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5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues When on a Trip

Winter is here, but have you thought about how to deal with the winter blues? Welcoming the cold winter months brings along unexplained lethargy and the urge to sleep for a few more hours within. We can never sleep enough to wake up fresh on winter mornings. And that is the actual start of winter blues, hitting us hard and throwing us off the mood to chill out for the day. 


Winter blues are pretty common, but when it happens while travelling or on a vacation trip, we must do something to overcome it. Let’s dive deeper into some tricks to overcome it! 


  1. A Workout Session in the Winter Mornings


Waking up relaxed every morning at the best family hotels on your trip is soothing and makes you feel rejuvenated. But the winter mornings will hold onto your sluggish feeling and force you to feel drowsy for the next couple of hours. 


The best way out is to spare 20 minutes every winter morning for a short run. This might feel tough while you are on vacation, but to ensure that you enjoy the rest of your day on a trip, spare 20 minutes for a short walk. 


If your hotel has a fitness track around the premises, you may prefer using it to save time by not heading out. Some OYO Hotels even offer cycling facilities within the property premises. So, this winter vacation, stay fit and active throughout the trip. 



  1. Stick to a Proper Sleep Routine


This is an obvious tip, but on vacation, people often miss out on their sleep routine, which disturbs their entire routine, and worsens the effects of winter blues. You probably don’t want to be drowsy while you visit the top sightseeing spots in or around the destination in the early winter mornings. 


So, to ensure you enjoy your trip without being lazy and experiencing winter mood swings, sleep a bit early at night. Suppose you have sightseeing planned at 6:00 AM. In that case, you will need a good and fulfilled sleep to wake up fresh in the morning. If you sleep late, you may feel drowsy throughout the day. And let’s be honest, you don’t want your vacation pictures to have a grumpy face. So, try and make it a habit when you travel next. 


  1. Host a Laughter Riot


Laughter is the best medicine to keep away the winter blues effects and keeps you active from within. It is a stimulation that triggers your body to freshen up and get along with a true travelling spirit, even in the coldest winter mornings. 


You can do that by sharing funny stories among friends or relatives while settling down at one of the warmest and coolest family hotels in India. If not that, try having a get-together playing some comedy movies, and enjoying some joyous moments. 


  1. Light a Bonfire 


Travelling in the winter months calls for a bonfire setup. Nothing is better than sitting around the bonfire gossiping, playing games and having fun. The more you stay involved in fun activities, the more energetic you will be. 


Take part in sourcing the woods for the bonfire set up and be part of the fun activities around a bonfire. With this, you can finally bid farewell to your winter blues. It is like an all-in-one way to overcome the winter effects while travelling. 


  1. Plan More Outdoor Activities


Apart from exploring the sites with top sightseeing in the destination, you must encourage your travel guide to take you to some activities around the place. Activities such as river rafting, jet ski riding, paragliding, and bungee jumping can help you overcome winter blues and keep you energetic to cherish fun-filled memories throughout the trip. 




These are a few things you should keep in mind while dealing with winter blues when you are travelling or are up for a vacation this winter. Make sure you keep yourself warm throughout the trip and stay hydrated to beat the physical weakness. 


Don’t let winter blues keep you away from the fun on your next trip. Pack your winter wear, get all your essentials, get on the plane/train and head out to your destination.

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