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A Tour of Mysore’s Beautiful Palaces

Almost all the rulers of Mysore loved and promoted arts and architecture, as you can see in the numerous palaces, temples, churches, mosques, gardens, museums, and other monuments in the city. Visiting these places invariably takes you into a rich and unrivalled architectural world.

Mysore’s Beautiful Palaces

Mysore has many nicknames, such as Heritage City, Cultural Capital, and Sandalwood City. But the one that fits the most and appeals to us is the City Of Palaces, as it has some of the world’s most beautiful palaces. Here we list six palaces with a great hand in making Mysore the Royal City.

  1. Mysore PalaceĀ 

Mysore Palace, also known as Amba Vilas Palace, is an iconic landmark of the city. Built in 1912 by the 24th Wodeyar king, it attracts many tourists annually. When you visit this palace, the Indo-Saracenic architecture leaves you speechless. The pink marble and gold-plated dome are a sight to marvel at. The palace has seven facades, one of which holds the idol of Gajalakshmi and her elephants.

The glass ceilings, arches, rosewood doors, chandeliers, paintings, and motifs make this place an art lover’s paradise. Even if you do not understand art, the beauty of this palace will leave you spellbound. The never-ending courtyards, durbars and gardens keep visitors hooked. When lit with one lakh bulbs in the evening, the Mysore Palace becomes one of the top sights in Mysore.

  1. Lalitha MahalĀ 

The pure white Lalitha Mahal Palace was constructed in 1912 as the residence of the then Viceroy of India. It is one of the world’s most elegant palaces and Mysore’s second-largest palace. Several European VIPs have also stayed here. You can see glimpses of manors of Britain in this monument built with the Renaissance style of architecture. Comprising two floors and a huge garden, the palace now functions as a five-star heritage hotel.

  1. Jaganmohan Palace

The Jaganmohan palace is now an art gallery. The artwork and artefacts on display here belong to the royals of Mysore. The palace has enormous doors, and the ten incarnations of Vishnu are carved on them. Murals and carvings meet the eye wherever you go. You can understand the royal family’s history by examining the paintings and engravings.

  1. Jayalakshmi Vilas Mansion

The palace, also known as the First Rajkumari Mansion, is now part of the University of Mysore. Overlooked for a long time, the beautiful palace was under restoration for around four years. Now the mansion boasts its magnificence on six acres of land. It has 125 rooms with beautifully carved doors. You can also enjoy three museums in the Jayalakshmi Vilas palace for archaeology, folklore and artefacts.

  1. Rajendra Vilas

Sitting on the Chamundi Hills, this palace was the king’s summer retreat. It was initially commissioned in 1939 by King Krishnaraja, who loved the view of the entire city from here. Later, after India’s independence, the palace was turned into a luxury hotel by one of the royals. The 25 suits of this hotel perfectly blend Rajasthani and Indo-Saracenic architecture.

  1. Chittaranjan Palace

It was built for one of the princesses of the royal family in 1916. Bought by one of the influential families in Mysore, the palace was converted into a film studio. The Premier Studios shot several shows here, including the famous television show, ‘The Sword of Tipu Sultan’. The studio had to shut down when a massive fire broke out on the set. Now, the palace runs as a heritage hotel. The 31 rooms do not have any air conditioners or televisions but are eco-friendly and run entirely on solar energy. All the profits earned from this palace go to charity.

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Royalty rests in the air of Mysore. You can witness it in its gardens, arts and architecture of palaces, churches and many other monuments. Then what is stopping you? Go ahead and visit Mysore for a first-hand experience. For a comfortable and hassle-free stay, choose OYO family hotels in Mysore.

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