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A Guide to Visiting Gurudwara: Do’s and Dont’s

The term Gurudwara means “Guru’s Door”. The Gurudwara is a holy place for Sikhs, where they go and worship. The Gurudwara teaches how you can live spiritually and morally in this modern world with the blessings of the Guru.

The Sikh temple Gurudwara is open to everyone irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, sex, faith, background etc. Therefore, anyone willing to visit Gurudwara is welcomed and equally treated. In the Sikh religion, it is believed that everyone is treated as same before the Almighty God.

Before visiting Gurudwara, you should know the dos and don’ts. Here is a list of doings which should be followed before visiting the Gurudwara-

List Of Do’s In A Gurudwara

  • Deposit You Bags and Shoes
    While visiting the Gurudwara, you need to deposit your bags. Also, in most worshipping places in India, you’re required to take off your shoes. There are several counters at the entrance of Gurudwara where you can deposit your bags and shoes. Make sure that you have taken the token from them and kept it safe with yourself. Your bags and shoes will be returned when you hand back the token at the deposit counter.
  • Cover Your Head With A Scarf
    It is mandatory for everyone to cover their head while visiting a Gurudwara. Women are advised to put a dupatta around their heads, and men are expected to tie a head scarf, which will cover their entire forehead.At the entrance of Gurudwara, you can find reusable scarf and dupattas for men and women. However, make sure to tie the headscarf properly, as slipping off the headscarf is considered disrespectful.
  • Wash Your Feet and Hands
    Washing your feet and hands is considered an important step before entering the Gurudwara. Also, take off your socks, if you’re wearing them, before entering the Gurudwara.
  • Get PrasadWhile entering the Gurudwara, you can get a token at a nominal price for the prasad. It is a structured way in Gurudwara to accept sponsorship in the form of Prasad. You can hand over the token to the volunteer, who will offer you the bowl of prasad. You can’t consume the prasad directly. You have to share the prasad bowl with the Gurudwara worker, who will transfer it to the big bowl. While returning, you’ll receive the bowl of prasad from the same drum. This reiterates Gurunanak Dev’s teaching on sharing.

List Of Don’ts In A Gurudwara

  • Don’t enter Gurudwara with shoes or without a Headscarf
    Shoes and socks are forbidden inside the Gurudwara. Visiting the Gurudwara without a head scarf is prohibited too. You will not be allowed to visit the temple without a head scarf.
  • Don’t visit Gurudwara under the influence of Alcohol or intoxicantsThe Sikh religion forbids the use of intoxicants like Alcohol, cigarettes etc. It is prohibited to eat tobacco or smoke within the premises of Gurudwara. You will not be allowed to visit the Gurudwara under the influence of drugs and alcohol.
  • Don’t wear shortsThere is a proper dress code while visiting Gurudwara, and visitors will only be allowed with that dress code. Wearing shorts violates the dress code and is considered disrespectful to the Gurus. Follow the dress code before visiting the Gurudwara.

Where Can You Stay?

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Going through the Do’s and don’ts list while visiting Gurudwara is advisable. Gurudwara is open; anyone can visit them irrespective of their faith or religion. While visiting Gurudwara, you’ll experience spiritual energy and motivation within yourself.

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