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8 Best Places to Shop in Rajasthan for an Ultimate Retail Therapy Experience

Rajasthan is one of the best tourist attractions in India for those who have an inclination towards history and heritage. Rajasthan, the land of Rajputs, houses some of the best forts and palaces built during the medieval era. So, it won’t be wrong to say that those wanting to spend time while understanding the rich history, culture and heritage of Rajasthan can give this place a visit.

Apart from all of its historical destinations, Rajasthan is also the ideal getaway for those who wish to shop their hearts out. The best hotels in Rajasthan are economical and offer the best services to tourists and travellers. Also, those who wish to experience the very best of royalty can check out the various palace-turned hotels in Jodhpur and Udaipur.

Right from clothes to handicrafts, Rajasthan has it all under one roof for the visitors to look forward to. So, all those planning to go shopping in the streets of Rajasthan need to keep in mind some of the following shopping destinations:

MG Road Bikaner

MG Road in Bikaner is one of the places to shop for sweets and namkeens. The Kote Gate market is filled with joyous shopkeepers who sell a wide range of items, right from the traditional Rajisthani mithai to open-toes chappals and other footwear. Apart from all of these items, Khadi kurtas are also found in abundance at various places in the market.

Also, roaming around in the market would take the visitors closer to the good old tradition of Rajasthan. Leather products can also be bought at reasonable prices at MG Road in Bikaner. Hotels in Bikaner near railway station need to be booked beforehand by all those who wish to spend some time in one of the biggest markets in Rajasthan.

Tripolia Bazaar, Jaipur
The Tripolia bazaar of Jaipur is a name associated with handicrafts and a lot more. Bandhini tie and other dyed fabrics are on offer at the market. Also, all those wanting to buy embroidered fabrics can pay this place a visit as Jaipur is known for its rich collection of fabrics. Moreover, brassware and hand-woven carpets can also be bought from the bazaar.

The best thing about this bazaar is: it is brimming with people at all times and there is a lot on offer for the masses in terms of food and roadside eateries. Book a Jaipur hotel room near the Tripolia Bazaar and enjoy a rich and memorable shopping experience. Jaipur is the ideal place to visit for all those who wish to explore the good old traditions of Rajasthan.

Nai Sarak, Jodhpur

Nai Sarak in Jodhpur is one of the most popular market places in Jodhpur, and is known for its dyed fabrics. Bandhinis and traditional turbans are available in large numbers at this market. Also, those looking for flashy clothes, such as sarees and duppatas can pay this market a visit. Bandhej suits are also found in this market, which means it is the ideal destination for those who wish to explore the traditional attires of Rajasthan.

Jodhpur hotel booking needs to be done in advance or else accommodations run out quickly during the vacation season in India. Check out this very popular shopping destination in Rajasthan that promises a lot of surprises.

Sadar Bazaar, Jaisalmer

Sadar Bazaar in Jaisalmer is one of the best places to buy a souvenir by all those who plan on visiting Rajasthan during summer time. Known for its desert safaris, Jaisalmer is also a popular destination for people who wish to buy metal products, handicrafts, traditional paghdis, shawls, etc.

One of the most popular markets in Jaisalmer, Sadar Bazaar is loaded with a lot of surprises.  Here is one of the best places to ship in Rajasthan. Also, do not forget to check out the various sweets and delicacies that are available in the streets of Jaisalmer. Book a hotel near Jaisalmer Fort and visit the market without fail.

Bhatia Bazaar, Jaisalmer

Bhatia Bazaar is one of the best places to visit if the idea is to buy handcrafted products. All those wanting to buy a set of beautiful table clothes, bed sheets, etc. should definitely make it a point to pay this market a visit. Also, clothes made of silk are a major attraction and end up pulling a lot of people to this market.

Moreover, there are eateries selling local delicacies, such as Daal Baati Choorma and Pyaaz ki kachori, that need to be tried out without fail. Also, Bhatia Bazaar is the best place to put bargaining skills to use as there is a lot to be bought from this very popular shopping area in Jaisalmer. Book a hotel near Jaisalmer Fort and visit the market without fail as it is one of the best places to shop in Jaisalmer.

Mochi Market, Jodhpur

The Mochi Bazaar is home to some of the best traditional footwear. Those who wish to buy the traditional Jodhpuri jhuttis (called Mojaris) should definitely make their way to Jodhpur at the earliest possible instance.

Sherwanis and Achkans are also available at reasonable rates in the Mochi Market. However, it is the various varieties of footwear that end up pulling the tourists to this market. One of the largest shopping districts in Jodhpur, the mocha market needs to be visited by all fans of traditional Rajisthani footwear.

Kedal Ganj Bazaar, Pushkar

Those who get a chance to visit Pushkar should definitely make it a point to visit this popular bazaar that is known for its exceptional wall hangings, designer clothes, etc. Also, the market presents all of the tourists with a unique opportunity to explore the culture of Pushkar.

Also, there are handmade products, such as jholas (bags), that tourists can buy as souvenirs. Also, do not forget to book a Pushkar hotel well in advance as the place attracts a lot of tourists and shoppers from different parts of the country.

Sardar Market, Jodhpur
Sardar market is one of the best markets in Jodhpur for a wide range of products, including local delicacies. The market is located near the Clock Tower, which is one of the major attractions in and around the area.

Known for its sweets, the market has huge reserves of Ghevar, Mava, Malpua and Thorr. Also, the Sardar Market has the finest variety of spices for the tourists and travellers to buy. Apart from all of this, there are plenty of palaces that tourists can visit in and around Jodhpur.

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