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OYO 210 Andes Hotel Pvt Ltd
OYO 231 Hotel Magnificent View
OYO 232 Hotel Titanic Pvt Ltd
OYO 233 Waling Fulbari Guest House
OYO 241 Nytapola View Guest House
OYO 104 Hotel Baltic INN
OYO 104 Hotel Baltic INN Budget
Tribhuvan International Airport, Sinamangal, Kathmandu
4.1 Very Good
599 Ratings
NPR 1606
NPR 2142 per night
25% OFF
OYO 237 Hotel S Galaxy
OYO 237 Hotel S Galaxy Budget
Kalanki, Kathmandu
4.0 Very Good
42 Ratings
NPR 1699
NPR 2266 per night
25% OFF
OYO 149 Kalpa Brikshya Hotel
OYO 149 Kalpa Brikshya Hotel Budget
Pingalasthan, Jamuna Galli, Kathmandu
4.1 Very Good
127 Ratings
NPR 1714
NPR 2285 per night
25% OFF
OYO 206 Mount View Homes
OYO 205 Geranium garden resort

Be under the watchful gaze of Buddha as you enter the divine city of Kathmandu. Get a pupil-dilating experience as you set your eyes on a riot of sights, sounds and smells that will quickly lead to a sensory overload. Whether you’re squeezing through the traffic-jammed alleyways of the town in a rickety rickshaw or take a step back and start marvelling at the medieval temples of this old town, Kathmandu will be an intoxicating, amazing and exhausting place to visit in Nepal. The city still shines bright even after the 2015 Kathmandu earthquake brought devastation to the city - including Kathmandu's UNESCO-listed Durbar Square. Stroll through the backstreets and marvel at Kathmandu’s timeless cultural and artistic heritage as they reveal itself in hidden temples holding treasure unknown to man, streets filled with all varieties of spices spread out for drying, and tiny toy-sized workshops. This endlessly fascinating and sometimes infuriating city will have enough sights to keep you busy for a week or more! But instead of going through the usual backpacker comforts, explore the ‘real Nepal’ before your time in Kathmandu is out.

Kathmandu - Places to Visit

Having doubts about just how versatile Kathmandu really is? Hit Thamel road for shopping in Kathmandu. A busy tourist street lined with shops selling beautiful brightly coloured Kathmandu clothing, Tibetan singing bowls, bootleg hiking gear, Kukri swords, and many other souvenirs. Walk further down the buzzing streets of Thamel Kathmandu towards Durbar Square and get mesmerized by the sounds, smells, and colors of a truly versatile city. See some live art in another famous shopping destination in Kathmandu, Tibetan Thangka Gallery. Thangkas here are painted on the spot and many pieces from here ending up in the Durbar Sq shops with higher price tags. Get your bargain game on to take back some great works of art.
Looking for some fun things to do in Kathmandu? Head to House of Music. This beery bar is the best place in Kathmandu to listen to original Nepali rock, reggae and R’n’B music. Be there on Friday when it’s the liveliest! Be sure to check out the upcoming concerts that are posted on the venue’s Facebook page. It’s part-owned by the drummer of 1974AD, one of Nepal’s biggest bands. Done with bobbing your head to the rhythm? Time to pull out that tux for the gents and that gorgeous evening gown for the ladies to step into Casino Royale! Sip on champagne or dance in style. Your choice, since you will feel like a million dollars at this classy club. Dive into some blues as you head to Jazz Upstairs. Go here on a Wednesday or Saturday night to catch the live jazz in this tiny upstairs bar. With a friendly vibe an interesting mix clientele ranging from locals and expats alike. Jazz your way into this cute little bar and note down in your itinerary that Monday brings live blues.
Kathmandu's royal palace, known as the Hanuman Dhoka has a great history behind it. Originally founded during the Licchavi period (4th- 8th Centuries AD), the compound was expanded considerably by King Pratap Malla in the 17th century. Unfortunately, this beautiful palace was hit hard by the earthquake in 2015 and left behind extensive damage. The palace was closed for reconstruction, but is now open to visitors with full access to the beautiful royal museum and thus is one of the best places to visit in Kathmandu after earthquake. Cloaked in red and sheltered by an umbrella, the massive Hanuman statue stands mighty and marks the dhoka (entrance) to the Hanuman Dhoka. Next, head to Seto Machhendranath Temple which is situated Southwest of Asan Tole at the junction known as Kel Tole. This temple attracts both Buddhists and Hindus. While the Buddhists look at Seto (White) Machhendranath as a form of Avalokiteshvara, for the Hindus he is a rain which brings the incarnation of Shiva. The temple's white-faced God is taken out during the Seto Machhendranath festival in March/April each year for parading around the city in a grand chariot.
Lastly, relax in The Garden of Dreams and marvel at the gorgeous details in the small garden, be it the original gate, the new fountains and ponds, and a ‘secret garden’ down south. The beautifully restored Swapna Bagaicha or Garden of Dream remains one of the most serene and beautiful sight in Kathmandu. Built by Field Marshal Kaiser Shamser (1892–1964) back in the 1920s, the Garden of Dreams is a place to savoir the serenity. Grab a book or picnic to distract yourself from the hot-blooded Nepali couples and relax on one of the lawn mats for one having one calming day. So yes, this is one of the best places to visit in Kathmandu for couples.

accommodation in Kathmandu

As for finding the perfect stay, look no further when you have OYO which brings to you the best hotel in Kathmandu situated nicely in Sanogaucharan which is at a convenient distance to Kathmandu airport! Call OYO Captain Prakash Rao from Kathmandu for any assistance so that you can sit back in this garden rooftop hotel and have one memorable stay that you can take back home. We provide you with top-notch amenities in AC, Geyser, Bar, TV, Power backup, Parking facility and one spotless bathroom without creating a huge dent in your pockets. With OYO, you are bound to find a stay that you will fall in love with. Have one memorable stay in Kathmandu with your all-time favourite stay partner, OYO.

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Are there any cheap hotels near kathmandu airport?
Yes. With the help of OYO you can sort hotels on the basis of price. You just need to visit our filter panel present on the left side and under 'Price' filter you can set the price range under which you want to book your stay
Are there any good hotels in kathmandu nepal near airport?
Yes. OYO tends to provide its customers an unforgettable hospitality experience. You just need to visit this link: and can book your stay.
Are there any good hotels in thamel area of kathmandu?
Through OYO, you can easily seek some of the finest hotels and accommodations nearby your preferred location. Under 'Popular Localities', search for your preferred locality, a list of top hotels in that area will appear and you can book your stay.
Are there any hotels in maharajgunj kathmandu with parking facility?
Yes. OYO offers a variety of hotels in maharajgunj kathmandu that has such facilities. Filter your choice under 'Hotel Amenities' filter and choose 'Parking Facility' or visit this link: and you can book your stay.
Are there any best hotels in kathmandu near pashupatinath temple?
Through OYO you can seek some of the finest hotels in kathmandu near pashupatinath temple. You just need to visit this link: and you can choose from the list of hotels displayed.
Provide me a list of hotels in maharajgunj kathmandu that are best suited for business traveller.
Here at OYO, you can filter hotels according to your needs. You can go to our filter panel on the left side of the city page and under 'Collections' filter select 'For Business Travellers' as this will show you a list of hotels offering such facilities.
Provide me a list of hotels near kathmandu international airport under 3 km distance.
With OYO, you can easily track hotels nearby your preferred location . You can visit our filter panel and under ' Distance' filter you can choose ' 3 km' as this will display hotels that comes under that particular distance.
Suggest me a list of hotels near lazimpat kathmandu with parking facility.
You can find various good hotels near lazimpat kathmandu with OYO. You can visit our filter section and under 'Hotel Amenities' choose 'Parking Facility' as this will display a llist of hotels having such facilities.
Suggest me any hotel near sundhara kathmandu that has parking facility in it.
OYO provides its customers a variety of hotels that has parking facility in it. You can easily look for such hotels by clicking here: and can book your stay.
Suggest me some budget hotels in lazimpat kathmandu.
With OYO, you can get excellent budget hotels in lazimpat kathmandu. Just visit the filter section and under 'Property Type' choose 'Budget' and this will display all the properties that comes under this category.