10 Legendary Places To Visit In Kolkata In 2021

Kolkata – the city of joy is a boisterous mix of old-world charm and urban chaos. From its iconic tourist spots, busy street food bylanes, and the always bustling markets, Kolkata has a lot to offer to its tourists on a spectacular platter of culture, history, and gastronomical wonders.

The former British Capital of India has a rich cultural heritage, art, nature, and architecture. This vibrant city invites you to witness its artistic grandeur, historic culture, and literary legacy. Along with the spectacular sightseeing tours in Kolkata, don’t miss out on the alluring food streets in Kolkata. 

The best places to visit in Kolkata are a plenty that bring tourists from all parts of the world to explore and revel in the city’s tourism. The best time to visit Kolkata, the city of joy, is during October to March. The weather is much cooler during these months to walk around and explore the city comfortably. While visiting Kolkata, you can book https://www.oyorooms.com/hotels-in-kolkata/?utm_source=blog&utm_medium=seo&utm_campaign=kcontent&utm_term=keywordhotels near Kolkata railway station so that travelling around the city’s popular spots gets convenient for you.

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The best places to visit in Kolkata has something for every kind of traveler. Whether you are someone who likes to explore historical place or enjoy local street food, Kolkata has much to offer. Check out these offbeat attractions in and around Kolkata:

1. Victoria Memorial

Iconic in all sense and one of the most visited places in Kolkata, The Victoria Memorial is spread over 57 acres of land, housing 21 lush green gardens, 28,394 artefacts, and 3,900 artistic paintings. Built-in the memory of Queen Victoria, this white marble architectural wonder welcomes 20 lakhs visitors annually and now serves as a museum to the tourists. 

A visit to Victoria Memorial symbolizes taking a walk down the era of India’s glorious past and how it has evolved since the colonial days. We recommend you should spend a minimum of 3-4 hours here to know and reflect upon India’s past depicted through a series of paintings, artifacts, sculptures and books

Location: Victoria Memorial Hall, 1, Queen’s Way, Kolkata

Timings: 10 am to 5 pm

Entry Fee: INR 30 for Indian tourists, and INR 200 for foreigner tourists. 

Specialty: It is the top tourist attraction in Kolkata.

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2. Howrah Bridge

Plan a memorable visit to the Harbour Bridge of India, which is currently known as the Howrah Bridge and has acquired the status of one of the top places to visit in Kolkata. This is one of the oldest and iconic landmarks of Kolkata which dots the Kolkata skyline. The best time to drive through the bridge is during the early morning or sunset. Ranked as one of the popular places to visit in Kolkata, the Howrah Bridge looks dazzling in the night skyline. Book hotel in Howrah station to visit this iconic bridge. 


Location: Jagannath Ghat, 1, Strand Road, Kolkata

Timings: N/A

Entry Fee: Free Entry

3. Sundarbans

Sunderbans is one of the natural wonders of the world and a must-visit place in Kolkata. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sunderbans is a part of the world’s largest delta formed by the Ganges, Brahmaputra, and Meghna. Visit the largest tiger reserve and national park in India. Soak in the breathtaking natural beauty amid the surreal landscape. You might get a glimpse of the Royal Bengal Tiger amid the mangrove bushes. 


Location: Dayapur, Gosaba, West Bengal

Timings: 8 AM – 6 PM

Entry Fee: INR 15 for Indian tourists & INR 150 for foreigner tourists

Specialty: It is home to the Sundarban White tiger. 

4. Botanical Gardens 

Botanical gardens, a majestic landscaped garden located along the western banks of River Ganga, is sprawled across 273 acres and drives tourists from all parts of the world. Home to undiluted land topography and bewildering man-made lakes, Botanical Garden is known for its extensive floral diversity that offers a blissful experience for nature lovers spend some quiet and soothing time in the nature’s lap. Botanical Garden showcases more than 12,000 different species of plants and is a must-visit place in Kolkata for nature admirers.


Location: Shibpur, Howrah, West Bengal

Timings: 10 am to 7 pm

Entry Fee: INR 10 for Indians | INR 100 for foreigners

Specialty: Tourists often toss coins in the water to make a wish.

5. Digha Beach

One of the most popular sea resorts in West Bengal, Digha is a few hours’ drive from Kolkata. This pristine sandy beach extends for 7km with gentle rolling waves. Check out sea-view hotels in Digha. Enjoy the scrumptious freshly caught seafood and fish. There is a myriad of accommodations available near the Digha beach. You can also explore nearby beaches like New Digha. Tajpur, and Mandarmani. Digha hotels are known for chic accommodation with beautiful sea-view rooms. Find budget-friendly hotel in Digha for your family vacation. You can take a train from Sealdah railway station to visit Digha. Book a hotel near Sealdah railway station

If you want to explore a secluded beach, check out Udaipur beach, which is located 2km from Digha.

6. Dakshineswar Kali Temple

Dedicated to Bhavatarani, an aspect of Goddess Kali and depicted as ‘the savior of the universe’; Dakshineshwar Kali Temple is one of the most-visited tourist attractions in Kolkata. The oldest temple ever built; it witnesses pilgrims from all parts of the world in huge numbers. The place holds a special religious significance amongst locals and tourists alike that flock the spot for its divine aura and to seek blessings.

7. St. Paul’s Cathedral

The St. Paul’s Cathedral is a majestic cathedral featuring a regal, Gothic style of architecture. As one of the largest cathedrals in Kolkata, it is worth a visit for all tourists traveling to Kolkata. The worship service is held every Sunday morning. If you are visiting during Christmas, it is worth a visit. Plan a sightseeing tour to the major historical churches in Kolkata during your stay in the city of joy. 


       Location: Maidan, Kolkata

Timings: 9 am- 12 pm in the mornings and 3 pm- 6 pm in the evenings

Entry Fee: Free Entry

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