8 Pristine Andaman & Nicobar Island Beaches For A Perfect Beach Holiday In 2021

Andaman &Nicobar Islands happen to be just the destination for all those who happen to love beaches that are sparsely-populated and are away from the commercial world. Andaman & Nicobar are both equipped with some of the best amenities for tourists and travellers. Those who love beaches should definitely come to Andaman & Nicobar because there is a lot to explore and enjoy. As soon as people land in its Union Territory (UT), they will come across some of the best beaches. In simple words, beaches are synonymous with Andaman & Nicobar.

 Andaman and Nicobar Island hotels are equipped with the best services and amenities for all tourists. Also, the amenities tourists get in this part of India are unmatched. That’s because a great deal of foreign tourists also visit this UT.

Corbyn’s Cove

Corbyn’s Cove is one of the best places to visit for those who love isolation. Much like many other islands, Corbyn’s Cove is cut off from the rest of the world and is known for all the peace and tranquillity that is there in store. Those wanting to go jet skiing can definitely pay this place a visit as it is the ideal destination for all those who wish to enjoy the sea. Also, do not forget to look for Andaman and Nicobar Island hotels beforehand as the place tends to attract a lot of visitors during peak season. Also, all the foodies would love to make their way to this beach as there are various exciting eateries to be explored in and around the area.

Radhanagar Beach

Known for its exquisite views and picturesque views, the Radhanagar Beach is the dream of many. Changing rooms are available to visitors once the sea bathing exercise is done. Also, the beach is need and tidy with a lot of options for snack lovers and foodies. Moreover, the beach has no water-sporting activities, which means the visitors get to spend a lot of time to embrace and admire nature. Check out the barefoot resort hotel, which is one of the most popular destinations in and around the area.

Bharatpur Beach
Unlike other beaches, the Bharatpur beach is smaller in size and less visited, which makes it just about ideal for those who wish to spend some time in peace. The ocean looks mesmerising when people go riding in a banana boat.  Scuba Diving is also a great indulgence that can be enjoyed in the area. Moreover, there is an eatery on the island that serves some mouth-watering delicacies. Book Andaman and Nicobar hotels and give rise to some exciting memories that’d last a lifetime.

Elephant’s Beach

The visitors would love the ton offer in the area. Also, there are water-sporting activities in abundance that the visitors can indulge in. Right from speed boating to snorkelling, there is a lot to keep the tourists busy. However, apart from the adventure sporting activities that are in store for the masses, the natural beauty that one encounters in and around the area is worth savouring. Andaman and Nicobar hotels are the best place to stay and relax for luxury as well as budget travellers.

Wandoor Beach

Those planning to visit Port Blair cannot leave without witnessing the mesmerising (and endless beauty of the Wandoor Beach. It’s a visual treat as the shoreline of this beach is the largest in Port Blair. Housing a sustainable environment, this place is the perfect for all those who wish to enjoy lush green surroundings. The place happens to be on the travel list of those who wish to enjoy photography and videography. The Wandoor Beach has a bus stand and a helipad for easy travel. Last, but certainly not the least, try booking a hotel in Andaman Port Blair beforehand because all accommodations get filled quite easily during peak season.

Laxmanpur Beach

Leave the water ports aside for a minute because this beach offers the tourists a lot more than that. There is unmatched peace on the beach that cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world. Also, the sunsets one gets to experience on this beach are a class apart. Plus, snacking destinations can be found with ease in different parts of the beach. There is nothing that can beat the joy of eating a hearty bowl of Maggi while enjoying the sunset.

Vijaynagar Beach
Those in love with mango groves and coconut trees can definitely pay this place a visit. The place is yet another peaceful island and offers mesmerising views of the sea. Plus, this is one of the most well-maintained and clean beaches that the tourists can explore in a largely hassle-free way. Book the best hotels in Andaman and enjoy a hearty stay in one of India’s most popular tourist destinations.

Khurmadera Beach

Khurmadera Beach is like a hidden jewel in the South Andaman that isn’t as popular as some of the other beaches in the area. However, the beach is just about perfect for those who wish to enjoy some quality time away from all the noise and chaos that is in store for the city dwellers. The place looks secluded and offers ample peace and respite to people visiting it. Moreover, the sunsets at the beach are a sight to savour and are second to none. Visit the Khurmadera Beach as experience peace and serenity in the best possible way. Book the best hotel in Andaman to enjoy a hearty time with family and friends.


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