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10 Essential Tips for Planning the Perfect Family Vacation

Family vacations leave everyone with great memories. Having a fun and relaxing time in beautiful surroundings with people you love and care about, gives you ultimate happiness. But if your vacation plans don’t go smoothly, your holiday spirit can easily get affected. 

Thus, here are certain tips and ideas that can make your family vacation a memorable experience! 

1. Choose Wisely

Everyone must have a good time when going on a family vacation. Therefore, ensure your destination has something to offer every family member. You can not take your old parents and toddlers to a place where there are only adventure sports to do. Instead, you can take them for top sightseeing in the destination.  

2. Pre-Book

If you travel alone, you can go with the flow and make spontaneous decisions. But while travelling with family, you must have a plan. This includes booking everything from flights to hotels and tickets to places you plan to visit. Some hotels, such as OYO family hotels in all cities, provide a hassle-free booking system with Pay-At-Hotel features. You can make use of family discounts and plan everything for a carefree vacation. 

3. Keep Your Important Documents

Carrying your identity and finance-proof documents while travelling is essential.  Keep them safe by carrying them in a file. If you are travelling with children, give them a document containing details such as your contact number, hotel address etc. 

4. Fun Activities

 When travelling with kids or extended family on long journeys, carry a game, maze book, or a tablet with downloaded movies to have fun. If you are travelling in large groups, you can also carry board games to play during the journey or at the hotels. 

5. Carry Enough Snacks 

More people means more snacking. It would be best if you carry enough snacks for everyone. Especially if you travel with kids, ensure they stay hydrated and eat nutritious food. Furthermore, be prepared for 4 P.M. hunger pangs, midnight cravings or the hunger that strikes when you go top sightseeing in the city. 

6. Plan The Stops

If you travel by road, you must consider how many stops you can make. Plan your holidays carefully and use them to expend energy. Most people get bored sitting in closed spaces such as a car for a long time. And as time goes by, they can start to feel grumpy. So when you stop for food or go to the washroom, stretch your muscles by walking, running, and being active. If you expend energy, your ride gets smoother and less tedious. Additionally, you can also stop at parks, scenic spots, etc., to make the most of your journey. 

7. Carry Essentials

You must list all the essentials you might need and pack accordingly. First aid comes first. Carry cotton pads, bandaids, antiseptics, etc. Whether you travel solo or with family, packing light is the key to a hassle-free vacation. But carrying essentials are more integral. 

8. Use a Card Instead Of Cash

It is always a safe choice to go cashless wherever you can. When travelling to new places, try using your debit or credit card for payments. 

9. Stash Some Cash

Paying by card does not mean you should not carry cash at all. You need to take a good amount of money in case of emergencies like losing your cards. Hence, be smart and stash your cash somewhere in a safe place. You can use the inside of your jacket pocket for keeping your cash hidden from prying eyes. 

10. Learn About the Destination

Whether you travel locally or internationally, you need to familiarise yourself with the destination for smooth travelling. Furthermore, consider buying a local sim to make calls and text messages and get a map or pin the location in your itinerary on your phone. You should also remember landmarks and what to do in case you lose your way. 

How Can OYO Hotels Help You In Having A Perfect Vacation?

Planning a family vacation during summer holidays can be challenging due to the price hikes and summer breaks. Everything from the cost of transport, meal, entry fees to several places, etc., rises.  Therefore, by following the above tips you can plan your trip wisely. And, don’t forget to opt for OYO family hotels in places when it comes to choosing accommodation. 

OYO rooms let you balance fun and relaxation seamlessly. You can choose from different-sized beds according to your family’s needs. You can live at homestays or villas for extra space and privacy if you are a large group. Additionally, you can opt for Collection O or Townhouse Oak to add a touch of luxury to your stay. As Flagship hotels are located near prime locations, you can reach all attractions quickly without wasting much time and money on transportation. With OYO rooms, you can have a perfect family vacation and create memories that can be cherished forever. 


No one likes to deal with problems or minor issues during family vacations. So to ensure your family remains safe and comfortable throughout, use the tips and ideas mentioned above to have a fantastic holiday. And to make your stay as wonderful as the vacation, choose OYO hotels.

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