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10 Best Destinations for Solo Women Travelers in India

We often hear men around us planning or going on solo trips. Travelling alone can be an enriching experience. But why should boys have all the fun? However, women often give up on their solo plans due to concerns about their safety. If you take proper precautions and plan accordingly, a woman can have the adventure of her life without anybody’s help! 

We have compiled a list of ten destinations women can travel to alone and have a memorable time. 

10 Amazing Destinations for Solo Women Travelers in India



Many solo women travellers love Pondicherry due to its stunning beaches and peaceful atmosphere. The colourful houses provide a touch of Greece; however, the culture here blends French and Parisian. You can relax at cafes or have fun at the beaches. There are several ashrams and pubs that you can check out too. 

Accommodation in Pondicherry is never a problem because you can find various OYO options and great facilities. Whether you are looking for affordable family hotels in Pondicherry or homes and villas near beaches, you can find the perfect stay according to your preferences. Families, couples, solo travellers, foreign visitors, and friends are welcome at OYO.



The tea gardens of Munnar have the magical powers to make you forget the rest of the world. Shimmering lakes and abundant wildlife add to the beauty of this place. You can go hiking anytime, as the weather here is generally pleasant. Also, the location features a wide variety of attractions that will keep you entertained and joyful while on your solo trip. You can even get some really good clicks to flaunt on social media.

You can plan your accommodation at OYO hotels and resorts. OYO offers certain categories of hotels you may choose from to find the ideal place to stay. You can choose from various family hotels in Munnar, affordable rooms, or spacious villas and homes. Their interior and architectural design will enchant you.



Kasol is a superhit destination for solo women travellers. The quaint town attracts hikers and nature lovers in huge numbers. Whether you are on a soul-searching journey or simply looking for delicious food, Kasol is the place to be! You can also find safe but cheap lodging in Kasol by searching for family hotels near me. Apart from this, OYO rooms provide multiple accommodations for travellers at affordable prices that offer a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscapes.



Indian travellers love Nainital. With its scenic beauty, pleasant weather, and beautiful lakes, it has become one of the favourite destinations for solo women travellers. You can visit temples, trek up to the peaks, and shop in the Tibetan market. The weather here is pleasant all year round, and accommodations here are plenty. Choose OYO family hotels in Nainital for a safe and memorable stay. With OYO hotels and resorts, you can maximise your solo trip enjoyment while keeping an eye on your budget and accessibility to Nainital’s attractions.



When mentioning destinations for solo trips, you cannot leave out Goa. Women travelling solo have a lot to do here. Chill out on the many beaches or try some adventure sports. Explore Goa’s wildlife or amazing architecture while indulging yourself in sumptuous Goan cuisine. 

Choosing safe and reputable accommodation is important when you plan a solo trip. Opt for OYO family suites in Goa or family resorts in Goa. Such places also offer services for top sightseeing in Goa



For a truly royal experience, solo women travellers should visit Udaipur. Known as the gem of Rajasthan, you can enjoy folklore or explore the majestic imperial structures. If you are a history lover, this place has much to offer. Visit palaces, museums, and cenotaphs to have an enriching experience. 

The city of royals also offers royal accommodations, such as family suites in Udaipur, that provide a safe and luxurious stay. These OYO hotels offer fantastic packages and are pretty inexpensive. They provide high-speed Wi-Fi as well as full power backup facilities.



There are a lot of travel destinations in Himachal Pradesh, but the beauty and charm of Manali remain unparalleled. The hill station offers a peaceful getaway for solo female travellers. You can go on treks, river rafting, visit temples, or explore the region. Relaxing at the Vashisht hot springs makes you forget your troubles. 

Finding accommodation is not a problem as there are many safe family hotels in Manali. OYO has greatly enhanced the hotel accommodation experience. You can also choose to stay at family resorts or suites. Therefore, you get to enjoy top sightseeing in Manali while having an amazing stay. 



Coorg is famous as the Scotland of India. As one of the most visited hill stations in India, Coorg is a haven for solo women travellers. You can enjoy authentic coffee, visit wildlife sanctuaries, and visit tourist places. It offers a rejuvenating experience. You can have a relaxing stay by choosing one of the best family hotels in Coorg. OYO offers affordable lodging that adds to the beauty of top sightseeing in Coorg



If you are looking for a place like Goa but minus the crowd, Varkala is the place for you. Also known as mini-Goa, its off-beat atmosphere makes it perfect for solo women travellers. You can surf, chill on the beaches, or enjoy the quaint cafes, markets, local cuisine, and bars. The OYO family suites at Varkala offer all the essentials and facilities to make your stay comfortable. 



A hot cup of Darjeeling tea is always at the top of everyone’s list of things to do when they get to town. Along with its tea, the place is also renowned for its slow-moving life. So if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of cities and take shelter in the serenity of natural beauty, choose Darjeeling. The place features lovely scenery in addition to the most incredible tourist attractions. Therefore, this hill town is ideal for your solo vacation if you love the outdoors and enjoy being surrounded by nature. 

Finding the ideal hotel when visiting this stunning hill station used to be fairly tough, but it is much simpler, thanks to OYO hotels and resorts. From family hotels in Darjeeling to friendly people, the place is always safe for solo women travellers. 


A solo trip is a journey of self-discovery. It allows you to explore the world independently and on your terms. Living alone and making decisions makes you more confident and frees you of fears or inhibitions.

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