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7 Things To Do In Noida

The Noida city is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. It has emerged as a developed metropolis with a beautiful skyline, exquisite public recreational spaces, and luxurious malls. 

The place offers many local attractions, including amusement parks, botanical gardens, etc. It is a city with something for everyone and is loved by all. If you are looking for top sightseeing spots in Noida, this place won’t disappoint you. Whether you love food or are a nature lover or shopaholic, Noida will have your heart.

Top 7 Things To Do In Noida

If you are wondering what to do in Noida, here is a list of interesting things you can do to enjoy your stay here:

1. A Visit to the Worlds of Wonder (WOW)

If you seek an adrenaline rush with thrill and joy, the WOW amusement park is just for you. With over 20 thrilling rides, eateries, and alluring water slides, WOW is a place for all fun lovers. It promises a day full of memorable experiences. Some important attractions you shouldn’t miss when visiting this park include Free Fall, Turbo Tunnel, Mega Disko ride, and go-karting. Thus, unleash the child within and have a fun day at Worlds of Wonder, Noida.

2. Get a Retail Therapy at Shopping Malls

Shopping is nothing less than a therapy for some people. If you are among them, Noida offers ample malls that provide luxurious experiences, where you can shop at leisure and stroll from aisle to aisle. Enjoy exploring the latest fashion and savouring delicacies at aesthetic dining in the shopping mall. The DLF Mall of India is one of the most popular malls you can visit during your retail therapy expedition in Noida.

3. Witness Thrilling Races at Buddh International Circuit

Being home to high-speed races, this place offers an enchanting experience of witnessing events like Formula One and other adrenaline-pumping races. The roar of the engines and the sight of skilled racers racing across challenging tracks will raise your excitement and allure you into the world of speed and accuracy.

4. Enjoy Noida’s Street Food 

A visit to Noida demands a mandatory tour of the local cuisine and street food. The local markets, especially the Brahmaputra market, also known as the Chandni Chowk of Noida, are famous for their supply of street food throughout the day. The best time to taste lip-smacking street food in Noida is after sundown, as many street stalls and food shops start filling the street in a speck of a time. You get everything here, from Chat to juicy kebabs, you name it, and the place has it.

5. Visit Okhla Bird Sanctuary

The Okhla Bird Sanctuary is an apt place for every nature lover or curious bird-watcher. It is a habitat for over 300 species of birds. The sanctuary is also a haven for endangered and rare species. If you have patience and are lucky enough, you may see the Indian vulture and the white-rumped vulture. So, visit this place to enjoy the serene environment of the bird sanctuary and get a chance to connect with nature. Moreover, don’t forget to look for a family hotel in Noida near this place for a comfortable stay after exploration.

6. Enjoy Gaming at Smaaash

Every gaming enthusiast in Noida is familiar with the name Smaaash, a popular entertainment and gaming centre in Noida. The place has varied options for gaming, including virtual reality games and a mix of arcade games. Thus, if you visit this place, ensure you have ample time, as it will keep you engaged and entertained for hours.

7. Opt for Clubs and Cafes

Experience the thrill and excitement of the nightlife in Noida by visiting some of the popular clubs and cafes. Thus, Noida ensures you never have a dull moment as it houses a string of clubs where you can enjoy the fun music and shake your leg to the hypnotic rhythms. You can even witness top sightseeing in Noida when visiting these clubs and cafes.

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Noida is full of surprises and a must-visit place from October to November and February to March. You have something to watch out for at every corner, making it a happening place. Thus, if you are visiting this place, ensure you visit the above-mentioned places by booking family hotels in Noida with OYO. Get exciting deals and offers for being an early bird, so head to the official website now!

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