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All About Meditation in India

India – is known for its rich culture and its long-standing spiritual traditions. It is a place where one can genuinely embrace ancient art, meditate and find peace amidst India’s hillsides, monasteries, and temples. Meditation is an ancient spiritual practice that evolved in India and is now spread across the globe. It reduces stress, improves concentration, and helps to connect with one’s inner self.


There are different yoga and meditation centres in different parts of India. Rishikesh, Varanasi, Bodygaya, Bengaluru, Pune, and Kerala are known places where you can attend sessions and learn this great spiritual art. To ensure a comfortable and hassle-free stay, you look for OYO family hotels in your preferred location. In this blog post, we explore why India is the perfect destination to practise meditation, and what are the best places to do so:



Here is a list of some of the Best Meditation Retreats in India:


Ananda in the Himalayas


Ananda in the Himalayas is an exclusive Ayurvedic wellness destination set up in the Palace of the Maharaja at Narendra Nagar, Tehri-Garhwal. This majestic retreat is surrounded by breathtaking views with top sightseeing in the Himalayas, Ganges, and ancient cities of Haridwar and Rishikesh.


It has become popular among well-known guests such as Oprah, Bill and Melinda Gates, Deepak Chopra, and many more have come here. If you, too, are planning to plan a few day’s getaways, you can get affordable OYO Rooms available around. You can choose from a variety of OYO Rooms, like the Capital O 35949 Yogasthali Inn, to ensure a comfortable stay.



Tushita (Dharamshala)


Tushita Meditation Centre, located in McLeod Ganj, a suburb of Dharamshala, is a devoted meditation retreat centre. These retreats help one focus on their inner self and develop mindfulness. They vary in duration and intensity. The participants have to live according to a disciplinarian lifestyle and eliminate sources of distraction such as television, mobile phones, WiFi, etc.


This place is located in the top sightseeing destination in India, Dharamshala, with a suitable environment for like-minded people wishing to enlighten themselves in their quest for peace and tranquillity. Furthermore, McLeod Ganj holds historical significance for many Tibetan refugees who escaped the Chinese invasion, making it a beautiful symbolic diaspora. If you wish to stay in the area, OYO Rooms have many great options. OYO 49602 Bhagsu Fall Homestay or OYO 46579 Royal Palace Resort are great options for a wonderful stay.



Dhamma Bodhi, Bodh Gaya


For many religious travellers and historians, Dhamma Bodhi in Bodh Gaya, Bihar, is a revered destination. Founded by S.N.Goenka, it encourages Vipassana meditation through 10-day courses that can include up to 80 students at a time, generally running on the first and 16th day of the month.


The site remains particularly heavily visited for its rich historical significance since this is where Buddha initially gained enlightenment. If you are looking for a place to stay during your visit, then nearby OYO Rooms like the OYO 91414 The Hunger Bite Resort or OYO 82790 M K Mayur Guest House are highly recommended.




Ashiyana Yoga Retreat, Goa


Ashiyana Yoga Retreat, Goa, is a popular destination for beach and yoga lovers. Nestled in the serenity of Mandrem Beach and lush greenery, the retreat offers an excellent opportunity to practise yoga amidst nature’s beauty. In addition, visitors can partake in the spa services or read a book while lounging in their hammocks – there are ample spots to escape the hustle of everyday life.


With its professional atmosphere and tranquil settings, Ashiyana Yoga Retreat has earned its reputation as one of the best yoga retreats for all kinds of travellers. For those looking for a room to stay, OYO Rooms like the Collection O 804618 Rest Inn Beach Guest House or Collection O 702652 Hotel Atranga are great options. Booking an OYO Room gives you the added benefit of convenience and comfort.



Osho International Meditation


Founded by Acharya Rajneesh in India’s Pune city, the Osho International Meditation Resort is an oasis set apart for visitors specialising in various mediation techniques. People are also treated to the teachings of Buddha here, which is meant to help them find inner peace. In addition, guests can learn the teachings of Osho and develop spiritual awakening.


Illustrating its commitment to cultural syncretism, the resort presents visitors with endless activities such as Tai Chi, and Yoga. Travelling to the resort is easy too, and can be facilitated through various means. For those looking for a place to stay, nearby OYO Rooms like the OYO SilverKey 75060 Near Arup Hospital or Collection O 86156 Saffron Inn are highly recommended.



These are a few of India’s best places for people looking to practise meditation. With its rich culture and centuries-old traditions, India is an ideal destination for those seeking peace and clarity of mind. Additionally, there are many fantastic family hotels in India, top sightseeing spots, and more. All one has to do is pick the right place for a journey toward inner peace.


By booking a room at OYO, travellers can rest assured that the utmost comfort, convenience and security are provided for their stay.

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