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Indoor Activities To Do In Orlando

Orlando gives tourists a lot to enjoy with, like warm beaches, parks, and an everlasting nightlife provided that the weather remains favorable during their vacation. If it takes a turn for the worse, or the waiting lines at the amusement parks get too long and the downtown strolls lose their charm, there are tonnes of indoor activities to do in Orlando to keep the vacation from turning sour.They not only match the star-power of the popular tourist attractions but let you get in touch with Orlando’s local favorites too. Some of these places to visit and activities to do include:

Madame Tussauds

The Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Orlando, following in the legacy of its brethren, houses sculptures of celebrities and sports stars. The display sections are full of sculptures of celebrities that you can pose, make faces with, and photograph, as many times you want. For the best angles, there are professional photographers at hand. The wax statues are eerily lifelike, so you get a feeling that you are watching Albert Einstein brainstorm, have caught Michael Jackson mid-moon walking, and hearing Shrek belch! The attention to detail is astounding, and the level of expertise is exactly what you’d expect at Madame Tussauds. This could very well become the high point of the fun things to do in Orlando. 

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

The first thing you will notice about the compound is that it looks like it is being swallowed in a giant sinkhole. Interactive exhibits that you pull you in, are fascinating and entertaining for the whole family, and not just kids. If you live for the absurd and the weird, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not is the place for you. An artwork made entirely of candy, a wall-sized 3-D pin impression, and sculptures so minute, you have to squint your eye through the opening of a needle to see them, are just some of the attractions awaiting you. People of all ages are welcome, and everyone will find something that floats their boat, like a shriveled human head, a replica of the world’s tallest man, visual illusions to keep your head spinning, and a unique 14-foot lint imitation of the “Last Supper.” 


It is an entertainment center whose primary focus is science exhibits. The marketing gimmick of WonderWorks gives its origin story an intriguing spin, throughout its five locations in the United States. It says that a cyclone caused by a reckless Science experiment in the Bermuda Triangle wrecked the buildings and turned them upside down while washing them ashore, in Orlando. The exhibits are divided into WonderZones like the Space Zone, an Extreme Weather Zone, an Imagination Lab, a Light and Sound Zone, and a Physical Challenge Zone. Pretty self-explanatory, all the Zones are designed to provide entertainment with fun, which is a motto of WonderWorks. There is a laser tag arena and a 4-D moving motion theater to explore, if the hundred-odd exhibitions don’t tire you out by the end of your visit. 

Sea-Life Orlando Aquarium:

Visitors are first gathered into a 360 degree-holding space that is encircled by video screens. Animated sea creatures enumerate the attractions that lie ahead of you in a quick introductory session before you make your way through curved glass portals to watch aquatic life move all around you. The glass is so transparent that you will feel like you have traveled underwater, in their world, full of colors and life. Some of the interesting attractions of Sea-Life Aquarium include a dive-like experience where-in visitors can squeeze under exhibits and straighten their necks in plexiglass bubbles to look at over 5,000 animals. Kids’ activities come in the form of a swim in the Handson Rock Pool area and learning more about the breeding patterns of the animals in a behind-the-scenes tour. 

Orlando Paintball:

As one of Florida’s largest indoor and outdoor paintball facility, Orlando Paintball is a must-visit for visitors in Orlando. Kids will especially enjoy the military-themed setting of the park which is aptly named as the Warrior Sports Park. Visitors are advised to make reservations beforehand due to its popularity. They are on the road to expansion and more improvements. In their current state, visitors can enjoy VIP seating, refreshments, and grade-a level paintballs. Rental packages like Gladiator, Centurion, and Spartan are available, keeping in line with their theme of everything war-like. 

If you were looking to explore all the Orlando activities that people love, you cannot skip these less-talked-about attractions that will give you a complete feel of the city. Orlando has made a name for itself as a destination of theme-parks, but also offers you more than enough options, like the ones above, to break the monotony of Disney World and Universal. 

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