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4-Day Vacation to Enjoy Your Diwali Weekend

India’s diversity in culture and tradition makes it the ideal place to visit to capture excitement and fun during various festivals that are celebrated all year round. However, of all these celebrations, Diwali is undoubtedly one that invites not only national but also international travellers. This year it is more special because it is coming on Monday, extending the weekend further.

So if you have been planning a short vacation with your friends, family, or even solo, here are some places you can visit without thinking about the staying accommodations because a quick online search for nearby resorts for family will provide you with a list of well furnished OYO hotels in every corner of India.

Let’s look at the top six places you can visit this Diwali weekend:

1. Udaipur

It is one of the most popular places to celebrate Diwali in the most extravagant manner. People here decorate their houses with earthen lights and colourful mini bulbs. The reflection of lights in the Pichola lake creates a magnificent picture which attracts everyone’s attention. Another place to witness people’s devotion is the Mahalaxmi Temple in Bhatiyani Chauhatta, where people gather to conduct puja and show respect to the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Another attraction of this place during Diwali includes a performance by singers and dancers that gives a royal feel.

Some of the best family hotels in Udaipur that offer multiple benefits, including AC, geyser, food, etc., are:

  • OYO Townhouse 742 Hotel Mangal Inn
  • OYO Flagship 77120 Hotel Achrol Haveli

2. Varanasi

Popularly known as Banaras, this place hosts Diwali celebrations with the most traditional feel. Similar to other places, you will see firecrackers and light decorations in almost every part of the city. However, the Ganga Arati is something that gives Varanasi a distinct identity during Diwali. If you visit this place, consider witnessing the devotion of people at Dashashwamedh ghat, where numerous earthen lights are lit to decorate the ghat and further float in the water.

Apart from this, there are multiple top sightseeing places in Varanasi for Diwali with comfortable staying accommodations like:

  • OYO Flagship 77427 Yug Residency
  • OYO 79580, the Pal’s Residency

3. Goa

People here celebrate Diwali to mark the victory of Lord Krishna over the demon Narakasura. Every year residents of Goa participate in a competition to sculpt the nastiest and largest structure of Narakasura, and the night before Diwali, it is burned down. Although gambling is a popular activity in Goa, Diwali makes it grander by adding a religious feel to it. The casinos here only allow people with advance bookings. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the fun of gambling at the best casinos, consider booking a slot in advance.

To make your trip convenient, here are some of the top-ranked family hotels in Goa:

  • OYO Flagship 60088 Omkar Guest House
  • OYO 92870 Shree Sai Holiday Homes

4. Mumbai

Diwali decorations turn the film city into a dreamland. The soft winter breeze and the festive lighting throughout the city add to the celebration for locals and visitors alike. Although there are multiple top sightseeing places in Mumbai, one place you must not miss visiting is LJ road in Mahim. The hanging lantern decoration throughout the street provides an immersive experience.

The whole city is in full swing of celebration, and the floating lamps at the Bangananga tank give a serene view to all visitors. The colourful fireworks display of this place is something you must experience once in a lifetime.

So visit Mumbai this Diwali and to make your weekend trip grander, book the following Family resorts:

  • OYO 9849 Hotel Divine Residency
  • OYO 5665 Rana Residency

5. Gujarat

Diwali is a prominent festival for Gujaratis because it marks the beginning of a new year. People here celebrate the festival in a traditional way, including rangoli decoration in front of their houses, gifting gold to family members, participating in processions, etc. Snacks like Aalu Tikki, samosa, and many other delicacies are enjoyed with friends and family.

If you visit Gujarat for this year’s Diwali celebration, book the best family resorts to enhance your vacation experience. Some of these are:

  • OYO 70998 Hotel Safari Inn
  • OYO 49797 Hotel Shubham Inn

6. Odisha

Diwali is celebrated uniquely in Odisha. It is famous not only as a lighting festival, but also for its Kalipuja and Badabaduka Daka celebrations. People place the idols of Kali in different pandals and worship her the night before Diwali. Moreover, for Badabaduka Daka, people pray for their ancestors and invite them to participate in the celebration ceremony. The best sightseeing places here on this festive occasion include the burning of jute sticks to call out ancestors.

To add a calming experience to your trip, consider booking the best family hotels in Odisha, such as:

  • OYO 81893 Maa Home Residency
  • OYO Flagship 87518 Sunshine Stay


Diwali is celebrated differently across India. Since this year the festival is adding more charm by extending the weekend fun, you must plan on visiting the places listed above to experience different cultures and festive practices. Book OYO rooms that offer the most affordable and comfortable stay!


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