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Planning Your Perfect Orlando Vacation: Tips and Tricks

Orlando is a renowned destination for travelers worldwide. It is an assemblage of dining and lodging options with various entertainment hotspots. The place covers so many fun-doing activities that you may find it challenging to narrow your list. However, its popularity stems from the many attractions you can enjoy alone or with your family. 

But before heading towards Orlando, applying tips and tricks to make your vacation worth every penny is essential. The article covers some easy tips and tricks to make your trip successful, covering all the stops you want to visit. Also, you can even book your accommodations at OYO Rooms to have the most carefree and relaxing trip. 

Top 6 Tips and Tricks for Planning the Best Orlando Vacation

Sometimes, you may not have time to plan your dream Orlando holiday. In that case, you can go through the various tips and tricks given below to have the most memorable vacation in Orlando. 

  • Plan Your Activities in Advance

When visiting Orlando, plan your activities based on the number of days you will stay in the city. Planning will help immensely when you take the enormity of the number of activities you can do in Orlando. 

For instance, Orlando is popular for its beaches, and you can plan to go to four different beaches, including Tampa Bay, Daytona Beach, Canaveral National Seashore, and Cocoa Beach. All these beaches can be reached within a two-hour drive and can be visited for free anytime. 

On the second day, you can visit some of the city’s major parks, including Universal Studios, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and SeaWorld. The Universal Studios opens at 8 a.m. and closes at 5 p.m. But its Islands of Adventure opens at 9 a.m. and closes at 6 p.m. Contrarily, the Magic Kingdom generally opens from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. But its timings tend to differ according to the day of the week. And that is the same for most of the amusement parks in Orlando. 

  • Purchase Your Tickets Beforehand

Booking your tickets in advance when planning your travel itinerary is preferable. It avoids your last-minute rush, saving you time and money buying tickets. In that way, you can pass all the queries at the ticket kiosks and benefit from the built-in savings that come with some tickets. 

For instance, 21 and 14-day Disney Ultimate tickets come with their savings. And once you have booked these tickets, you don’t need to worry about the seasonal inflation in the park’s tickets. 

  • Budget for Anything Extra

When visiting Orlando, initially, you may not notice all the little prices adding up. But, if you sit in your bed at night, you’ll observe the cumulative expenses become much higher than anticipated. Setting a budget based on the area’s average pricing will make you realize you have spent more than you meant to.

Thus, frame a budget covering your vacation costs, including food, tickets, stays, shopping, etc. Also, track your daily expenses to ensure that your expenses are in alignment with your budget.  Responsible budgeting will help you have a seamless vacation without any financial struggles.

  • Be Ready to Walk and Wait

Amusement parks are among the major attractions in Orlando. So be prepared to wait at least an hour or more to explore places like the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios. Moreover, parks are way bigger than they seem online or on TV. It means you have to walk a lot and wait for long stretches. Hence, wear comfortable shoes and take all the necessary items to travel with your family. 

  • Carry Your Documents & Skincare Essentials

In Orlando, the summers are hot and long, and it is a must to carry sunscreen and sunglasses. Moreover, keeping your skincare essentials with you when visiting the city’s attractions is advisable. Regular application can protect your skin from oppressive sun rays, reducing the chances of sunburn. 

Also, when traveling to a new place, you must carry identification documents like a passport or ID card, local currency cash, and tickets for where you are heading in your backpack. Traveling with all this stuff can help you handle situations easily in a new place.  

  • Take a Day to Relax 

While you are discovering all that Orlando has to offer, it’s also important for you to take a day off from exploring places on your vacation. Being on your feet every day can become exhausting over time. Thus, having a day off to simply relax in your hotel and enjoy all your comfort foods will give you the necessary downtime. You can catch up on a well-needed rest and then be fresh for visiting attractions the next day. Having too much on your itinerary can leave you feeling exhausted and tired. Hence, a relaxing day will help you replenish yourself and get on the go again. While exploring Orlando, you may also have a quick bite at a few restaurants, like the Lisas’s Kountry Cafe, the Meltdown, etc.. It will keep you energized throughout the day.

Book Early Accommodations at Orlando from OYO!

One of the important parts of preparing for a great vacation is booking your accommodations in one of the hotels in Orlando, Florida. You should book your stay beforehand to avoid any last-minute rush. Also, advance booking comes in handy while booking stays on a budget.

You can find many cheap hotels in Orlando, Florida, with OYO Rooms. You also get to choose hotels or guesthouses near any landmark that will make it easier to visit all the places on your bucket list. Moreover, OYO also offers pet-friendly hotels in Orlando. In this way, you can ensure your pet’s comfort no matter how many days you may stay in the city. 


Orlando is a great place for vacation. Hence, you must book your stay in advance. If you are visiting Orlando for the first time, gather some of the best experiences at the OYO hotels that you can easily book online. These hotels will ensure your comfort while also meeting your every need. However, if you face any challenges with booking and want to inquire about the services offered by OYO, you can always seek help at +1 6282027586. With this contact and all the resources available, you will have some of the best experiences in Orlando!

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