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Orlando on a Budget: How to Experience the City without Breaking the Bank

Orlando is renowned for its never-ending entertainment and plethora of attractions. But knowing how to spend your money wisely, you can visit as many nightclubs and amusement parks as you want here. When traveling to a new place, you may end up exhausting all your money to keep up with all the entertainment around you. For this reason, it’s always better to experience Orland on a budget to experience the city’s lively atmosphere without breaking the bank! 

A well-distributed budget helps you plan your trip without leaving your pockets empty. One of the ways to budget is by booking your accommodations with OYO Rooms. OYO provides some of the best hotel rooms on your budget, with all the amenities and services you need. Other than accommodation, let’s explore some other tips for traveling to Orlando in a pocket-friendly way. 

Tips for Experiencing Orlando on a Budget!

Get the best of Orlando using some of the best budgeting tips given below:

  • Visit During the Off-Season

When visiting Orlando, try to plan your vacation around September or February. These months are the slowest for Orlando tourism, meaning you will have shorter waiting times and better prices for everything. Even the crowd is way smaller, and during the low season, the waiting time is around 10-15 minutes in the places where it generally takes an hour. You can also get many attractive deals on small attractions that may generally be at a higher price level during peak season. 

  • Pack your Meals

While visiting the Universal and Disney parks, try to spend the entire day walking and visiting all the attractions rather than having meals in cafes. Generally, park food is considerably expensive to spend money on. You can pack your food, especially if traveling in a group. Also, ensure you are not carrying your food in a cooler but in a backpack. 

Often, the budget you estimate on food items exceeds much more when visiting adventure parks. So, cut down on your expenses by carrying some snacks. 

  • Visit the Free Attractions

Every amusement park has free attractions from which every visitor can benefit, making them a great alternative to taking your entire family. These attractions include Universal’s Citywalk, Disney Springs, the Harry P. Leu Gardens, and more. Furthermore, the Citywalk and Disney Springs even feature live entertainment. 

Overall, benefitting from the free attraction can be a great way to enjoy precious time with your family or friends without spending the tickets. 

  • Use the Parks’ Dining Plans

Most of Orlando’s theme parks have pre-paid dining plans in on-site restaurants. You can get around two regular meals, unlimited drinks, and a snack in these plans. You can also choose the restaurant per your preference of cuisine.

These dining plans can be booked online, at any guest service kiosks, or even at the gate throughout the parks. They are useful if you are craving to eat out for an entire day after spending the entire day at the amusement park. 

  • Avoid Gas Stations Near the Theme Parks and Airport

Prices are different in gas stations close to the theme parks and airports and the ones around the city. In fact, sometimes the difference in prices is 60% or even higher. Be sure to fill up at a gas station that is not near the airport or the theme parks if you are considering renting a car for your transportation around the city. It is one of the best ways to save on gas and not frivolously spend on anything overpriced. 

  • Purchase Souvenirs in the End

Souvenirs of a city are among some of the most expensive aspects you can buy in a theme park or anywhere else. Even a simple sweatshirt or any little trinket could cost you a lot. Hence, purchasing souvenirs at the end of your visit can save a lot of money. You clearly know how much you can spend on your souvenirs when you buy them at the end of your trip. 

Moreover, you can also better assess how many souvenirs you need to purchase. And then accordingly decide on what will be best. Therefore, buy souvenirs at the end of your visit to Orlando so you don’t have to keep them in your hotel room for long. 

How To Find Budget-Friendly Hotels in Orlando, Florida

One of the best ways to have a budget while vacationing in Orlando is by booking some of the best budget hotels in Orlando, Florida. You can book these hotels by searching OYO hotel near me to get some of the best deals on guesthouses, townhouses, hotel rooms, and more. Furthermore, OYO provides some seasonal deals you can benefit from to get a more affordable place to stay in Orlando.

The budget-friendly hotels from OYO deliver their guests the best amenities and services. These hotels are specially equipped to house families and meet their needs. Hence, whether on a solo vacation or with your friends and families, you can live together under the same roof with some of the best protection and safety. 

If you travel with your pets, you can get pet-friendly hotels in Orlando from OYO! The pet-friendly hotels take care of both your and your pet’s needs. And you can feel right at home while exploring the crevices of Orlando, Florida. 


Orlando is full of hidden gems that take you by surprise. These gems can be in its amusement parks or the nightlife. The place makes you come back for something new every year, irrespective of whether you are an introvert or a social butterfly looking for a memorable time. 

At the same time, you must book your accommodations before reaching Florida. Book days in advance to get the best OYO deals for hotels near a landmark, the airport, or even an amusement park you can even call or enquire about the availability at +1 6282027586. With such facilities, OYO shares your purpose of having a relaxed vacation while in Orlando.

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