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8 Handy Safety Tips for Travellers in the Post COVID India

No prizes for guessing: Safety comes first. All those willing and planning to travel anywhere in India (or the world) need to keep personal safety in mind. However, safety becomes much more important whilst travelling with family. All those who wish to enjoy some quality time in India. Book the best hotels in India this summer to enjoy the very best of leisure travel and a lot more.

Book the best hotels in India to enjoy a great stay with family and friends, but do not forget to keep all of the safety measures in mind before hitting the treks and the tourist spots. It is always a great idea to enjoy good travel, but safety should always be kept at the heart of each travel experience.

Here is what people can do to ensure safe travel in the post-COVID era:

Wear a Mask While Travelling, Always

Wearing a mask has been made mandatory at all places accessible to the public. Hotels, as expected, have started filling with visitors and travellers. Therefore, it is important for just about everybody to make use of a safety mask.

Also, avoid physical contact with the members of the housekeeping staff and valets. Those travelling to the hotels in India in public transport should also make it a point to use face masks and sanitisers.

Wash Your Hands Thoroughly and Keep a Sanitiser Handy

As obvious as it might sound, using a sanitiser regularly while also washing one’s hands can go a long way in keeping the COVID-19 threat away. Even hotel booking India should be done using contactless payments as it helps avoid contact with people.

Moreover, many hotels in India have made it compulsory for the guests to carry a negative COVID 19 test report before planning a trip. These reports need to be shown at the time of check-ins. All those willing to travel need to carry negative test reports without fail.

Go for Online Payments Wherever Possible
Yes, making online bookings and payments can go a long way in reducing the spread of COVID-19. Try to Book hotels online using mobile apps because it becomes easier for everybody to make and receive payments.

Also, it is advisable to use personal transport as public transport can be crowded and unsafe. COVID-19 spreads through physical contact (primarily). Therefore, it is important to take contactless payments a bit seriously.

Ditch the Lift

No need to lose sweat over this one. Lifts can be ditched rather easily. Not only are lifts used by multiple people, these happen to be crowded (more or less). Therefore, it is always a great idea to make use of the staircase. Not only will it help keep physical contact at bay, but would also help people in their bid to stay fit.

Also, an unclean lift might cause a major health risk on the era of COVID-19. Therefore, it is always a great idea to reduce physical contact and crowded places as much as possible. Hotels in India are actively doing their bit to reduce the spread of the disease, but individual travellers that families also need to chip in.

Minimise Interactions with Housekeeping

This part is of utmost importance as interactions with the housekeeping staff require physical contact. Prefer contactless delivery by not coming in contact with the staff. Everything, right from the food to the towels, can be kept right outside the room.

All those who want to turn their stay at a hotel in India need to make sure that frequent contact with strangers isn’t made (as much as possible) for it is in everybody’s benefit.  Do keep these things in mind before planning to book hotels online.

Avoid Crowded Pools, Spas and Gyms

It needs to be reiterated over and over again that physical contact needs to be avoided as much as possible. All those wanting to take a swim at a hotel in India can do so if the pool contains chlorinated water. However, avoid jumping into the pool if and when there are a lot of people in it. Same happens to be the case with the spa. All those wanting to enjoy a nice little massage need to stay alert and abrupt. Carry an electric massager of your own in case there is a need of a relaxing massage.

Avoid Valet Parking as Well

Valet parking can cause quite a few problems in the times of COVID-19. All those planning to use personal vehicles need to make sure that no stranger, including the valets and the housekeeping staff (or even the security team), is given access to the personal vehicle.

Self-parking is advisable, which would make it certain that no stranger gets access to the vehicles being used by the guests. Hotels in India are making it a point to follow all of the COVID-19 guidelines that have been brought into force by the govt. However, precautions on the personal level cannot be taken for granted either.

Have Additional Masks at Your Disposal
It is always a healthy practice to keep sufficient buffer at hand. Be it masks or sanitiser, always keep additional units handy for use. Getting caught off-guard can cause problems in the long run. Also, it is also a handy practice to make use of disposable soaps.

Gone are the days when towels and other items of personal use were shared. Sharing is caring, no more. Therefore, it is always a great idea to carry additional items of personal use.

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