snow in this part even in the month of April. Nonetheless, if you want to witness snowfall somewhere near the national capital, then Kufri can be the ideal place to visit. It is about 8-9 hours’ drive from New Delhi. So, check the weather website and plan your visit to this hill town full of tourist attractions.

Top 6 Places To Visit In Kufri

  1. The Himalayan Nature Park
  2. Kufri Fun World
  3. Mahasu Peak
  4. Indira Tourist Park
  5. Fagu
  6. Tattapani

1. The Himalayan Nature Park

If you want to experience the Himalayan flora and fauna, then there is no better place than the Himalayan Nature Park. It is also known as the Kufri National Park. It is spread over 90 hectares of land and houses a wide array of Himalayan animals. You can spot leopards, barking deer, hangals, brown bears and musk deer in this national park.

Along with animal spotting, you can also have a lovely time getting pictures clicked in the picturesque backdrop. Yes, the view from this national park is breathtaking and you will surely have a fun time here. Take home some picture memories not only of the national park but also the snow-capped mountains that are perfectly visible from here.

You can come to the national park, take a ticket and go explore the fauna. Besides, you can also go trekking inside this park. There are also guided and independent treks, so you can sign-up for one and go trekking. Even camping is allowed in this national park. If you are planning to get a little more adventurous, then have a fun filled camping experience inside the national park. No wonder, it is among the popular places to see in Kufri.

2. Kufri Fun World

Welcome to the world’s highest amusement park. It is situated at an altitude of 2800 metres above the sea level. Offering one of a kind experience, it is an amusement park with a view. Yes, as you enjoy those fun rides, don’t forget to take pictures of the snow laden mountains. The view is alluring from the fun world.

If you are visiting Kufri with kids, then you must consider going to the Kufri Fun world as it is one of the major tourist attractions. While you appreciate the scenic beauty, the kids will have ball of a time in the many rides in this amusement park.

This park also features the world’s highest go-kart tract. So, this place is fun not only for kids but even adults can have a lot of fun go-karting. As this is one of the best places to see in Kufri, you should definitely not miss it. This amusement park is fun for kids and adults. Moreover, it also houses a canteen where you can indulge in some packaged and yummy snacks. It is a complete entertainment and fun place to be.

3. Mahasu Peak

This is the highest peak of Kufri, and you must visit it for a unique experience. You can enjoy fantastic views of the Kedarnath and Badrinath ranges of the mountains from here. There is the option of going for horse riding or trekking to the Mahasu peak as well.

Both experiences are equally fun and adventurous. If you are up for hiking, then you also get to explore the dense Deodar forests. This will be like indulging in a little bit of adventure, so plan for it keeping this in mind. The other way is to go for a horse riding experience. It is a muddy road and you can explore it best with a horse ride experience.

Further, you can also go for a skiing experience in the Mahasu ridge area. It is believed that it is an ideal spot for beginners who are eager to ski and yet mindful of injuries. The path is slightly smooth for skiing, which is why it is considered apt for beginners. But go for skiing only if you visit here during December and January.

When you reach the peak, you should also visit the Nag Devta temple (the snake god temple). So, overall, a visit to this peak will be a holistic experience. You can indulge in some religious and adventurous activities. The Mahasu peak is definitely one of the best places to see in Kufri.

4. Indira Tourist Park

You can club your visit to this park with the Himalayan National Park. After exploring the rich fauna and flora, you should come to this tourist park and spend some time in solitude. You should just come here for relaxation too.

You can go for leisure rides in this park. There are pony and yak rides that you can explore. It is a fun experience for kids and adults. Otherwise, you can go to the café at the park and indulge in some mouth-watering snacks.

Besides, there are also video games parlour, ice cream parlour and a bar. So, you can explore these options as per your taste and have a memorable time. It is a great place offering a great ambience, good food and coffee.

5. Fagu


6 km ahead of Kufri, is Fagu. It is a perfect picnic spot during summers. But if you happen to be here during winters, then go skiing. Yes, Fagu is yet another option for skiing enthusiast and it snows heavily there. So, if you want to experience nature in black and white, then experience Fagu during the snowy months of December and January. Besides, skiing will also be fun when it is snow all around.

Along with the best snowfall and skiing experience, you can also plan a short and fun trekking experience when in Fagu. From Fagu to Chharabra, you can go trekking for 3 km. It can be a perfect option for novices who wish to give trekking a try. Alternatively, you can go for a pony or yak ride to Chharabra. The short journey will be fun and of course the view is breathtaking. When visiting Kufri, you can plan this short excursion too. It doesn’t see too many tourists and is hence comparatively untouched and beautiful.

6. Tattapani River

Do you long for that blue water experience? Then, make it happen at Tattapani. A freshwater stream, it is an hour’s drive from Kufri and will be totally worth it. You will surely start clicking photographs from the moment you spot the river, which will be some kilometres before you finally reach.

It is among the popular tourist attractions of Mashobra. You can also go for a rafting experience. Though it is not as popular as the Rishikesh one, be prepared for the ferocious rapids.

There are also hot water springs on the Sutlej River bed called Tattapani. These originate from the side of the Sutlej River. You should give it a try too as it is known to be quite rejuvenating and a dip here is good for the skin too. As per the locals, a dip here will help you get rid of all skin ailments.

When you plan a trip to Kufri, consider covering the above places. It is a quaint and perfect hill station for a short trip near the national capital. You can simply visit and have a relaxing time. Alternatively, the view of the snow-capped mountains is enough to keep you happy and make you feel rejuvenated. The best part is that it doesn’t snow much in Shimla. So, if you are one of those planning to enjoy snowfall for the first time, you just need to drive 45 minutes extra.

Moreover, if it happens that it snows and you get stranded in Kufri, you don’t have to worry as the locals are always there to help. If you are driving in your car, then you can take the help of a local driver to reach Shimla. Otherwise, there are jeep-services that keep ferrying people. Even the snow cutter service is quick, so you will not be stranded for long. You will only come back with memories of that first snowflake, the first snowfall and the first snowman. The moment it stops snowing, go explore this hill town. There are many fun and unique places to see in Kufri. Besides, if you have time, you can plan excursions to Narkanda, Chail, Manali and explore all the amazing places to visit in Himachal Pradesh.

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