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Local Favorites Places in Houston

Houston is America’s fourth-largest city and a preferred tourist destination. Houston is generally known as “The Bayou City,” as it is home to 10 winding waterways that flow through the surrounding area. Houston was announced America’s coolest city by Forbes in 2012, and in 2013, The New York Times declared it one of their top 46 places to go. Although this sounds unbelievable, more than 145 languages are spoken in Houston. Houston is well-known and appreciated for its diversity.

If you dream of visiting an American city with not only great shopping malls and centers, movie theaters but also spectacular fishing spots and classics like the cattle ranches, beautiful sunsets, lakes, and rivers, Houston, Texas, is where you should be!

Though 3-5 days are not enough to explore and enjoy Houston entirely, it will give you enough time to visit the spectacular places of tourist attractions.

Houston’s diversity is reflected in its cultural activities, magnificent shopping malls and centers, eateries, and religious buildings. In addition, they have a world-class theater district, an outstanding museum district, and many professional sporting events that make Houston one of the best international tourism spots.

1. Shopping Mall and Centers

If you love shopping, Houston is one of the best places in the world. Some of the remarkable shopping malls and centers in Houston are –

The Galleria is Houston’s biggest shopping center and the most famous retail and tourist destination, as it meets everyone’s taste and style.

Memorial City Hall is the 2nd best mall in Houston, with a lovely children’s playground and an ice-skating rink.

Hong Kong City Mall is an Asian market. It has restaurants, clothes, food, snacks, and an Asian movie and music store.

Houston Underground is the underground tunnel system built so that people traveling to offices do not have to endure the heat and humidity. It has grown a lot now and has restaurants and places where people can unwind and enjoy.

River Oaks Shopping Center has more than 75 stores and restaurants. It is a one-stop destination if you are looking for an exceptional work of art, want to relish delicious cuisine, plan to relax with an incredible new book, or wish to pamper yourself at a spa.

River Oak District hosts polished travelers from all over the world for an exclusive open-air shopping and dining experience. With more than 60 modern retail shops, restaurants, and coffee houses set between beautifully landscaped roads, a visit to the River Oaks District is something no Houston visitor must miss.


2. Movie Theaters

Houston is also known for contemporary visual arts. It is the main stop for touring companies, from Broadway to home shows. Houston is also a place for world-class movie theaters that are classy and highly sophisticated. The nightlife of Houston District Theater is one of the best nightlife experiences you can ever have. Some renowned movie theaters in Houston are –

  • AMC Dine-in Houston 8
  • IPIC-Houston
  • Star Cinema Grill Vintage Park
  • Studio Movie Grill
  • Cinemark Memorial City
  • AMC Willowbrook
  • Alamo Drafthouse Cinema West Oaks
  • Studio Movie Grill
  • Rooftop Cinema Club
  • Showbiz Cinemas

Showbiz Cinemas Houston

3. Fishing Spots in Houston

Houston, situated along the upper Texas Gulf Coast, is a very popular city in the Southern United States. From the number of lake waters to slow-moving creek streams, the area around Houston gives you plenty of opportunities to go fishing.

Fishing spots in Houston are very close to the city’s boundary, so you don’t have to travel to faraway places to go fishing. Most of these places are children-friendly with nice playgrounds and lovely picnic areas. Here are some of the best fishing spots in Houston:

Lake Conroe – Lake Conroe is known for anglers, a fish that grows to grand proportions.

Lake Anahuac – Lake Anahuac is at a distance of 45 miles east of the city. It is part of a wildlife refuge that runs along the Texas coastline.

Mary Jo Peckham Park – This lake is spread over 5 acres and is a great place for the entire family to go fishing. It has an abundance of trout in winter and catfish in summer.

McGovern Lake – This 8-acre beauty is a prime spot for fishing, but only for those under the age of 12 or over 65.

Lake Livingston – Lake Livingston is next to the Sam Houston National Forest and is one of the largest lakes in Texas. Lake Livingston is famous for its remarkable catfish fishery.

Double Lake – The calm and serene Double Lake is about an hour north of Houston and has abundant bass, bream, and catfish. Small boats and canoes are allowed on the lake. The adjacent Double Lake Recreation Area has hiking trails and wonderful campgrounds—a great place to enjoy with young children!

Galveston Bay – If your heart is set on saltwater fishing, head to Galveston Bay. Though there are guides at the Galveston Bay, you can fish on your own at spots like The Galveston Fishing Pier, Eagle Point Fishing Camp, or Pelican Island.


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