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Houston’s Haunted History: 5 Spooky Sites And Stories

Life in Houston is quite simple and affordable. The city has a diverse economy and charges relatively low taxes. Overall it’s a fair deal! However, the place began around 185 years ago and has gained quite a reputation for its spooky sites. 

On a visit to the city, you will always find the roads and prime Houston locations buzzing with life. But it is the underground tunnels Downtown, the Old Spaghetti Warehouse Building, and the Rice Hotel, which has a haunted past. In this blog, we will elaborate more on the 5 spooky sites in the city, and their stories.

5 Spooky Sites In Houston And Their Stories

Besides many lively spaces, casinos, eateries, and regular parks, there are multiple spooky top sightseeing in Houston with unique stories. The background of these places is quite intense, enough to send a chill down your spine. So moving ahead, here are 5 Houston spaces with spooky stories for you to enjoy:

Glenwood Cemetery

A visit to the Glenwood Cemetery will expose you to modest early headstones dating back to the colonial German era, while the other part here resembles a 19th-century burial ground. Some of the most powerful personalities with impeccable contributions to the history of Houston are buried in this place. And people believe it is their spirits still surrounding the place. As a visitor, you can always take part in tours of Glenwood Cemetery and stroll around the place, looking upon ornamental iron gates and mausoleums.  

Location: 2525 Washington Ave Houston, Texas 77007-6020 USA 

Rice Lofts (Houston)

Modern-day Rice Lofts was known by the name Rice Hotel, the last stop serving the then US President John F. Kennedy before his assassination the following day. The fatal incident in  November 1963 changed the hotel’s fate, with guests complaining about supernatural activities. Some believe that the president’s spirit haunted the place, shaking doorknobs of the ballroom. While others reported, they had seen a ball of light roaming around the hotel’s corridors.  

Location: 909 Texas St, Houston, TX 77002, USA

La Carafe 

Among the top sightseeing in Houston with a spooky past, this one is believed to house ghosts with positive intentions. People visiting the wine bar report that the spirit of Sam Houston still knocks over the wine glasses. Also, according to other visitors, the spirit of old bartender Carl loves to play tricks on the customers – he has special favoritism towards women. Nonetheless, you shall always visit here in groups and not consider drinking alone in the dark corners of La Carafe.  

Location: 813 Congress St, Houston, TX 77002, USA

Downtown Tunnels

The Downtown Tunnels are part of a construction plan by the 31st governor of Houston, Ross Sterling. However, the tunnel’s construction faced a certain collapse, with 10 workers trapped in the rock and dirt. The men unable to escape the fatal accident had to give up on their lives. Even today, locals or tourists living in hotels downtown Houston complain to have heard horrific sounds as if men are screaming for help from the tunnels. Over the years, these tunnels have also become a hotbed for unscrupulous activities creating an atmosphere that entertains the otherworldly.  

Location: 909 Fannin, Houston, TX 77010, USA

The Old Spaghetti Warehouse Building

Termed as the most haunted location in downtown Houston, the Old Spaghetti Warehouse Building dates back to the 1900s. And it was in 1974 that the Spaghetti Warehouse bought the building. Among all the floors in the building, it is the second floor where people have reported the most spirit encounters. Returning to the spooky past of the solace, it is believed that a pharmacist had died after falling from the elevator shaft of the building. After the incident, his wife was in such a pathetic condition that she didn’t make it even for a year. After death, they both are now believed to haunt the building. 

Location: 7620 Katy. Houston, TX 77024 USA

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So that is all about your spooky tour within Houston city premises. These places from the ancient era have their unique story for the modern world to unravel. However, we suggest you be a responsible traveler and take part in expeditions to these places under the supervision of a local guide. Also, book an OYO hotel for the most comfortable stay after you tour such haunted places.   

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