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10 Picture-Perfect Places to Visit in Fall

Autumn is here with all its charm, the rain has just ceased, and the scent of petrichor has mixed with the aroma of all the flowers. The weather becomes pleasant and comfortable during this time, and the numerous festivals and continual celebrations make fall a joyous season. With this comes a long list of holidays, so why not look for the best cities to visit in autumn? These are the ten best fall destinations for your perfect social media posts.

1. Kashmir

Kashmir deserves to be at the top of our list of best fall destinations. Imagine waking up to view autumn’s spell in full swing, with shikaras drifting and the sky divided into a thousand colours. Kashmir is a traveller’s paradise that may be visited at any time of year. The magnificence of this area in October cannot be expressed in words. You can even see the beauty of the place through the open spaces of one of the best family resorts in Kashmir, such as the OYO 91238 Hotel Matamal And Cafe.

2. Golden Temple, Amritsar

The Golden Temple in Amritsar has unique architecture built on water and provides a stunning perspective. The reflection of its gold surface on the waters of the Sarovar River is a sight to see. A photographer’s eye will be delighted with the vista of the temple.

3. Kerala

Kerala, often known as God’s own country, is one of India’s most picturesque states. Fall is also the season when Onam comes, and the air is filled with enthusiasm and contagious energy. When commemorating this magnificent holiday, Kerala leaves no stone unturned. Plan a trip to Kerala and spend time with your loved ones in a family hotel in Kerala, like the OYO Flagship 73858 Saligram Residency.

4. Uttarakhand

Winters in hill stations like Nainital, Rishikesh, and Mussoorie may be severe, and not everyone can enjoy what they offer. Autumn comes to your rescue at times like these, with its newly washed hilltops, cold winds, and green canopies. Hiking is one of the best things to do in a place like this, and when in need of rest, one can search for a family resort near me.

5. Kolkata

The country’s second-largest city appears to be a fantasy village brought to life by fantastic literature. The old-colonial era structures shine brightly during the season of Durga puja and Navratri. One cannot miss the joy and excitement that fall brings to this city.

6. Rajasthan

The months of October to March are ideal for visiting Rajasthan since the days are bright and not too humid, with cooler evenings. The desert effects kick in full force in April, May, and June when temperatures spike, bringing tigers out in search of water, which is ideal for safaris during the day and resting in a family lodge in Rajasthan during the night.

7. Varanasi

Varanasi, with its 80 river ghats along the Ganga, lends a spiritual and antique beauty to the city, providing you with some fantastic images. It is one of the most spiritual places in the world, so go on a vacation to the city of Ghats with your family and friends.

8. Gujarat

Autumn celebrations like Dussehra in Ahmedabad are like something out of a movie. The bright traditional dances, the lively Garba you may engage in, and the beautiful lights covering the city make the celebration experience in the town truly dreamlike. With its forts and temples, Gujarat is surely one of the best cities to visit in autumn.

9. Manali

A friends group road trip is a must during the fall, with at least a week stay in a family resort in Manali like the OYO Flagship 44220 Camp Exotica. Manali comes alive in October, with the start of the autumn season. Temperatures plummet in October as winter approaches, and everything green in September turns orange.

10. Agra

The stunning grandeur of Fatehpur Sikri, the Taj Mahal, the Buland Darwaza, and other ancient buildings, as well as the wonderful street cuisine in Agra, will capture you. Agra captivates both locals and visitors from other cities or countries.


The season begins with Navratri, which provides nine days of worship and oneness. It continues with Dussehra and Diwali before concluding with Christmas, which is celebrated in diverse ways around the country. Cities around the country are well bright and lit with joy and excitement.

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