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10 Tips for Enjoying the Journey, Not Just the Destination

Whenever you go out someplace, you may forget about enjoying the journey while being transfixed so much on the final destination. On the contrary, journeys are more important than the target. They give you more experiences and opportunities to explore. Try to savour the journeys when you go on a trip or vacation next time.


Tips to Actually Enjoy the Journey to Your Vacation

There are some essential tips with which you can learn to enjoy the journey instead of being entirely focused on the destination. Getting used to the tips will take some time, but they will help you every vacation.

  1. Bring some entertainment with you

When you go to any destination, it is natural to be long and uninteresting. Even when you have your phone, you can watch online videos or browse through social media for a certain period. But you don’t have to be stuck to your phone entirely. 

You can read a book or a magazine. If you love podcasts, you could listen to one. Or, if you are not feeling like listening to podcasts, listen to audiobooks. In addition, if you are travelling with your group, playing different card games or dumb charades can be fun.

  1. Follow healthy routines during your journey

One of the crucial aspects to focus on during your journey is to ensure you do not eat something that will upset your stomach. Moreover, follow healthy habits that do not overwhelm you. These habits will help you in creating a happy environment.   

  1. Stay hydrated with a reusable bottle

On the journey anywhere, carrying a water bottle with you is important. You will be thirsty on the road and want to have water. And keeping a reusable water bottle will also be better for the environment. 

  1. Take some candies and snacks

Whether travelling with kids or without them, you require some gums and snacks. The snacks will be helpful when you are out on a long journey and do not stop anywhere in between. And even the gums in your candies will be most beneficial if you do not feel as well while travelling.

  1. Do research about the place

No matter where you are going, when it comes to exploring a new place, nothing helps better than knowing it. Doing this will help you plan your trip and utilise the number of days to the optimum level. If possible, try to learn a bit of the local language of the place as well. 

  1. Make a playlist

Any journey becomes more exhausting if you do not have a playlist to listen to. If you are going on a road trip, having a playlist full of songs that fit the mood is necessary. No matter who you are going with or if you are on a solo vacation, having a playlist is always a comfort. 

  1. Leave some spare time

When you are going somewhere, if you have everything on a jam-packed tight schedule, it will become too tiresome for you. You will have a different energy when you reach your destination. When you have spare time left, you will also be able to go at your own pace and truly enjoy the experience of the journey.

  1. Journal

If you are more into reading and writing, it is one of the best times to pen down your thoughts and expectations about the journey while you are on the way. Having a journal also works as a stress reliever that you could use to calm your anxiety related to the journey. You can also carry a city-guide book that will help you explore the highlights of a place.

  1. Take a nap

If you want to explore any place to its best, staying energised is crucial. Exhaustion can diminish enjoyment and even make you feel disconnected. It is important that you do not ruin your sleep. Along with this, napping is also an efficient way of getting the well-deserved rest you may need. While travelling, when you have boarded the flight or train, you can nap without worrying about missing it. You will be entirely rejuvenated to explore your destination when you wake up.

  1. Take a camera

Pictures are the best way to keep memories alive forever. In that regard, you would never want to miss the camera on a trip. Even while on the journey, you will come across many scenic routes you will love to capture for your memory. 


Plan Your Journey Beforehand with OYO

A fundamental way of enjoying and living your journey is ensuring you do not leave anything for the last minute. You should not leave booking your accommodations for the last minute. Instead, you can use OYO Rooms and book your accommodations instantly. For instance, if you go to Kolkata, you can look for the best family hotels in Kolkata.

Once you have booked your accommodations, you can also plan the top sightseeing places in Kolkata that you intend to visit. You can also look for restaurants where you can taste authentic local cuisine and any other plan that may be required. When looking for your accommodations from OYO Rooms, you can find a hotel that suits your needs by choosing the price range you prefer. Along with that, you can choose between different categories of hotels that differ in their pricing, services, and other benefits. 


The destination matters a lot for your every vacation but not any more than the journey itself. The journey is when you can relax and lay back while enjoying seeing your surroundings change. And while you are on and away, you can take assistance from OYO Rooms for any accommodation needed within your price. No matter where you go, you can find OYO Rooms in almost every place within India.

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