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Best Gurgaon cafes that deserve their place on your Insta feed!

Millennials love their Insta feeds more than probably a lot of other things! If you are on Instagram, you will definitely have a habit of documenting some of the best places that you have been to. And nothing more charming than some of the quaintest Gurgaon cafes that offer a lot more than delicious brew. On that note, here to Gurgaon most Insta-worthy cafes that you simply cannot resist sharing with your Insta-crew.

Cafe Wanderlust

One of the best cafes in Gurgaon, Cafe Wanderlust lives up to its name, offering some of the most lip-smacking offerings like Vada Pav and Chhole Bhature along with pancakes, pizza, falafels and more. Located at DLF Galleria, Cafe Wanderlust looks straight out of Instagram paradise with its chilled out ambience and amazing décor theme.

Must-Try: Banana Crepe, Kiwi Shake, Pesto Pasta, Chai, Pancakes, Vada Pav and Falafel

Pricing: Rs. 850 (approximately)

Sakley Mountain Cafe

One of the premier cafes near several top Gurgaon hotels, this cozy and quaint cafe offers dim lighting and a truly relaxing ambience for enjoying a delightful evening with your loved ones. The wooden decor theme and white brick look will certainly enliven your Instagram feed. Get a feel of the mountains with delectable food (read burgers, sizzlers, pastas and pizzas) and milkshakes for company.

Must-Try: Fries, Mocktails, Mix Sauce Pasta, Cappuccino, Chocolate Truffle, Thick Shakes

Pricing: Rs. 1,200 (approximately)


This is one cafe that will make you want to pop out your phone right away with its elegant décor and of course, the binge-worthy food, ranging from desserts that melt in your mouth to yummy bakes.

Must-Try: Tiramisu, Almond Biscotti, Chocolate Croissant, Brownie, Fruit Tart

Pricing: Rs. 1,000 (approximately)

Sweet Obsession

An Insta-cover worthy hangout in DLF Phase-1, this cozy cafe has already won numerous hearts, particularly amongst the hip crowd that frequents this place to chill, brainstorm and then chill some more! This cafe wins full marks for presentation, particularly when it comes to their Quesadilla, Venom Cake or even the home-made ice creams. Oh and of course, they taste amazing too!

Must-Try: Death By Chocolate, Rocky Road, Nachos, Jacked Potato, Chicken Fajitas, Swiss Roll Gateaux

Pricing: Rs. 750 (approximately)


Go green in style with this vegan-friendly cafe in Gurgaon which even meat lovers swear by, for its fabulous platters on offer. You will find fellow green buddies working all day long while the ambience is sure to get you more points on Instagram. Brunch, girl evening out, lazy breakfasts, this is the hippest place to be in the city right now!

Must-Try: Monaco Blue Cheese Buckwheat Gnocchi, Kaffir Lime Pie, Saigon Rice Paper Rolls

Pricing; Rs. 1,100 (approximately)

Soul Garden

Treat your soul and Insta-feed to some much-needed bliss with this marvel tucked away in Sector-15 as well. The outdoor seating area and romantic décor will truly sprinkle more warmth into your rendezvous and the food is simply to die for (well not literally!). The place looks its best at dusk when the little fairy lights come on and create a magical ambience that will engulf you left, right and center.

Must-Try: Grilled Chicken Steak Salad, Chicken Noodle Soup, Iced Tea, Hot Chocolate

Pricing: Rs. 1,300 (approximately)

Another Fine Day

Well this one a sheer treat with its charming red brick walls and of course, the amazing backdrop. Feel free to go click-happy here with your pals for company. The soothing and rather quiet ambience is a major plus point along with the lip-smacking food on offer.

Must-Try: Eggs Benedict, Amazon Berry Salad, Roast Veggies Sandwich

Pricing: Rs. 800 (approximately)

The Mad Teapot

The Mad Teapot is an Instagrammer delight, what with its cute yet quirky décor theme, amazingly healthy grub and of course, a store that sells some of the most enticing home décor items you have ever set eyes on! This is one Gurgaon cafe worth visiting by all means.

Must-Try: Whatzizname Salad, Forest of Pumpkin, First Flush with Lavender

Pricing: Rs. 1,200 (approximately)

There are tons of delightful cafes near hotels in Gurgaon if that is what you are seeking. The cafes mentioned above are sure to light up your Instagram feed with more warmth, elegance and a whole lot of fun! So what are you waiting for? Get your camera (oops your smartphone), gather your closest pals/family and hit the cafe trail in Gurgaon! Trust us, it will be an experience worth savoring indeed!

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