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A Tour of the Famous Beaches in Chennai

Chennai is known more for its beaches than anything else. There are a number of beaches in Chennai which cater to the urban penchant for weekly escapades to nature. However, the family beaches of Chennai are not the sole preserve of those inhabiting Chennai and its suburbs. People from all over the country as well as different parts of the world flock to Chennai for its beautiful beaches, sunset points and the opportunity for fun activities that many of these beaches offer.

In the morning hours, taking a stroll along these beaches can get you a splendid view of the sea, the surrounding landscape, and the shining white sand. The cool sea breeze offers solace to weary travellers. These beaches also offer a perfect escape to the people of Chennai from the sweltering heat of summer. The natural charm of these beaches helps people to relax and get ready for their gruelling lifestyle after the vacation.

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These alluring beaches not only lure the residents of Chennai but also tourists coming from all over the country. The panoramic view of the coastline and the city that you can get from these beaches is close to the hearts of weary city dwellers. In fact, many of these beaches, especially those near the city, become crowded during the evening hours when you can see women, men, and youth enjoying and relaxing on the beach. You can find many of them playing different games and enjoying evening snacks.

If you like adventurous activities like parasailing and windsurfing, there is ample opportunity to indulge in these at some of the beaches like Kovalam beach. The family beaches in Chennai abound in forts, monuments, churches, temples, etc. on or around their vicinity. Indeed, there are historic monuments on some of these beaches. The view of fishing villages and fishing harbours along the coastline can nudge you to take a nostalgic trip and mingle with the fishing folk.

Top 11 Beaches To Visit In Chennai

  1. Marina Beach
  2. Besant Nagar Beach
  3. Breezy Beach
  4. Kovalam Beach
  5. VGP Beach
  6. Santhome Beach
  7. Thiruvanmiyur Beach
  8. Palavakkam Beach
  9. Kasimedu Beach
  10. Neelankarai Beach
  11. Elliot’s Beach

1. Marina Beach

Located along the Marina Beach Road, the Marina Beach in Chennai has earned its place in the list of must-visit beaches in Chennai since it is the longest one in India and the second longest one in the world. It is also one of the best beaches of Chennai. Crowds throng the beach from the early morning hours to the evening, enjoying fun activities and the cool sea breeze. Groups of families and kids can be seen wandering or playing around on the beach.

However, swimming in the waters is prohibited. On the southern end of the beach, there is a lighthouse. You must visit this place in order to soak in the sight and sound of the sea. Getting to the top of the lighthouse is not difficult since there is a lift to take you up. You can get a very charming, 360-degree panoramic view of Chennai and the beach itself.

2. Besant Nagar beach

Besant Nagar beach

Located along the 6th Avenue of Chennai metropolis is the Besant Nagar beach. It is named after Annie Besant, the erstwhile social activist and first female President of Indian National Congress. This one is not as crowded as the Marina Beach, yet it is one of the most famed family beaches in Chennai. It has a fair share of tourists, both national and international. The tourist count rises on the weekends. It is an arch-shaped beach and this has catapulted it to the imagination of various movie producers. It is a popular beach not only for tourists but also for movie directors who have captured this unique arch-shape in various Tamil and Malayalam movies.

3. Breezy beach

Located in the Valmiki Nagar area of Chennai, this is one of the good family beaches in Chennai offering fun activities. You can see less crowd here than the Marina Beach and some other beaches, but this is good for those who love to spend some quiet time on a beach. Despite being close to the residential area of Valmikinagar, it keeps a low profile and is less crowded except on weekends. A long evening walk on this quiet beach can help you unwind. Horse riding is also popular on this beach. A small café is located near the beach where you can grab some quick bites of hot and delicious idlis.

4. Kovalam beach

Kovalam beach

Located at a distance of about 40km from Chennai and along the Coromandel Coast of India, is the famed Kovalam Beach. It is as popular as the Marina Beach, if not more. Since it is away from the heat and rush of the main city, it can be an ideal destination for tourists looking for a day out on a beach of repute. It is one of the best family beaches in Chennai and offers ample opportunity for adventure sports and water sports like paragliding, parasailing, jet skiing, scuba diving, windsurfing, etc. You can swim in the sea and also hire a beach bed to get some tan while enjoying the cool sea breeze.

5. VGP beach

This beach is located inside the VGP Universal Kingdom amusement park, and to enter this beach you need to pay an entry fee. However, the beach is worth the entry fee. It is a very clean and safe beach for spending some time with family. You can indulge in a variety of adventure sports and children can enjoy a variety of fun activities here. Here, you can also splash and swim in the water safely. This is one of the best family beaches around. The adjacent amusement park makes visiting this beach all the more enjoyable. Movie producers also use this beach as a place for shooting movie scenes owing to the pristine beauty of the beach.

6. Santhome Beach

A little away from the city centre, Santhome Beach is one of the great family beaches of Chennai. The best time to visit this beach is during the evening. During this time you can find scores of street food vendors lining up the shore with various types of local delicious Chennai food items. The sea here is not so ferocious which implies that you can splash around in the water and also swim. People, especially children, spend some good time here playing throw ball, flying disc, cricket, etc.

7. Thiruvanmiyur Beach

 Thiruvanmiyur Beach

It is an isolated and peaceful beach away from the locality. People love this beach because of its serenity, quietness, cleanliness and the beautiful view of sunrise and sunset that you can get from here. It is one of the most tranquil beaches in Chennai. Quietness and sunset points are the USP of this beach. You can take an evening stroll or a morning walk and even engage in some soliloquy without any distraction from others. It is a small beach, but the sea here has huge waves. There are a few restaurants around the beach where you can enjoy some local delicacies. This beach is also known as Pebble Beach.

8. Palavakkam Beach

Located along the East Coast Road, the Palavakkam beach is spacious in comparison to many other beaches in Chennai, but it is not so crowded as Marina Beach or Kovalam Beach. It is located in the southern part of Chennai. Things to see here include a temple on the beach and the beautiful view of sunrise and sunset.

9. Kasimedu Beach

Kasimedu Beach

Past the Kasimedu fishing harbour and away from the congested Ennore Expressway, lies the tranquil Kasimedu Beach. Over the years, it has evolved into a cool place to hang around for families. This is a beach where you can dive into the sea from the Kasimedu pier. In fact, the pier is the most popular place here. People spend a relaxing time here and simply enjoy the sea breeze.

The Kasimedu Beach is a popular weekend hangout for people of Chennai and its suburbs. Though sea erosion is nibbling on the coastline bit by bit, you can relish dishes replete with coastal flavours here. During sunset, people congregate on the beach to view the changing colours of the sky. Youngsters can be seen playing on the beach. The boats at the harbour and the adjacent shipbuilding yard make for a perfect landscape.

10. Neelankarai Beach

This is one of the virgin beaches of Chennai. Located in the serene locality of Neelankarai in Southern Chennai, this beach has not yet seen the influx of tourists. Quite normally, this is a cleaner beach compared to many other beaches of Chennai. Owing to less number of visitors, you can get to see sea turtles wandering about on the beach. The solitary and calm beach offers ample scope for nature lovers to stroll along the coastline and soak in the stunning sea breeze.

11. Elliot’s Beach

Elliot’s Beach

The Elliot’s Beach is located near Besant Nagar. It is a preferred destination for people who love to soak in the evening breeze of the sea. The young crowd often gathers on this beach during the evenings and enjoy. There is a temple near the beach and it is built on sand. This is one of the main attractions of this beach. There is also a church on the beach and it is known as the Church of Madonna. People of all faiths come here and pray.


Chennai boasts of a number of beaches where people can enjoy the waves, marvel at the blue expanse, soak in the salty weather and relax in the cool breeze. In fact, these beaches offer a great escape from the sweltering heat of Chennai. People coming to Chennai from other parts of India as well as from across the world, also enjoy these beaches. However, different beaches have different characters.

While some of these beaches are serene, others are crowded. There are some beaches which have not yet seen the influx of tourists while others are known to be crowded with families and couples. There are some beaches where you can swim and bathe because of the low waves, and at others you cannot bathe or swim due to huge waves. In essence, Chennai beaches offer something for everyone.

Most of these are family beaches where you can enjoy with your loved ones. There are a number of fun activities that you can engage in here. Water sports like windsurfing, parasailing etc. are very popular with tourists and make for some amazing memories.

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