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A Trip to Dhuandhar Falls in Jabalpur

The roaring sound of rushing water adds to the excitement of those visiting the Dhuandhar Falls in Jabalpur. Located in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, the Dhuandhar Falls are considered the top sightseeing spot in India. The majestic waterfall got its name from the word “dhuan”, which means smoke, because of the water vapours that give it a smoky appearance.

The Dhuandhar waterfalls are situated at a height of 30 metres on the Narmada River flowing through Bhedaghat. During Sharad Purnima, Narmada Mahotsav is celebrated, and the sight of the moonlight falling on the waterfall adds to the beauty of this top sightseeing. Cable cars are also available for a better view of the Dhuandhar falls.

Visit Dhuandhar Falls with Family

Planning a trip to Dhuandhar Falls can be a great opportunity to bond with your family and create precious memories that last a lifetime. You can visit this waterfall in any weather conditions. However, monsoons and winters are the best seasons to visit Dhuandhar Waterfalls.

What are the Things That You Can Do on a Trip to Dhuandhar Waterfall

Other than Dhuandhar Waterfalls, many other spectacles in Jabalpur will mesmerise you. Moreover, most of them don’t charge any entry fee. So, visit some or all of them if you have the time to spare.

  • Marble Rocks: Adjoining the Dhuandhar Waterfalls are the Marble Rocks, constituting white, black, light blue, and light green marbles. These are worth seeing due to their beauty. Especially white marble will blow your mind under sunlight.
  • Dumna Nature Reserve Park: For nature enthusiasts, this is another place near Dhuandhar Waterfalls in Jabalpur that would be perfect for them. A wide variety of flora and fauna can be seen here. It also includes a children’s park.
  • Madan Mahal Fort: The Madan Mahal Fort was built under Raja Madan Shah’s rule in 1116 AD. If you or your kids love to see historical places, then be sure to visit this place.
  • Rani Durgavati Museum: It has a collection of ancient belongings of Queen Durgavati. In this museum, you will be able to see her belongings and other historical artefacts such as coins, relics, and copper and stone engravings.
  • Chausath Yogini Temple: For history enthusiasts, it is a great place to visit. It consists of 64 shrines, and each wall is engraved depicting a yogini. This place is dedicated to God Shiva and his wife, Goddess Parvati.

Where Can You Stay in Jabalpur for Sightseeing?

OYO offers several top-class hotels with modern amenities in Jabalpur. In addition, many of these hotels are located close to prime tourist spots, making them a great place to stay during your trip to Jabalpur.

The best family resorts & hotels in and close to Jabalpur

  • SPOT ON 72378 Krishna Market and Lodge.
  • OYO 701014 Hotel Green Park
  • SPOT ON 37467 Shivram Hotel
  • OYO 9305 Hotel Dwarika Inn
  • OYO 700395 Hotel Temple View
  • Collection O 76875 Hotel Paradise Inn
  • Flagship 93212 Hotel Atithi In Garha Jabalpur


Jabalpur, the Cultural City of Madhya Pradesh, has the 3rd busiest airport in Madhya Pradesh. It is well connected to other parts of Madhya Pradesh, and you can easily find trains to this place. Jabalpur airport is located 25 km away from the main city, and you can easily find transportation from the airport to Jabalpur’s main city. You can also reach this place via National Highways 7 or 12.


Dhuandhar Waterfall is one of the best sightseeing locations in India, which is worth visiting due to its beauty and the peace of mind that it can give. The friendly atmosphere of Jabalpur and the scenic beauty of the waterfalls make it a top spot for family trips. So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets to Jabalpur now, and don’t forget to pre-book a hotel from OYO for an amazing experience.

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