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8 Best Tourist Attractions in Rameshwaram to Visit in 2021

Rameshwaram, a coastal city in India, is not just a popular tourist destination, but also a place of immense religious significant. Legend has it that the ‘Lanka Setu’ (mentioned in the Ramayana) was built from Rameshwaram to Lanka.

Apart from its religious significance, the city of Rameshwaram is also a popular tourist destination for those who love beaches and silk. Rameshwaram has some of the best silk markets in India. Silk shoppers and enthusiasts from numerous Indian states (and from other parts of the world) land in Rameshwaram to get their hands on the best silk saree.  Moreover, hotels in Rameshwaram are the best in terms of the services and amenities provided.

Rameshwaram houses some of the best beaches in India, including the Ariyaman Beach, which is located at a distance of about 27 kms from the city centre. Hotels near Rameshwaram Temple can also be found with ease because the area houses some of the best hotels for touring parties and solo travellers.


Agneetheertham is one of the most visited religious hotspots in Rameshwaram. The footfall it receives on a daily basis is immense, to say the least. It’s one of the many holy baths spread across the Rameshwaram city and is visited by people who wish to ‘cleanse’ themselves of all their sins and wrongdoings.  Agneetheertham is located near the Ramanathswamy temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Hindu god of Destruction. Book a hotel in Rameshwaram and do remember to visit the Agneetheertham this summer.

Jatayu Tirtham

Jatayu Thirtham has been built in the memory of Jataayu, Lord Rama’s loyal eagle who died in a bid to save Sita from Ravana. It is believed that the temple has been built on the grounds where ‘Jataayu’ died. The temple is one of the most significant religious destinations in Rameshwaram because Jataayu, for all its grit and bravery, is worshipped as a deity in Rameshwaram. Interestingly, it is the only significant temple in India dedicated to ‘Jataayu’. The temple grounds are used for ‘Yagnas’ and various other rituals as well. Hotels in Rameshwaram can be booked easily as the city contains some of the best hotels for tourists in India (and the world).

Annai Indira Gandhi Bridge

The Annai Indira Gandhi Bridge is one of a kind. It is the longest bridge in South India and runs for about 7kms. Apart from connecting Rameshwaram Island with the mainland, it is also a popular tourist spots. Ships can be seen passing from beneath the bridge. All those who haven’t seen bridges over water bodies can embark on a road trip from the city centre to the Rameshwaram Island. This bridge is the only means to reach the island by road.  Book rooms in Rameshwaram and enjoy a memorable stay in one of the most popular cities in India.

Pamban Bridge

Pamban Bridge is known for its marvellous boat rides. Witness a lot of fishes and other marine organisms that the riders would come across as they embark on this very exciting journey. Boat rides in the area are nothing short of mesmerising as the tourists get to embrace nature and treat their eyes to some spectacular species of flora and fauna. It is a ride that every tourist needs to experience. Rooms in Rameshwaram are available with ease and the audiences

House of Kalam

APJ Abdul Kalam is one of the major personalities from South India. There are various important landmarks created in his name, including, the House of Kalam, which houses some of the important facts about one of India’s most popular presidents. The house was Kalam’s home, and has now been converted into a museum. Book rooms in Rameshwaram and enjoy the very best of tours in South India

Kunthu Kal Beach

The Kunthu Kal Beach is one of the most famous weekend spots in Rameshwaram. It is the ideal place to visit for all those who love the sea shore, sand and coconut trees. The place is the hub of water sports in the area and is known for the calmness it has in store for the visitors. All those who wish to find an escape from the monotony of everyday life can pay this place a visit. The Kunthu Kal can be reached by travelling over the Pamban Bridge. Book a room in Rameshwaram and visit some of the best beaches in India this summer. Followers of Swami Vivekananda can pay this place a visit as there is a memorial built in his name when he returned from a conference in Chicago.

Kalam Memorial Museum

One of the many places in Rameshwaram dedicated to APJ Abdul Kalam, the museum throws light on the contributions of APJ Abdul Kalam. All those wanting to get insights regarding the missile systems developed by APJ Abdul Kalam can come to this place. The Museum was developed after some initiation by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). Rooms in Rameshwaram can be found with ease if the tourists research well and make advance bookings before the trip.

Ariyaman Beach

Much like the Kunthu Kal Beach, the Ariyaman Beach is one of the best beaches in Rameshwaram and is home to some of the best water sporting activities, including boating. Plus, there is a children’s park wherein children can spend some quality time.  The presence of the children’s park makes it a popular choice among the families. Check out some other beaches by booking hotels in Rameshwaram near the beach area.

Rameshwaram happens to be the ideal destination for those who wish to explore and enjoy the beach. Enjoy the sea like never before by coming to Rameshwaram this summer. Do not forget to book a hotel beforehand.

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