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A Guide to Planning Your Perfect Long Weekend on Good Friday

For most people, a long weekend feels like a blessing from heaven. You can either finish all your pending chores by staying home or head out to some exotic place on weekends to make memories that last forever. Choosing family hotels in your destination city will make you feel at home but without the tedious chores.

Guide to Planning Your Good Friday Long Weekend

Here is a guide that will help you decide what to do on a long weekend and how to plan to make the most of it. Follow the tips and suggestions mentioned below to make your Good Friday a memorable journey.

Decide Where To Go

Most people love to visit their family and friends or extended families on long weekends. However, a long weekend should offer something for everyone. Remember that everyone in your family, kid or adult, enjoys the weekend. Others choose to revisit some of their favourite destinations. When you are determined about a place, it is easier to plan activities and it also makes your trip convenient.


Go Somewhere New

While visiting family or revisiting your most loved destinations is always a safe choice, one should be open to exploring new places. The world has so much to offer, and so much beauty remains hidden from our waiting for it to be discovered. From the beautiful beaches of Kerala to mesmerising lakes of Kashmir, you could visit tons of places this April. You can search the internet, ask friends and colleagues for holiday ideas, and head to a new place to bring back exciting stories and many memories to cherish.


Cut Down On Commute

Choosing far-off exotic locations and investing a lot of time to travel to that location makes complete sense only when you have enough time. Since you have only comparatively less time, you must assign more time to relaxation and exploration and spend less time travelling. Choose destinations you can reach quickly and start early to maximise your vacation time.


Choose Affordable Accommodation

One of the main concerns, when you leave your home and go on a vacation, is finding suitable accommodation. Some people spend so much money on housing that they have less to spend on activities that enrich their minds, body, and soul. Look for family hotels in your destination city that provide the best basic amenities at affordable prices, such as OYO hotels.

On the other hand, people tend to choose cheap hotels stating that most of their time would go to top sightseeing in the location. Such people often end up in unclean and unhygienic hotels. OYO hotels offer premium accommodation with all the necessary amenities and services at affordable rates so that you can make the most of your vacation and staycation.


Make a Plan

Go with a flow attitude can be put to use for weeklong holidays. However, for a long weekend, like Good Friday, you must have a plan. After deciding on the destination, list down the main attractions you want to take advantage of. Make an itinerary of all the places you want to visit, check the timings, and make appropriate bookings.

Pre-book your family hotels in the destination place. Search for offbeat places or hidden gems of the city to have a unique and memorable long weekend.


Try Something Unique

A long weekend gives you three days to enjoy. However, you travel on the first and last day. It means you have one uninterrupted day to maximise your vacation. Plan this day carefully and include something extraordinary to do.

Take a Tech Break

The one thing that never leaves you, even on holidays, is your devices. On a long weekend, take a break from technology. Studies show that most people spend an unbelievably unhealthy time on their phones and other devices. Since a holiday is about relaxing, unwinding, rejuvenating, and going top sightseeing in the cities, taking a break from technology can be counted as healthy. If you can only venture out with your phone and need the device for necessities such as GPS, etc., try ditching the phone for at least a part of your day.


Why Choose an OYO Hotel?

No matter where you go for the long weekend, it would help if you had a place to stay. Spending too much on accommodation might leave you with little to spend on recreational things. You need to look for family hotels at affordable prices.

OYO hotels are well known for providing basic amenities such as different types of beds, television, WiFi, hairdryer, attached washrooms, mini-fridge, air conditioning, room service, and much more.

People with Wizard Memberships can get up to 5% additional discount on member hotels. OYO even lets you book online and use the Pay at Hotel during check-in features. Whether you are a solo traveller, a couple, a business traveller, or travelling with family, you can find OYO rooms per your choice and budget.



Hopefully, the above points help you plan your next trip on Good Friday. As far as staying is concerned, make sure you choose your accommodation wisely. OYO family hotels in all cities offer excellent hospitality, comfort, and safety that can make your little vacation ten times better.

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