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Where to Find the Best Street Food in the USA?

America is renowned for its high-quality cuisine, ranging from gourmet farmer’s markets to chef-driven restaurants. While plenty of fine-dining establishments are worth visiting, the country also boasts a thriving street food scene that draws in travelers from all over the world. From food trucks to carts and stalls, street vendors offer a mouthwatering array of delicious and drool-worthy dishes.

Eating street food is a multi-sensory experience that fully immerses yourself in the local culture. In the US, street food perfectly blends casual dining and a window into the country’s culinary heritage. So why not skip the traditional fine dining experience and hit the streets to explore some tantalizing flavors? Get ready to experience an exciting culinary journey! Plan your trip to the United States, book your stay at an OYO townhouse, and you will surely find the best street food in the US. Buckle up and enjoy the culinary trip!

Places to Find the Best Street Food in the US

American street food is popular, whether it is delicious burritos or pizzas on the go. You can find delectable dishes that are worth traveling for. Food trucks are famous in cities like New York and Portland. Besides being a delectable option, street foods also save you on dining costs, which are too high in the country. Thus, instead, you can explore the street food options at the places below and try unique cuisine at every corner of the street:

San Francisco

San Francisco in California is the wonderland of street food attracting natives and tourists alike, with food stalls selling pure regional dishes to lip-smacking healthy treats. Curry Up Now is the first Indian food truck in the city. It has branches at various locations. Roli Roti is popular for its rotisserie chicken, and Senor Sisig specializes in comforting food that combines Mexican and Filipino flavors. You can also visit SoMa StrEat Food Park and feast on tasty treats. San Francisco also offers thriving eateries that help you maximize the street food scene.


Chicago is the perfect place if you love comfort food. It houses a soulful restaurant scene and has a bunch of food trucks and marketplaces selling delicious street food, where you can treat yourself to delicious food, from deep-dish pizza and Chicago-style hot dogs to mouthwatering doughnuts and juices. While exploring the food scene, head to the Quesabirria Jalisco for cheese quesadillas stuffed with corn tortillas, and visit Jim’s Original for Maxwell Street Polish Hot Dog. Fat Shallot is famous for grilled cheese with sauteed onions, and the Happy Lobster is the ultimate place for feasting on delicious lobsters.

New Orleans

New Orleans is one of the best places in America for long weekend getaways. It is famous for its soulful and authentic Creole restaurants. But do you know that the city is famous for its street food? Yes, that’s right! Therefore, regardless of your travel plans, go offbeat and explore the various food trucks selling sizzling street food. If you love Mexican food, visit the Rollins Fatties Food Truck and treat yourself to a drool-worthy chicken fatty burrito. Head to the Cluck Truck for their tempting southern-style fried chicken. Also, visit Frencheeze for a mouthwatering grilled cheese sandwich.


The Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington, is the main attraction of the street food landscape. It is among the oldest constantly functioning farmers’ markets in the place that startles visitors with the countless food stalls that are tempting. Halt at  Mee Sum Pastry for a bowl of ‘curry beef hom bow’ or at Pike Place Chowder for creamy clam chowder. Try homemade biscuits or espresso at Biscuit Bitch. Explore the market and venture further beyond it, and you will come across food trucks spread throughout the beautiful city of Seattle. Kathmandu Momocha is famous for its Himalayan dumplings. Swagg-N-Wagon serves delicious fried chicken, and Off The Rez is a must-visit place for mouthwatering Indian tacos and frybread.

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Eating local street food is an interesting way to know more about the distinctive culture of your holiday destination. Apart from being delicious, street food is also a very affordable and fascinating option to eat while traveling. Besides various tourist attractions, the United States is famous for its world-class street food. Trying American street food is the most authentic way to experience American culture. The epic foods and dishes have stories, histories, and associated experiences. They highlight the country’s diversity and complexities.

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