6 Places That You Must See When You Are In Coonoor

Dolphin_s Nose

Nestled in the Nilgiris, Coonoor is an exquisite hill station located in the state of Tamil Nadu. Famous for its production of Nilgiri Tea, it holds the honorary mention of being the second largest hill station in the region. The whole place is enveloped in the luscious greenery of the tea plantations exuding vibrant rich shades of emerald green. A kilometer or two above the main city, one can see the blue-green hues of the surrounding seas as well.
With enormous valleys, ravines, and waterfalls, it is an ideal base for a number of trekking expeditions leading into the Nilgiris. Bird watching is a popular pastime in Coonoor. It houses a variety of birds such as cuckoos, robins, vultures, thrushes, babblers, larks, eagles, and several other songbirds. There’s one such Annual Fruit and Vegetable Festival in here that receives heavy traffic of visitors adding a celebratory vibe to this place during this season.

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People often mistake Coonoor as a day excursion from Ooty and remain ignorant about the spectacular views it has to offer. Situated roughly 50 kilometers away from Ooty, at an altitude of 6,000 feet above sea level, Coonoor is now an emerging tourist attraction in the country. Visit the Nilgiri Mountain Railway, a toy train which is one of the oldest mountain railways in India. Nilgiris, a UNESCO World Heritage Site hosts the mentioned train ride amidst nature, which is an unforgettable travel experience. This should be a must-visit destination when you are planning a tour of the state of Tamil Nadu.

The Coonoor culture and amazing sceneries tend to leave you relaxed and inspired. While you are here, you get a chance to completely lose yourself to nature and its eternal beauty. If you are wondering how to go and what to do, just sit back and keep reading. Pack your bags and head out to Coonoor, leave it to us to unfold the secrets of planning the best trip for you.

Top 6 Places To Visit In Coonoor

  1. Dolphin’s Nose
  2. Rallia Dam
  3. Sim’s Park
  4. Laws Falls
  5. Highfield Tea Factory
  6. Droog Fort

1. Dolphin’s Nose

Dolphin’s Nose is a wonderful viewpoint, which is situated about 10 kilometres away from Coonoor. It is known to provide the most picturesque and panoramic views of not only the Nilgiri Hills but also of the Tiger Hills, located at close proximity to this place.

Interestingly, the name, Dolphin’s Nose is derived from a rock formation found in here that resembles a dolphin’s nose! The drive through numerous hairpin bends and tea gardens happen to be the best part of this place. The roads and the destination offer plenty of opportunities to get your photo shoots done, so you better have your camera ready.

After capturing these mesmerizing views, you can take a quick stroll around to find a secluded place and make it your picnic spot. It has all the requisite resources to make it a befitting picnic hub. Dolphin’s Nose provides a ravishing view of the heavy forests and the giant green mountains in the backdrop, making nature lovers find excuses to spend some more time in this heavenly location.

To grab the best of this scenic beauty, drop by in the morning hours, ideally by 8:00 am to 11:00 am. Once you are here, capture the enchanting glimpses of the distant Catherine Falls, which can be seen from this viewpoint. For the adventurous trekkers reading this, you too have a scope – this place has a chance of moderate level trekking as well. Get set go!

2. Rallia Dam

Lying on the Wellington Road, approximately 7 kilometres away from Coonoor is Rallia Dam. It is one of the quaintest and refreshing dams you could ever be to. The colour of the water is turquoise and it glistens in the sun, hence the best time to visit the dam is during sunrise and sunset. It is a beautiful spot for trekking as it is located amidst a forest.

From the parking spot to the dam, it is nearly a kilometre trek along a vast stretch of trees. Spot wild animals such as the Bison or Malabar Squirrels, who are most prominently found in the premises. If you are someone looking for serenity and calmness, Rallia Dam is a peaceful getaway. Those soothing splashes of water and the misty weather round the clock is a real bliss, which gets better in the evening at the sunsets. You can also plan for a picnic packet and spend some quality time in the laps of Mother Nature or with your loved ones overlooking vast stretches of green pastures.

Rallia Dam is basically a blessing to the town as it meets the water supply of the town apart from being absolutely alluring. Sitting along the dam is truly alike bagging a trophy to all who have trekked to find this hidden paradise. This is a massive tourist attraction and a must-visit place to see in Coonoor.

3. Sim’s Park

 Sim’s Park

Currently, with a vast spread of over 30 acres of land, this was initially a resort for the residents and visitors and was later developed into a garden. This park cum botanical garden contains many species of trees and shrubs and has wonderful landscaped gardens and walkways lined up with beautiful flowers spread across and includes a variety of plants and flowers amassed from different parts of the country.

All of these diverse trees and plants are scattered all across the park, and a walk through the vibrant flowers into the lush greenery and flamboyance provides refreshment, inner peace, and tranquillity, not to forget the unique and beautiful views. A definite treasure trove providing some of the most delightful plant species in the world, this park is an amazing sightseeing destination in Coonoor that boasts of being home to over hundreds of different species of flora.

Established in 1874 by J. D. Sims and Major Murray, Sim’s Park is visited by thousands of guests from near and far each year. The climatic conditions in these ranges are quite suitable and rather encourage naturally occurring trees, shrubs, and creepers. Blanketed with verdant green grass and trimmed trees, it hosts plenty of species of plants sourced from around the world. In May, you can witness the Annual Fruit and Vegetable Festival, which is celebrated annually. Tea specialists and enthusiasts from across the world participate and display their cultivation of teas. So if you have a soft corner for Chai, don’t forget to make plans around this time.

You can relax near the waterfall at the end of the park or take a leisurely stroll across the park renewing your interest in botany. There is a small lake situated inside the park that also has a facility for boating as well. The park also has a special Rose Garden that incorporates over a thousand varieties of roses belonging to 85 different families. Some of the extinct and rare trees of Rudraksh, the bead tree, used for religious purposes, can also be found here. This park is also home to some beautiful ornamental trees such as large cinnamon trees along with a glass house.

4. Laws Falls

Laws Falls is an amazing destination for enjoying a picnic and to be in the lap of nature, which is nearly about six kilometres outside the town of Coonoor. The falls has a height of over 180-feet surrounded by thick natural forests and falls by the Mettupalayam-Coonoor-Ooty route. It is an endearing place to be for naturalists and children. At a distance of 10 kilometres from Coonoor, the beautiful Law’s Falls is set inside the Coonoor Forest Range with vast stretches of undisturbed nature around. It is one of the most charming places to see in Coonoor.

Named after Col. Law, who constructed the new Coonoor Ghat, this small waterfall attracts a huge crowd, especially during post monsoons. Since this place is quite near to the main road, it does not need much walking or hovering around.

One can enjoy the sloshes of the water at the bottom of this fall too. The place is rocky and slippery. Law’s Fall permits you a closer view than the Catherine Falls and is easier to reach too. It does not matter what your interests are because this place seems to have it all! From green pastures to waterfalls, it is also home to a great variety of birds.

5. Highfield Tea Factory

Highfield Tea Factory is a place that is well soaked with the smell of fresh tea that’s being brewed at three kilometres northeast of upper Coonoor. Being situated 19 kilometres away from its sister hilltop Ooty. This hilly Indian countryside was set up to utilize the tea plantations around Nilgiri Hills that produces exquisite tea. With the passage of time, the estate has evolved to stand as a site promoting tea tourism and education.

The 50-year-old tea factory is a study tour for tea lovers as well as those who wish to know how tea is being processed. It is a nature retreat, and apart from the heady fragrance of tea, there are an abundance of eucalyptus trees on the hill as well. One can learn how the oil is disengaged from the eucalyptus trees. Highfield Tea Factory provides a generic view of how the tea is prepared as well offers the visitors a fancy souvenir tea shop where you can pick up a bag of flavoured tea. If you’re a chocoholic, the delicacies made of chocolate will upsurge your devotion for chocolate.

Famous for its fine quality of tea, Coonoor is home to many established tea estates and factories. Apart from traversing through these aromatic tea gardens, you can also taste the various types of tea that are produced here. Three to four hour for this trip is definitely worth your time.

With the everlasting aroma that you get, you can feel close to nature and can witness the entire process of tea-making. On top of that, they provide you a tasting sample of their fresh tea making the tour more delicious.

6. Droog Fort

Droog Fort is one of the historical places in India. located at about 20 kilometres from the foothills of the Nilgiris. As per the legend, a demon resided in this fort many years back hence it is otherwise called as Bakasura Malai by the localities. Nestled 1800 metres above sea level, this enchanting fort is located in the Western Ghats. It attracts travellers from all over the country. In the 18th century, Tipu Sultan used the fort as an outpost, which is now a ruin with a wall remaining. Apart from the only wall over the ruins, the air is mixed with the scent of eucalyptus oil and coffee beans.

One can also capture the scenic beauty through the watchtower. This spot is an exceptional point for trekkers and adventure seekers. Also for avid bird watchers. An exotic number of rare species of birds fly their way through the fort and one can also spot a few Malabar squirrels and flying foxes in the area. It is necessary to be extremely careful as bison frequently roam around the premises, at times. The other nearby attractions are Nonsuch Tea Estate through which you can trek your way up the fort. Another such place is the Laws Falls, a cascading waterfall of Coonoor.

So now that you have a fair picture drawn in front of you regarding Coonoor, why the wait? This coming season, plan your trip and let Coonoor welcome you with loads of love and felicity.

Happy Journey!

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