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7 Best Places To Have Your Next Corporate Party

Corporate parties and corporate gifts hold great significance in the corporate world. Not only do they express gratitude and enhance productivity, but they also cultivate team spirit, commemorate achievements, and foster meaningful professional connections. Through such events, employers and employees get a break from their routines, interact and socialise while relaxing in a friendly atmosphere. Therefore, choosing the right venue for your corporate events is crucial. No need to get flustered! This blog includes the seven best places in Noida to organise your next corporate party. 

Radisson Blu MBD Hotel Noida

Radisson Blu MBD Hotel is in the centre of Noida’s business district. The place has seven meeting rooms and two spacious banquet halls. The conference centre in this hotel can accommodate up to 1000 guests, making it ideal for hosting corporate meetings or parties. From free Wi-Fi and audiovisual technology to an events team, expert photographer, and catering services, the hotel offers many things to make your party a hit and ease your responsibility. They also have customised packages for all types of events. 

The Grand Venice Mall

The Grand Venice Mall in Noida is also known as TGV Mall and is one of the must-do top sightseeing attractions in Noida. The place offers a unique blend of shopping, food, and recreation. You can use the event spaces to organise small corporate parties and business meetings. The mall has an energetic ambience and many attractions to keep your guests occupied and impressed. 

Stardom Convention

The World Trade Tower in Sector 18 of Noida has a lovely banquet and convention centre that you can use for your corporate parties. The place offers four indoor and outdoor venues with beautiful interiors and stunning surroundings. It can accommodate up to 2000 guests and provides services like valet parking, event planners, house chefs, etc., to handle all your requirements. 

Fortune Inn Grazia

Fortune Inn Grazia is a business hotel located close to the commercial hub in Sector 18 in Noida. You can use its banquet halls and meeting venues to hold corporate parties, accommodating up to 400 guests. The hotel has two restaurants and state-of-the-art conferencing facilities, which you can use during seminars, workshops, and board meetings.

Park Ascent Hotel

With various hosting spaces with impressive, award-winning cuisines, and audiovisual and technical facilities, the Park Ascent Hotel is a great place to throw a corporate party. Whether you want a board meeting of 10 people or an event of 3000, the place meets all your needs. The Majestica venue can accommodate up to 150 guests with multiple seating arrangements and is perfect for corporate or large events. 

Anandee Home

With indoor and outdoor spaces, Anandee Home in Sector 51 of Noida provides the perfect fun-filled destination for corporate gatherings. It can accommodate up to 1,000 guests and provides complete power backup in case of a sudden power cut. The spacious parking area and excellent service staff take care of your guests’ needs. A tiny waterfall, lush green lawns, and flower decorations add to the beauty of this venue. It also has an in-house catering service that provides all types of cuisines. 


For a sophisticated yet affordable corporate event in Greater Noida, Ayatti can become a perfect spot. With amazing food, impressive decor, and other requirements taken care of, you can hold corporate gatherings or other business events in the indoor halls of Ayatti. The in-house caterers provide multiple cuisines, so you and your guests can enjoy delicious dishes.

Why Choose OYO Hotels in Noida?

Who does not love parties? Especially partying with those who work with you every day. Some corporate events are open to the families of the employees as well. So if you must attend a corporate party in Noida, choose OYO hotels in the city. We guarantee quality service and budget-friendly prices. You can choose from different categories of accommodations such as Capital O, Collection O, Spot On, Townhouse Oaks, Homestays, Villas, and Flagship hotels. 

Some of the hotels to choose include Super OYO 78775 Yamnotri Dham, Super OYO Hotel Sunrise, Super OYO Townhouse 691 Hotel Sulit, Super OYO Flagship Green Hotel, Super OYO Flagship 808343 Avs Hotel & Restaurant, Super OYO Capital O Dayal Lodge – A Boutique Hotel, etc. 

OYO welcomes everyone from locals, couples, families, and groups to solo and business travellers. Through OYO’s mobile app, you can easily find a hotel that meets your needs and book a room online without any hassle. At affordable rates, OYO offers all essential amenities, such as sanitised rooms, comfortable beds, hot running water, air conditioning, free Wifi, room service, etc. So whether you want to go to visit the top sightseeing spots in Noida or head straight to a corporate event, OYO hotels can become the perfect starting point. 


Corporate events and parties can greatly boost teamwork and bring all your staff together in a less professional setting. Such events facilitate networking and exchange of ideas and unite the organisation while reinforcing the company’s values. So, the next time you want to throw a party for your professional peers, consider the above mentioned venues. However, make sure you always choose good family hotels in Noida to have a stay as pleasant and satisfactory as the party.

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