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Best places to Visit in Agra Besides Taj Mahal

Think of Agra and the first thing that would fly through your mind is the Taj Mahal. The monument of love does have the power to attract a lot of tourists throughout the year. North Indians do consider the Taj Mahal a symbol of undying love. However, the city of Agra has a lot more in store than just the Taj Mahal. The Taj is perhaps the biggest reason for people to travel to Agra, but there is a lot more for the touring parties to explore in Agra.

Hotels in Agra are equipped with the best services, and it will be better if the tourists go for sanitized hotels in order to stay away from infections and diseases. Book the hotels in Agra to enjoy a luxurious stay with friends and family.

How to Travel to Agra from Delhi?

The best part about Agra is: it lies in close proximity to Delhi. This means all of the Delhi residents would be able to make their way to Agra with ease. Travel via Yamuna Expressway and you would be able to reach your destination in a fraction over 4 hours. Also, the Agra Airport makes it possible for travellers to travel by air in a largely hassle-free way. Just get budget hotels in Agra booked as soon as you finalise the trip.


Which are the Best Tourist Attractions in Agra? (Apart from the Taj Mahal)

In all fairness, Agra has a lot of exciting places in its kitty for tourists to check out this summer. Make a list of some of the most popular tourist places in Agra and make sure to visit them without fail:

Moti Masjid

Moti Masjid is the ideal place to travel to for tourists and religious pilgrims. All those who want to soak in the glory of Mughal Architecture. There are roadside stalls that sell a bunch of exciting takeaways for visitors and tourists to check out. If the idea is to revisit the rich glorious past of Agra, then Moti Masjid is just the ideal destination for you. Book the best hotels in Agra near the railway station to make life easier for yourself.

Jama Masjid
All those who have been to Delhi’s Jama Masjid will know that Agra’s Jama Masjid is just as good. Again, it doesn’t matter if you are not a pilgrim because tourists tend to visit this religious marvel in large numbers. Also, the travellers would get ample opportunities to get themselves clicked in the vicinity of Agra’s Jama Masjid. Shops are selling religious offerings, such as flowers and holy water in the vicinity. Some of the places for top sightseeing in Agra are located around Jama Masjid.

Fatehpur Sikri

Another one of Akbar’s iconic monuments, Fatehpur Sikri is the symbol of the rich heritage that the Mughal Empire has left behind in the country. The marble tomb, dedicated to Salim Chisti is yet another popular tourist attraction in the area around Fatehpur Sikri. In simple words, all those who want to come to terms with the rich history of Mughal rule in the country can come to Fatehpur Sikri. Just make it a point to opt for hotels in Agra near Fatehpur Sikri in this area to enjoy the best of service and hospitality.

Marble Emporium:

All those who want to buy themselves some exclusive goodies made of marble can barge into the Marble Emporium of Agra. If marble products and souvenirs are your things, then this destination is just about ideal for you. Right from bite-sized replicas of the Taj Mahal to other mesmerising showpieces, you will find a lot of stuff made of marble at this emporium.

Other popular tourist attractions in Agra are ‘Jodha Bai Ka Rauza, Mehtab Bagh, Anguri Bagh, and Chini ka Rauza. Get budget hotels in Agra booked as soon as possible to make your stay convenient. Agra Fort happens to be a popular attraction.

Shopping in Agra:

Numerous traditional bazaars (market places) happen to be a striking feature of the markets of Agra. If you are a fan of roadside shopping, then Agra is just the destination that needs to be explored by you. The Sadar Bazaar and Kinari Bazaar are two of the best markets for all those searching for products made of leather. Also, Kinari Bazaar and Munro Road are two of the best places to shop for carpets in Agra. However, do make it a point to book the hotels in Agra before you plan to visit this city.

Also, Sadar Bazaar and Station Road are known for the sweets that can be bought by those having a sweet tooth. There are a lot of other homemade accessories that can be bought by travellers in Agra.

What is There to Eat in Agra?
Agra has the best cuisine for all the non-vegetarians out there. Right from the traditional shawarma to the authentic Mughlai cuisine, Agra has everything for travellers to check out. Just go for hotels in Agra to enjoy a hearty stay.

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