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Hiking Trails in the Cascades and the Olympic Mountains In Seattle

Seattle is famous for its stunning landscapes, thriving culture, and superb coffee, drawing visitors worldwide as the northernmost major US city. Hikers and adventure explorers look out for Seattle’s remarkable mountain ranges, the Cascades and the Olympics. They are hiker’s paradise, which suits beginners and experienced hikers. 

Whether you are someone who hikes rugged landscapes or just a beginner, you can find hikes in these two mountains that show breathtaking sights, picturesque waterfalls, and serene alpine lakes. 

This guide will explore the hiking opportunities in the Cascades and Olympics near Seattle, making choosing your next adventure easier. So, as you read this write-up, pack your hiking essentials, book the OYO rooms in Seattle and get ready to explore the natural beauty just a stone’s throw away from the city.

Top 4 Hiking Trails in the Cascade and Olympic Mountains

Let’s explore the best hiking trails in the Cascade and Olympic Mountains.

1. Sol Duc Falls Trail

Hiking to Sol Duc Falls in Olympic National Park is a must-do adventure. This lush rainforest trail takes you through towering old-growth trees, past cascading waterfalls, and alongside alpine lakes. The trail starts near the Sol Duc Hot Springs and Resort, following a family-friendly path through the enchanting forest. At 0.8 miles, you’ll reach the breathtaking Sol Duc Falls, where the waterfall splits into as many as four channels before cascading 48 feet into a rocky canyon. 

Photographers can bring their tripods and filters for the perfect shot, especially on cloudy days or morning and evening hours when the light plays beautifully on the landscape. While you may have already made reservations at the finest OYO hotels, it’s worth noting that you can also choose to spend the night at this location by obtaining a permit. Enjoy this incredible trail in the heart of Olympic National Park.

2. Dungeness Spit

Dungeness Spit is the longest coastal strip in the U.S. It is on the Olympic Peninsula, near Seattle, which stretches up to 5.5 miles from the northern Olympic Peninsula to the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Despite the relatively flat Spit, the rocky terrain may slow your pace compared to a typical dirt trail, so plan accordingly. And don’t forget to pack adequate sun protection as shade is a rare find along the way. 

When you reach the trail’s end, you can witness a historic lighthouse with great views of the Cascades and San Juan Islands. Visitors who have trekked to this location have remarked that it is highly suitable for bird enthusiasts. It is a remarkable journey, inviting you to explore the splendid coastal beauty of the Olympic Peninsula.

3. The Maple Pass Loop

The Maple Pass Loop, located in the North Cascades, is a truly unforgettable 7.2-mile day hike. Accessible via the North Cascades Highway, it’s a bit of a drive from Seattle, but the journey is a scenic treat. You can hike it counterclockwise, which provides the best park views on the way up, though it can be tougher on your knees during the descent. 

Whether you opt for the clockwise or counterclockwise route on the Maple Pass Loop, you’ll encounter enchanting alpine meadows, pristine lakes, and breathtaking views of North Cascades National Park. For those seeking a more extended adventure, consider camping in Methow Valley before or after the hike, transforming it into a delightful one-night getaway from Seattle. 

4. The Chain Lakes Loop

The Chain Lakes Loop, located in the North Cascades near Mt. Baker, is a fantastic outdoor adventure. This 8-mile trail provides a captivating journey through the North Cascades, showcasing majestic peaks, colorful wildflower meadows, glistening lakes, and stunning Mt. Baker and Shuksan vistas.

Starting at the Bagley Lakes Trailhead, the path takes you past a series of lakes, some of which may still be fringed with snow late into the year. You’ll climb the Herman Saddle, traverse the pass between Table Mountain and Ptarmigan Ridge, and eventually reach Artist Point. Artist Point is renowned for the iconic reflection of Mt. Shuksan in its waters, making it a highlight of North Cascades hiking.

For those with limited time or seeking a shorter excursion, it’s possible to park directly at the Artist Point lot (when the road is open) and head straight to the lake. Remember that the Chain Lakes Loop can get crowded on summer weekends, but it’s usually much quieter during the weekdays.

How to Find the Finest Hotels in Seattle?

Securing a comfortable stay is crucial for a Seattle mountain adventure. Look no further for hotels – OYO has you covered. Enjoy family-friendly accommodations with top-notch facilities for a pleasant experience.

These include free Wi-Fi for connectivity, comfortable king-sized beds, air conditioning for climate control, and TVs. CCTV cameras are in place for added security. Several OYO hotels & homes in Seattle are pet-friendly and also have business facilities catering to those with work-related needs. The daily housekeeping in the OYO rooms ensures a clean and orderly space. 

Search for the best places to stay in Seattle on OYO and plan your trails for an exhilarating physical challenge. Or, you can browse “OYO hotel near me” to discover the best lodging options close to your location in the city. After you’ve made your choice of an OYO hotel, there’s no need to fret about the documentation process. We request only a minimal amount of documentation, and our process is notably straightforward and user-friendly.


The mountain ranges surrounding Seattle, including the Cascades and Olympics, present an absolute heaven for hiking enthusiasts. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced hiker, these mountains offer a wonderful walking experience with numerous trails. You can relish the stunning mountain landscapes, including serene lakes and lush forests. 

After your adventure, Seattle offers many hotel options for a comfortable and welcoming stay. OYO boutique hotels in Seattle, in particular, stand out as an excellent choice for budget-conscious travelers. Don’t hesitate to book your stay at OYO! Give us a call at 0124-4208080 and start your adventure today!

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