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A Guide to the Best Budget-Friendly Hotels in Goa

Goa is the perfect destination for anyone looking to experience a carefree and vibrant atmosphere. And when it comes to budget-friendly accommodations, Goa offers many options. You will find the perfect accommodation for your stay in Goa, from beach-side resorts to boutique hotels. 

In addition, OYO offers affordable family hotels in Goa with great amenities and services at a fair price. Here, we will look at some of the best budget-friendly hotels in Goa.


  • Flagship 4195 Clausil Inn

This beautiful hotel is near Miramar and offers a great location and stunning views. The cosy rooms come with all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay, such as air conditioning, and are complementary.


  • SPOT ON 701751 S.k Guest House

SPOT ON 701751 S.k Guest House is NEAR Calangute, Bardez, North Goa in India. Only minutes away from the white sand beaches and vibrant nightlife of this tropical paradise, this guest house offers a comfortable home away from home for travellers to unwind and explore all Goa has to offer. 


With its private garden, terrace, and balconies, which offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape, guests can enjoy luxury and relaxation during their stay here. So whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or want to enjoy what Goa offers, SPOT ON 701751 S.k Guest House guarantees an unforgettable experience you won’t find elsewhere!


  • OYO Flagship 702956 Seven Seas Guest House

OYO Flagship 702956 Seven Seas Guest House is located on Rego Bagh Road, Goa, and provides tourists with a comfortable and luxurious experience. The hotel has modern amenities such as air-conditioned rooms, free parking, and a Wi-Fi facility. Guests can also enjoy a variety of cuisines in the onsite cafe. Other facilities include a laundry service, a swimming pool, a spa, and a fitness centre. It is ideal for leisure travellers or couples looking for some serene surroundings away from the hustle of city life.


  • Flagship 11950 relax holiday home.

OYO Flagship 11950 Relax Holiday Home is a wonderful place to stay if you want tranquillity and peacefulness. Located in South Goa, this holiday home is bordered by a gorgeous landscape of palm trees, giving it that extra beauty. In addition, the property boasts proximity to some iconic landmarks – it’s just 8 km from Colva Beach so that visitors can enjoy a day at the sea and 46 km from Aguada Fort. This colonial-era fortification spans centuries of history. With its perfect balance between natural charm and local attractions, the OYO Flagship 11950 Relax Holiday Home offers an ideal location for guests looking for the best of all worlds.


  • Super OYO 701976 Casa De Gama Pinto

Super OYO 701976 Casa De Gama Pinto in Saligao, Bardez, North Goa, is an ideal destination for travellers looking for a comfortable stay in the lap of luxury. The property provides a selection of delicious cuisines served on a platter, along with spacious rooms and great amenities. Whether sightseeing or visiting some local spots, Super OYO 701976 Casa De Gama Pinto allows you to explore Goa’s rich culture and heritage easily. So book your stay today and experience this unique location at its best!


The above are some of the best family hotels in Goa that are perfect for those looking to explore the city without burning a hole in their pockets. Whether travelling solo or in a group, these hotels offer a comfortable and luxurious stay. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head to Goa for the best time of your life!


Top Sightseeing Places in Goa

If anyone is looking for top sightseeing in Goa, they should visit the following places.


Calangute Beach: One of the most popular beaches in Goa and also known as the “Queen of Beaches,” Calangute boasts magnificent scenery and is a great spot for all beach activities.


Aguada Fort: This 17th-century fort is an important landmark in Goa and a must-see attraction. It was built by the Portuguese to defend the area from Dutch and Maratha invaders and offers breathtaking sea views.


Goa State Museum: Located in Panaji, this museum houses some of the best collections of artefacts, sculptures, and paintings that represent Goan culture. It is also home to many ancient artefacts, which are sure to amaze history buffs.


Chapora Fort: This large 16th-century fortress lies just north of Vagator Beach and is a great spot for photography enthusiasts. It offers stunning views of both land and sea below, making it one of the most picturesque spots in Goa.


The above are some places that provide top sightseeing in Goa that you must visit during your vacation there.


If anyone plans to visit Goa, choose the OYO hotel, as it is the best option for a comfortable and luxurious stay. Its spacious rooms, modern amenities, delicious cuisine, and exceptional services will give you the perfect vacation experience. So book your stay at OYO Hotels and enjoy a convenient and hassle-free stay in Goa.

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