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10 Delicious Snacks and Sweets to Enjoy During Eid al-Fitr

Eid-ul-Fitr is a time of celebration after a month-long of prayers, repentance, discipline and fasting. People wear new clothes, meet and greet everyone, visit their family and friends and spread the message of brotherhood. But what makes Eid even more special is the mouth-watering and flavourful food made on this day. 

Enjoy These 10 Delicious Dishes On Eid


Good food adds happiness to any occasion. Many cities around the world are known for their Eid feasts. Here we bring you ten dishes and delicacies you can try this Eid.


Popularly known as Haleem, this dish reigns as the undisputed king on any dining table in Ramadan. The three main ingredients of this flavorful stew are wheat, meat, and lentils. It is then cooked, mashed and stewed for several hours to achieve the perfect consistency. If you go for top sightseeing during Ramadan, Harees stalls will meet your eyes everywhere. 

Arabian Fruit Salad 

You can find fruit salad or chat on almost all iftar tables in Asian countries. This simple dish is made with thinly sliced fruits mixed and topped with sugar, orange juice and a sprinkle of chat masala to add a tangy, spicy touch. 

Shami Kebab

While butter chicken and butter paneer have a romantic relationship with naans and parathas, shami kebabs eaten with pudina/mint chutney and warqi paratha transfer you to a world of aromas and flavours. The snack is made with minced lamb meat and chana dal mixed with spices, onions, green chillies, and coriander leaves. You can give them a round or diamond shape and fry them until the crisp outer layer forms. 

Dahi Vada

While the delicious Dahi Bhalla is a chat variant popular in North India, Dahi Vadas belongs to the same family and is most prevalent during Ramadan. Lentil fritters, commonly known as bhajias, are left to soak in thick curd seasoned with curry leaves and mustard seeds tempering. 

Hyderabadi Biryani

Due to its delightful flavour and mouth-watering aroma, Hyderabadi Biryani is one of the most loved food items. It comes out with the perfect alignment of spices, the right process, and patience. The Hyderabadi dish has different variants, such as mutton, chicken and fish biryani. 

Sufi Malpua

It is a sweet dish prepared with milk, flour, pure ghee, and sooji. A popular dish made on Eid, Sufi Malpua melts in your mouth and leaves you wanting more. Many people make and share the Malpuas with friends and families, so you can easily have one on Eid.

Khajoor Halwa

It is a famous Arabian dessert prepared with dates and clarified butter. Lots of dry fruits such as pistachios, almonds, and raisins go into it, along with sugar and cardamom. The health benefits of dates are many, and it is why this dish is loved by many even after having the entire month of Ramadan.

Zarda Pulao

Zarda pulao is made by cooking rice, saffron, sugar and dry fruits. The rice preparation is served as a sweet dish on Eid. The word Zard means yellow in Persian, and the dish is known for its yellowish colour, hence the name. 

Sheer Korma

Eid seems incomplete without the famous Sheer Khurma. A dish is made by boiling milk until it gets creamy and adding a generous amount of sugar, dry fruits and roasted vermicelli. This sweet dish is prepared in every household on Eid. 

Kimami Sewaiyan 

It won’t be an exaggeration if we say that Eid is incomplete without Sewaiyan. Eaten throughout the day on Eid, this dish is made with roasted vermicelli, almond, coconuts, lotus seeds, sugar, khoya, cashews, raisins and condensed milk. A bowl of Kimami Sewaiya is gooey, rich and heavy enough to give you a good night’s sleep. 

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People make many snacks and sweets on Eid and share them with others as a token of love and togetherness. Tasty food enhances the bond of love and unity between people. You can travel to different cities to taste its signature food. While enjoying the festival, leave the tension of your stay on us. You can always choose OYO family hotels in any city for a safe and comfortable stay.

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