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9 Destinations to Experience Dussehra Celebrations in Full Swing

The nation is getting ready to dazzle with vibrant lights and decorations for the festival of Navratri. India is prepared to recreate the holiday season with only a few days until Dussehra. India, a nation of festivals, celebrates the occasion in various ways all around the nation. The victory of good over evil is the highlight of celebrations all around the country. For Hindus, this is the ideal time to observe a fast, perform rituals, and celebrate. Here are the top 9 destinations you must visit to experience the celebrations of Dussehra to the fullest!


It is one of the best places to witness extensive Dussehra celebrations. The full splendour of Kolkata’s Durga Puja is magnificent. The most significant part of the festivities is visiting the various Durga Puja Pandals spread throughout the city. On the final day, married women dress in the traditional red and white saris and apply sindoor to one another. You must visit Kolkata at least once during Dussehra to witness the zeal and fervour of people.


Dasara, the most well-known and opulent festival in Mysore, lasts for ten days. Mysore Dasara, also known as Nadahabba, is the state holiday of Karnataka. The main focus of the Dasara festival is the Mysore Palace, one of the top sightseeing in Mysore. The traditional Dasara procession, known as Jumbo Savari in Mysore, takes place on Vijayadashami. The festival includes a vibrant procession with dancing groups, musical groups, decorated horses, camels, and elephants.

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Kullu, Himachal

In the Kullu Valley’s Dhalpur Maidan, people celebrate the well-known Kullu Dussehra holiday beginning on Vijayadashami day and lasting seven days. Festivals honour Lord Rama’s triumph against evil. A pile of wood and grass is burned on the Beas River bank on the last day to mark the end of the celebrations. It illustrates the Ramayana scene of Lanka being set on fire. The State government has granted formal international festival status to the Kullu Dussehra event.


Gujarat’s Ahmedabad is among the best places to celebrate Navratri for nine days. The nine-day fast is observed from sunrise to sunset by devotees. The festival’s main attraction is the Garba dance, a traditional Gujarati folk dance. Every day the celebration begins with an aarti. People do the customary Garba dance in the vicinity of the goddess Shakti statue. People offer prayers to Goddess Durga on the eighth and ninth days of Navratri, and the next day is designated as Dussehra, honouring Lord Rama’s triumph over Ravana.


The Bastar tribe of all the local villages gets the deities’ idols to the Danteshwari temple, where they are worshipped in spectacular processions. The central piece of the sacramental procession is a double-decker chariot. The tribe members build the 2-ton heavy chariot using standard tools. Throughout the celebration, a girl swings on a bed of thorns, and a young man is buried shoulder-deep while keeping watch for nine days.


Vijayadashami, also known as Dussehra, concludes on the tenth day of Vijayadashami after nine days. The festival gets underway at Sri Kanaka Durga Temple on the banks of the River Krishna. The unique draw of this place is the decoration of the primary deity Kanaka Durga Devi during the festival. Many travellers participate in lively celebrations and take devotional baths in the Krishna River.


Navratri brings a spirit of festivity and dedication to Varanasi. The city is a favourite hangout for religious men and followers for ten days, from the beginning of the celebration till Dussehra. Ramlila is the focal point of the celebration. Each year, more than a million pilgrims attend the various Ramlila processions and performances. The ground shakes with the sound of rockets and crackers as Ram kills Ravan on Vijayadashami. The next day pictures an episode of Bharat Milaap, or Rama and Bharata meet.


One of the most dramatic and exciting Dussehra celebrations takes place in Delhi. The Dussehra celebration is observed in Delhi in honour of Rama’s defeat over Ravana. There are flower-adorned, lamp-lit shrines dedicated to Lord Rama in every nook and cranny of the city. Ramayana readings and religious music are everywhere. The Red Fort grounds and the Ramlila Maidan both hold well-known Ramlila performances.

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Kota’s Dussehra celebrations stand out among other well-known tourist attractions in Rajasthan. While many tourists, including foreign visitors, swarm to the region to take part in the fantastic events, locals participate in the celebrations with excitement. The centrepiece of the Kota Dussehra festival is a 75-foot-tall effigy of the demon Ravana. The festivities come to an end as the monster is burned.


The event of Navaratri is enthusiastically and energetically observed throughout India as each state observes it differently, with the same degree of devotion. The Gujarati Garba and West Bengal’s Durga Puja are the top sightseeing places in India. While visiting these destinations in India, you can celebrate Dussehra in the most joyous manner. Stay at some of the most comfortable OYO hotels to make your vacation a memorable one.

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