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11 Best Street Food Eateries to Explore in Kolkata in 2021

The former British Capital of India, Kolkata is a dream destination for every foodie. This gastronomic destination in India features some of the tastiest street food eateries. Along with the authentic Bengali sweets and puchka, there’s much more to explore in the alleys and lanes of Kolkata.

The major areas that are famous for authentic street food in Kolkata are Golpark, Bhawanipore, Park Street, Esplanade, etc. If you are visiting the ‘City of Joy’ this summer, consider booking a budget hotel in Kolkata. Book Oyo hotels that are adhering to WHO guidelines to ensure hygienic accommodations for all their guests. Here are some legendary street food eateries to explore on your next trip to Kolkata:

  1. Dilipda’s phuchkas, Vivekananda Market

If you love the classic Gol Gappe or Pani Puri, you must try the mouthwatering street food, Phuchka at this joint. You can also try their papri chat, dum aloo phuchkas, and Dahi Phuchkas. If you like Phuchka, try out Churmur, which is a chaat made with crushed puchka, potato, chana, spices, and tamarind pulp. You can book your stay at budget hotels in Kolkata in the neighbourhood area.

  1. Zaika, Park Street

Savour the authentic Kathi Rolls, which first originated in Kolkata. This scrumptious roti wrap comes with eggs, shredded chicken, mutton, paneer, onions, and spices. Enjoy the delicious stuffing in thin roomali roti wrap. Love Kathi Rolls and want to explore more street food joints in the city? Check out Nizam’s and Kusum’s Kathi rolls. You can find major five-star hotels in Kolkata in the Park Street area.

  1. Fairlie Place, BBD Bag

How can you not try the legendary Lucchi and Aloo Dum, when you’re visiting Kolkata? The central business district of Kolkata features some delicious street food stalls in the city. Savour some Lucchi Aloo Dum in these joints. While you are browsing the neighbourhood markets in the Stock Exchange Road, you can try some Kachoris, Samosas, Chilla, Dal Pakori, and Dahi Chaat. You can book your stay at hotels in Kolkata in the BBD Bag area which comes at affordable rates.

  1. Dacre Street

The famous Dacre Street offers a wide variety of lip-smacking street foods. Enjoy the gastronomic delicacies like Chowmein, Schezwan chicken, fish roll, Ghugni, Puchkas, Jhali Muri, etc. An interesting fact to note here is that Dacre Street has been rated by WHO as one of the Best Street Foods in the World! You can find some best hotels in Kolkata in the area surrounding Dacre Street.

  1. Anadi Cabin, Jawaharlal Nehru Road

While visiting Kolkata, stop by at Anadi Cabin for a scrumptious lunch or snack of delicious Mughlai Parathas. Enjoy the crispy parathas stuffed with chicken keema, onions, spices, and eggs with some refreshing beverages. The neighbouring area of Jawaharlal Nehru Road features some of the best hotels in Kolkata.

  1. China Town, Tiretti Bazaar

Kolkata is often known for its affinity towards Chinese cuisine along with Bengali delicacies. Explore desi Chinese delicacies in China Town in the Tiretti Bazaar area. This market attracts tourists from all around especially during the Chinese New Year celebrations. Sample their rice dumpling soup, thukpa, momos, wontons, and much more at the China Town.

  1. Tiwari Brothers, Burra Bazaar

Partake in the traditional chai adda with some masala chai and Samosas at the Tiwari Brothers in the Burra Bazaar area. This is a great place to stop by for a delightful snack with your friends. You can book your stay at hotels near Esplanade during your visit to Kolkata.

  1. Ganguram, Golpark

Located at the junction of Golpark and Gariahat, this sweetmeat shop is a legend in Kolkata. Savour some decadent sweets and Radhabollobi with Aloo Dum at Ganguram. If you like Dahi, you must try the classic Misti Doi which is creamy and perfectly sweetened with Jaggery. Explore hotels near Gariahat to book your stay at an affordable rate.

  1. Mayaram’s, Lord Sinha Road

Having some pav bhaji craving while in Kolkata, head onto Mayaram’s in Lord Sinha Road. Get yourself a plate of delicious Pav Bhaji with onions, fresh lemon juice, and fluffy Pavs. While exploring the markets in Lord Sinha Road, sample a cold treat chuski or gola.

  1. Mitra Cafe, Gariahat Road

If you are looking for something filling, visit the legendary Mitra cafe in the Gariahat Golpark area. If you like non-veg, order lip-smacking Mutton Kabiraji which is a minced mutton cutlet coated in an egg batter. You can also try out these delicacies like Moghlai Parathas, Fish chops, Fish fingers, and Kathi Rolls. Explore the bustling markets and top sightseeing in Kolkata in the Gariahat Golpark area.

  1. Camac Street

This Kulfi joint is located behind St. Xavier’s College and the bustling Camac Street market. Indulge in some delicious Fruit Kulfis, which is sold by one Kulfiwalla in this region. Wondering on which flavor to try? Sample Mango, Sitaphal, and the Cheeku kulfis are all made with real fruit puree. While enjoying the Kulfis, explore some other street food joints in the area. Walk around and explore the top sightseeing in Kolkata in the Camac Street area.

These are some of the best street food eateries to explore on your next trip to Kolkata. To discover more street food joints in Kolkata, ask the locals or guides for more information.

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