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14 Awesome New Year Parties in India That You Must Be a Part of

The ultimate way to wrap up the year is to enjoy a party with your loved ones, dance your gaze away, and ring in the New Year with a fresh spirit. Do you want to experience a great New Year’s party but are unsure where to go? We’ve worked out a list of the most happening parties for you!

14 Awesome New Year’s Parties in India

1. The Musical Party in Goa’s Sunburn
With a tonne of food, insane music, and your favourite musician lineup, Sunburn offers the finest EDM evening. It looks like a great night at the beach with many people. It provides the best party atmosphere and banging music on the sand.
You can take a vacay in Flagship 4195 Clausil Inn, one of the most convenient family hotels for celebrating New Year’s Eve in Goa.

2. Sinq in Goa’s Candolim Beach
The ultimate reason to spend New Year’s Eve 2023 in Sinq is to spend all night partying. The young audience can be seen having a blast dancing all night long on the sandy beaches to breezy sounds.
3. Aroma Gardens in Puducherry
Aroma Gardens is surrounded by nature, away from commercial activities. You can chill, dance, and spend the entire night with your friends. Partying amid the lush, verdant gardens at Aroma Gardens is the best way to spend quality time in the lap of mother nature and welcome the New Year.

4. The Lotus Cafe of the JW Marriott Mumbai.
Mumbai, the “city that never sleeps,” is unquestionably one of the top destinations for New Year celebrations. For these head-banging parties, you must book your tickets far in advance because the venues are frequently full at this time.
For New Year’s Eve, book a stay at OYO Townhouse 799 Royal Palms Hotel – Lily Collection, one of the best family hotels in Mumbai.

5. Nahargarh Fort Party in Jaipur
Rock and pop tunes played by international DJs at the Nahargarh Fort will grace the celebration in the land of the kings. The location offers the top sightseeing in view of Jaipur on New Year’s Eve. You can witness fireworks and light up the cityscape.
You can check out OYO Flagship 701589 Meenu Inn, Jaipur. It is one of the best family hotels in this area.

6. The Leela Kempinski’s five-star celebration in Bangalore
Numerous new year’s celebrations are held at the IT hub, but Leela Kempinski is unique. This party stands out from others due to the upscale acts, upmarket attendees, and a significant amount of enjoyment on the dance floor.

7. Delhi’s 7 Degrees Brauhaus
One of the best destinations in North India to ring in the New Year. It is a haven for partiers. There is a lot to enjoy at this place, including cocktails, music, lighting, and dancing.

8. Hyatt Regency’s Stax Party in Mumbai
Stax is a venue where all Mumbaikars should be feasting and downing foods and drinks for New Year’s Eve. There will be a tonne of dancing and dining there. Of course, partying is highly encouraged, but the Stax Party is renowned for its great international cuisine.

9. Tantra – Kolkata
The celebration adds to the party vibe making the place so busy on New Year’s Eve. Also, enjoying with loved ones adds excitement to the night. The OYO Townhouse Oak Hotel Lake View Royal in Kolkata is a good place to look if you are planning a New Year’s vacation in Park street.
10. Kitty Su – Delhi
This year’s celebration will be fantastic, and you can be sure that it will be the best night of the time with renowned musicians and popular music in a jam. This place is just the perfect place for youth. You can enjoy music, food, and beverages here.
11. Kolkata’s The Underground
The place gets very celebratory on New Year’s Eve, and you won’t like to stop tapping your feet throughout the night. The underground is one of the best places to celebrate in Kolkata, so let all your impulses go and have a blast.

12. Om Negi’s Himalayan Camp in Kasol
Have you heard about Kasol’s silent disco after-party for New Year’s eve? It’s fun to try out unique events where you can groove to your favourite music. It will give you a perfect chance to enjoy the frenzy of the new eve.

13. Andaman & Nicobar Islands, The Yacht Party
Andaman and Nicobar Islands transform into a party hotspot during New Year’s eve. Sea Shell (Port Blair), Sea Princess Beach Resort, Silver Sand Beach Resort, Sinclairs Bay View, and Peerless Resort are some of the top sightseeing locations here.

14. House Party in Mcleodganj at Shiva Cafe
The little Hamlet-Shiva Cafe’s New Year’s celebration also reflects the hippy ethos of the area. Amid all the parties in town, the home-style meal, the jam sessions, and the incredible artists performing here will take you to a higher level.
Now you know the best parties across the country. They have their uniqueness and separate flavours. Pick the party you want to enjoy, reserve the best family hotel room with OYO, and travel to the location just before New Year’s eve. At these energetic celebrations, you’ll have a blast you’ll never forget.

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