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8 Historical Places to Visit in Hampi in 2021 To Dive Right into the Past

Hampi’s stature as a popular tourist destination seems to be scaling new heights. This popular city in Karnataka is known for its ancient history that effortlessly glorifies its revered past. All history enthusiasts need to visit this place for once in their lifetime because getting up and close with history is always an enlightening experience.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hampi is also an important religious destination for Hindu pilgrims from all parts of the country. Tourists visiting Hampi get to experience the best-in-class services because the city houses some of the best hotels in India.

All of the history lovers out there would get to learn a lot by visiting Hampi. Not only is it a place of historical importance, but also contains some of the best places for the visitors to gain insights regarding the development of Hinduism in India’s South.

As far as exploring history is concerned, Hampi offers the visitors with a unique opportunity to explore and experience the city’s former glory. Here are some of the best historical places in Hampi that need to be explored and visited by just about everybody.

Queen’s Bath

The Queen’s bath is a symbol of the rich architectural history of Hampi. The royal bath has a simple interior, but its size is what makes the visitors think about its grandeur. Spread across an area of 30 sq feat, the structure hasn’t shown too many signs of wear and tear. Constructed during the golden years of the Vijayanagara Empire, the structure is a symbol of the architecture that was built during the era. Those wanting to get a slice of ancient Hindu history (from India’s south) should visit this place at least once in their lifetime. Book a hotel in Hampi and visit this place to gain insights about the rich and diverse history of Karnataka.

Elephant Stables

Elephant Stables at Hampi offer tourists and visitors with a chance to explore the charm that’s associated with ancient India. These dome-shaped structures are believed to house elephants during the prime of the Vijayanagara Empire. There is a fee of INR 10 that needs to be paid by the Indian visitors to visit the place. Children, aged 15 or below, can enter the premises free of cost. Some of the best hotels in Hampi are located in the historical places, which makes it easier for the visitors to park themselves with ease before planning to visit the area.

Virupaksha Temple
Virupaksha Temple is not just a historical place, but a religious hotspot as well. Those wanting insights about Hindu culture, including some pieces of history about ‘Nandi’, Lord Shiva’s career. There is a 3-headed statue of Nandi that the visitors would come across as soon as they enter the complex. The temple is crowded throughout the year, but the annual festival held in February is something that visitors should not miss.  Also, hotels in Hampi can be found with ease by travellers if bookings are made beforehand.

Lotus Mahal

Kamal Mahal, much like the Queen’s Bath, is a symbol of the rich and vibrant architecture. The centre of the ‘Mahal’ resembles a lotus and is the ideal place to visit for those who wish to experience serenity and piece. The multi-layered design visible on the roof is a great example of the architectural style that was practiced during the era. Those wanting to gain insights about the architectural style practiced in south India can pay this place a visit. Book hotels in Hampi in advance and visit this place in March to enjoy a memorable getaway to South India.

The Great Monolithic Bull

Surrounded by gigantic pillars and boulders, the Great Monolithic Bull is one of the most frequently-visited destinations in Karnataka. Believed to be Lord Shiva’s carrier, the structure exhibits the ‘power’ that the Vijayanagara Empire commanded during its peak. Despite being partially mutilated, the Monolithic Bull is one of the most significant structures in Hampi. Book a hotel in Hampi and visit the Monolithic Bull to understand the rich and illustrious architecture of India’s south. The structure is also of religious significance and is visited by Hindu pilgrims on a frequent basis.

Zanana Enclosure

The Zanana Enclosure (or the women’s area), is symbolic of the Indo-Islamic architectural style. As many as three watch towers greet the visitors the moment they step closer to the Zanana Enclosure. The water pavilion and the treasure building happen to be the major attractions that are popular with the masses and are visited quite frequently. So, book a hotel in Hampi now and come to terms with the rich history of Karnataka.  Once a secluded enclose, the ‘Zanana Enclosure’ is visited in large numbers by tourists from across the globe.

Gagan Mahal
The Gagan Mahal, or the old palace, is surrounded by some of the best historical and religious places in Karnataka. These include: The Durga Temple, Nava Brindavana, Laxmi Temple, etc. Although a major portion of the palace is in ruins, it still is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hampi. One of the most secluded areas in the city, the place is visited frequently by history enthusiasts and photographers.  Book a hotel in Hampi and enjoy a memorable time with friends and family whilst exploring India’s south.

Matanga Hill

This one isn’t a place of historical importance, but offers some stunning views of the Hampi Bazaar and the Virupaksha Temple. Apart from that, it is also a popular sunset and sunrise point. The Matanga Hill is surrounded by Paddy fields on one side. It is a secluded spot that can be explored by those who wish to spend some time alone and introspect.  So, it is time to book a hotel in Hampi because the place gets crowded the moment the peak season starts.

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