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A Tour to Modernist Architectural Wonders in Noida

Noida is a well-planned city in Uttar Pradesh. It is a bustling metropolis with broad streets, elegant buildings, posh stores, and affluent hangouts. Off late, modernist architectural wonders are added to the space to make things more interesting for the locals and attract affluent tourist crowds from other parts of India. There is much to see regardless of the time of the year you choose to visit Noida. How about you look at some of the city’s most stylish examples of modern architecture? We will also help you understand why you should make a reservation at one of the OYO family hotels in Noida. 

Modernist Architectural Wonders in Noida

Here is a list of the modernist architectural wonders in Noida:

Spice Mall

One stop place to shop is the Spice Mall, located in Noida’s Sector 25. Not far away from the Noida Cricket Stadium. The mall’s curved glass facade is striking, and the structure has five stories with available parking spaces. This is the right place to shop from big brand names. Numerous branded stores under one roof offer everything! From diamond jewellery to western clothes, shoes, and ethnic clothing, you can shop it all. To refuel, you can also go to the food court. It’s a beautiful example of modern architecture, with polished floors and well-lit interior spaces.

The Great India Place

The Great India Place (GIP), a shopping and entertainment destination in Noida, India, stands as an architectural marvel, captivating visitors with its grandeur and intricate design. Built in 2007, GIP boasts a sprawling 1 million square feet of retail space spread across four floors, making it one of the largest malls in India. It is located near the Noida Sector 18 metro station. Constructed by the Unitech Group, this mall is one of the biggest in the nation. A special mention should go to the mall’s entrance. The mall is like a city within a city, with over 200 stores, restaurants, and other attractions spread across its four floors. The central atrium is a sight to behold with its soaring height and glass-panelled roof. Equally impressive is the mall’s exterior, adorned with colourful lighting and intricate carvings. The top floor is a massive 180,000 square feet in size. When you visit The Great India Place, catch a movie at BIG Cinemas for sure. Additionally, entire sections are devoted to wedding shopping and home décor items.

Wake up to the ‘Worlds of Wonder’

Spending time with your family and friends at the Worlds of Wonder is highly recommended in Noida. The water park and entertainment area is in Sector 38, operational from 10:30 am to 7 pm. Regarding architecture, the park is divided into two areas: La Fiesta and Road Show. This is an adventure and entertainment destination with exciting rides and thrilling activities. Make the most of your visit to the “World of Wonder” by planning your day’s schedule after considering the weather. There’s never a dull moment when you play air hockey or participate in a rain dance. There are also go-karting tracks—three total, with differing degrees of difficulty. Those eager to try go-karting as beginners can enrol in training programs.

Two more architectural wonders that elevate the bar for modern architecture in Noida are the Adobe Headquarters and the Grand Venice Mall.

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If you are looking for an architectural amusement to explore, Noida has amazing places to check out. So, wait no more. Plan a trip and immerse yourself in the stunning modern architectural visionaries of Noida. Also, remember to pre-book your stay into any property among the multiple OYO hotels available.

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